What to do when cancer strikes your family again and again

I am tired. Emotionally exhausted. I just found out another family member has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently in the hospital. Mind you this family member has already had their bought with cancer several decades ago and now another cancer has reared its ugly head in their life.

I am tired of cancer. Between cancer and disease my mom and both my dads parents passed away in last couple years and now both my moms parents have been diagnosed. The only family members who have not been diagnosed with cancer are me, my brother, my dad,cousins, and two uncles. Everyone else has been diagnosed with cancer or died from it. I am sick and tired of it staking its ‘claim’ on my family life.

When I think about the havoc it has wrecked on my families life while it pains me to the core I find a renewed sense of purpose in my life. A reminder to grab life by the horns and to just GO. To let go of the fears that have hindered me and to chase after what I have always wanted because I really don’t know when my time is and I am not about to have a list of “I wish I would have’s” on my death bed.

Here is to loving deeper, letting go quicker, and laughing just a little bit louder.

Has your family had several members diagnosed or die from cancer? Would love to hear what helped you cope.