There are times…

(this song is my current favorite song to “soak” too)

There are times in life when all you can do is just rest in God. Just lay on the floor, listening to worship music and “soak”. Taking in the majesty of God and His faithfulness to see you through every dark night, and His promise that joy always comes in the morning. There are times…when nothing you can do will change a thing and you must trust Him. Tonight is one of those nights. I do not look at it as a negative thing, not being able to do anything. I see it as an opportunity to see God work nightly. That is what He is best at. Have you seen the stars in the sky tonight? Stunning! Miraculous!

The choice to enter into this place of rest comes right before the laying down on the floor (or curling up in a chair, whatever you do) you make a choice; will you try and make things right that are beyond your capability, or will you simply choose to enter into His presence and let Him have his perfect way in your life. There are times in life when the best thing you can do is just lie there and worship Him, let the tears spill over, call upon His name. Laying there you have nothing to offer the King of Kings but He is so willing to meet us. For years I got caught up in trying to be perfect before I came to the Lord, prayed, or talked with Him. Now, I have learned that sometimes the best thing I can do is lay out a blanket, blast my favorite worship music and just lie there dwelling on God. Giving him total control over every circumstance in my life. Resting assured He will see everything to completion. It has become a favorite time of mine just laying my heart before the Lord.

There are times…when we can do nothing and have to hand it over to God to do the miraculous.

There are times…when offering your weak heart and your faith of a mustard seed are the perfect recipe for seeing the Wonders of God revealed.

So next time you feel like you cannot fix a thing, might I suggest- find some soothing worship music, lay out on the floor and just soak. Talk to God about your heart, your dreams, your loves, give it all to Him. If you have no words, that is okay 🙂 God is amazing as speaking love over His children.


Kymberly Janelle


I love this image. I did not take it. Photo credit goes to dear inspiration. It prompts so many thoughts, emotions, questions. Like :

  • How willing am I to go down into the valley of weeping before I reach the top?
  • How much am I willing to let go of?
  • Do I trust Him with all that I am.

Just like in this image you have to go down first before you go up. Many times I find myself eager to reach the top, but forget that to get there brokenness, letting go must occur.



Is there anything more beautiful?

{The fight}

I began texting a friend the first two lines and realized this was turning into a writing/poem/blog. So here is my heart tonight. To all those in this place too, let us find comfort in His arms and never be afraid to dive deep into His ocean of grace for today. There is enough grace for all that today has. And today is were we are.


Tonight im fighting to keep my heart open to the Lords plans
I am crawling under his wings allowing Him to wipe away the tears of dissapointment
Trusting only in His name
the plans, the timing, the finances
I can never find comfort in them
my heart cries out to be comforted
my feet run fast into His arms
my arms open wide knowing He will catch me
He holds me in His hands
outside I see the rain pouring down,
yet not one drop touches me
you are the protector
forsaken; I am not
that which He begun in my heart
He will see this to completion
I fight to keep my heart open to love
forsaken, I am not
Loved, I am
He has not forsaken me
Nor will He ever leave me
I put my trust in your name.
Faithful one
I hear Him asking me to surrender once again
the dreams of my heart
I will continually surrender all that I hold valuable
for He is worth all that I have
every dream
He is worth more than gold or silver
I surrender once again all that is His
its not in vain
I trust He sees
I trust He knows
He will never forsake me.
In Him I put all my trust
all my hope
He will never let me down
He has never left my side
He is for me
Not against me