Chicken Thai Pizza Recipe


(Please excuse the not so great pictures. Snapped them quick with my iPhone. I really need to get better at bringing my camera home and taking pictures of the entire process. One day…)

I have no idea why we haven’t made this pizza before. It was so easy and soooo flavorful. When we make pizza’s, salads, or sandwiches we love to pile on the toppings and this pizza was no exception.

I use a bread machine for our pizza dough. If you have one you can do this or just buy pizza dough from Trader Joes, or in the can. I find its cheaper to make my own and I know exactly what is going in it 😉


1 baby carrot

2 baby yellow peppers

2 baby red pepper

1/4 red onion

handful of Cilantro

1 stalk of green onion

Peanut Sauce

Chicken Breast or tenderloins

Mozzarella Cheese

1TB Olive oil

Red pepper flakes


I tried to make this as easy as possible for me as I was working in the evening and didn’t have a ton of time or lets be real – energy to make this. So instead of cooking chicken on the stove I actually just turned on the crockpot pour water in, threw thai chili peppers in and let the chicken cook over the next couple hours while I did things around the house. Before I left for work I took out the chicken, sprinkled with red pepper flakes and put in the fridge.

Then I started the bread machine for the pizza dough.

When I returned home the hubby had chopped up the chicken in cube sized bites, same with the red onion and HALF of the cilantro.

Next I chopped up the red and yellow peppers and grated about 2TB of carrots.

I then rolled out the pizza dough. Put it on the pizza stone, and poked it with a fork then oiled the top.

I then poured about 1/2 -3/4 of the bottle of peanut sauce on the pizza dough. Added the cubed chicken, all the veggies, and then the cheese. I wouldn’t suggest going to heavy on the cheese as what makes this pizza is all the flavors. The cheese just compliments it. Don’t think of this as a cheesy pizza.

I poured a tad more peanut sauce on and then popped in the the oven.

After it came out I sprinkled some more cilantro and green onion on top and it was DONE.

The only thing I would have changed is cooking pizza at a higher temperature. Towards the end we cooked it at 500 degrees instead of 400. I think the higher temperature helps the crispy factor which we love.

All in all we both LOVED this pizza. I loved all the veggies and hubby loved all the flavor. This pizza is seriously one of the books. It’s officially going into our rotation of dinner ideas!