Speak up…

Its been kinda silent on this blog I know. Alot has happened, alot is happening, and alot more has yet to happen in life. Since the last time I posted on here I’ve gone on a two week road trip that changed my life. No exaggeration whatsoever. I am FOREVER thankful to my traveling buddy Risa! We had some incredible times! We found ourselves crying letting go of huge hurts of life, praying/contending for the promises of God in our life more than ever before, we found ourselves humbled at the sight of Gods creation, we found ourselves overtaken in the vastness of Gods love.

We found love, again, and again, and then again.

I discovered a couple things along the way:

  • I can drive 12 hours straight and outlast the passenger
  • BE A TOURIST! This includes going into the downtown library and ogling over how beautiful the library is.
  • Targets trail mix is dangerously good. As in eat the whole bag good.
  • I can start a campfire on my own! I may however go through more matches than ever necessary.
  • My little car is the coolest car on the block simply because it lasted the road trip + didn’t give me a single issue!
  • I pray ALOT when there are signs for elk. {As in everytime there is an elk sign I command all elk to stay away from my car and the road}
  • ELK are 3 times larger than I thought + those antlers!!!?!?!?!
  • God doesn’t run out of mercy or love
  • Don’t stay in a downtown hotel you have never been to, you will check out within an hour + find yourself calling + texting everyone you know in that state.
  • God has surprises. LOTS OF THEM.
  • Laying out staring up at the stars in Arizona is a MUST.
  • I don’t suggest walking to a target that is suppose to be 10 minutes away in a city you’ve never been. It may take you almost 1.5 hrs and you may make your traveling companion run home with you because you have no idea if your in a safe neighborhood.
  • Strangers can become friends instantly.
  • Having the taco truck man come to you and cook for you on Laguna Beach is way cooler than going to the random taco truck here in WA.
  • Sometimes the GPS lady will tell you to go down the wrong road, or she simply won’t tell you to stay in a lane or move {or maybe we weren’t listening} which will result in you yelping and seeing your perfect schedule flash before your eyes only to see her re-calculate and realize no sweat you can still get to your destination. Reminded us that even with unexpected detours with a willing heart we will arrive at the destination God has for us.
  • If you pray for God to transport you, and get you home sooner he will. We ended up coming home a day early 😉
  • Look at the situation, then ask God about it. Betcha He has something to say about it!

So where did we go?

  • Seattle, WA – Pikes Place
  • Cannon Beach, OR – Cannon Beach + Seaside Beach
  • Portland, OR – Dowtown + Sherwood, OR {Lovely town I would totally live in}
  • Crescent City, CA- Redwood National Forest
  • San Francisco, CA – Pier 39
  • Azusa, CA
  • Laguna Beach, CA
  • Grand Canyon, AZ
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Redding, CA – Bethel Church!!!!
  • HOME

+ now this week I am taking off again to head back to Kansas City, MO for about a week to visit my friends + relax in the prayer room + yes take a couple pictures or two along the way.

It started with …


It started with a chat on facebook. Reminiscing about our time together in the internship, about where the Lord is taking us in life. When I told her “I want to live with you for a month before I get married.”  She agreed this would be a good idea. Less than a month later we decided lets do just that. Not in your typical lets be roomies and move to the same state, but more like lets be roomies by going on a road trip around the United States. You see I told myself before I married I wanted to do some things, while I was still single I wanted to experience life in a way I had only dreamed of. On the road, meeting strangers, praying with them, taking pictures, letting the wind go through my hair with no worries of tomorrow only completely focused on the moment that was right there in front of me.

God hears our prayers. In fact I believe it is a desire the Lord put in me to travel. And in this season I am doing it with an amazing friend of mine, Risa. Her name means laughter. And if you know her you know she lives up to it. Loud laughter and dancing always happens when she is around. She reminds me to live in the moment, to throw your head back {literally} and just BE. This trip I know will mark me, I know that this trip is more than just a road trip but the Lord desires to do something even greater. I know I will come back changed, I know I will leave changed. Deep within me I know that this is somehow the answer to prayers I’ve prayed. So I rest in knowing God is good, he knows what He is doing. So in less than a week I will pick up Risa from the airport and we will begin this journey together. What will happen after the road trip, I think…I know God has a few ‘suprises’ and long coming prayers he is answering. 2011 has been a year of miracles for me. And I expect nothing less for the remainder of the year.

So here is to life. Here is to love.

Both of which I desire to live more fully.

Where I go…dreams really do come true


As of today it is official I am taking off almost 2 months to travel. I am in between it feels sureal and how am I able to do this/why am I doing this? I know this is exactly what I need. In fact during the internship last year there was a moment where I knew I wanted to travel the world and live with people of different cultures, of different ethnicity’s, with one desire to learn what love is. But I let the dream slip by me. I didn’t actually think I would follow through on this dream. But God has this way of placing dreams in my heart and then by his favor and grace making them happen. This dream re-appeared this month when I was talking with my old roommate from the internship. We began discussing dreams for the future, things we want to do. And then realized we were both in the position to do this. Road trip. Not just for a weekend. But for almost a month. So in less than a month I will be on the road traveling with her traveling the west coast of the united states. Staying with friends, staying with strangers. Visiting places I’ve been before, visiting places I’ve only dreamed of visiting. After a month of traveling I will come back home for two weeks and work. Then, leave again for a week to visit friends IHOP-KC, come back for a week to work and then leave for another week and a half to vacation with the family in Florida. By this time it will be late October. I have no idea what the Lord has in store for me in all this traveling. To be honest I am in a season of hope and excitement, yet I have no idea what is in the next season, guess that shows real faith. Hope in the unseen. My trust lies not in circumstances, not in man. But God.

 I am not quite sure how this will shape me as a person, my business, or my life. All I know is I ‘need’ this. On this trip, I wanna learn what love is at a deeper level. I want to take pictures at a whole other level. I want to learn how to love strangers like God loves them. I want to feel the Lords heartbeat for each and every place we go. I want to stop not just for a moment, but a day, and then another day, and another one and breathe. I want to soak this life in. I want to re-discover what life and love is all about.

And so continues my journey…

seems surreal that this is my life at times. My life in the last year has been that which I thought you only dreamed of, but never really happened. I am learning dreams really do come true.