{Camera Update. yet again}

Well patience has been the name of the game in this process of getting a dslr camera. Remember this post wayyyy back in June when I felt the desire to get a camera? Well its been 4 months plus of alot of stuff happening.

Here is the long story short of it all:

A sponsor came forward and offered to pay for half the camera.

We tried paypal. Didn’t work. Tried paypal again. Didn’t work AGAIN.

So this person sent me a check. Someone en route stole the check & then stole all the money out of my sponsors account.

And now all of this has been taken to court a month ago or so and is getting sorted out.


please be praying that justice is done in this situation. That my sponsor would be repaid her money QUICKLY and then some.

Until then, I have amazing friends here who let me play around with there beautiful cameras. So this week I went for a walk and tried taking picture of nature. Here are a couple snapshots. Enjoy.