Pregnancy week 26 thoughts


I am coming to understand when moms say they never knew they could love their little one like they do. There is this surge of emotions, feelings, and love that I feel just thinking about setting my eyes on this little one in me. The last couple days these feelings have been so intense sometimes its almost to much for me to bare. My hope is that I can take that energy and love that seems to overtake me at times into laboring this little one into the world in 14 weeks. That this love for this little human I’ve never met would be what carries and strengthens me to do what has to be done to meet baby Rubeo.

I am coming to understand why pregnancy takes 9 months. The love that grows within you during these 9 months for this little human are what will fuel the long nights, early mornings, and the labor.

Here’s to another 14 weeks with this little guy in me (although I wouldn’t mind if he decided to show a week or two early;) and to the endless possibilities of who he can become.