Mid-Week OOTD Recap



I am LOVING Platos closet. I went on monday wanting to find a couple new items to add to my wardrobe. I didn’t find as many things as I had hoped but I found 3 shirts & a dress that I had to have.

I am *finally* learning to not just buy everything because it fits. Instead, I must have that *OMG I LOVE IT* immediately if I am going to buy it.



The black cross tank/t-shirt you see on the top left was $7 originally from Forever 21 that I found at Platos Closet.

Bottom left tank was $3. I LOVE IT! Its what I wore today. It is so simple and sweet. I wore my white canvas shoes & a creme headband. You seriously cannot go wrong with it!

Top Right is a white dress from H&M I got last summer for our honeymoon.

And last but not least the bottom right is my one piece bathing suit from Target several years back with my favorite denim shorts from Old Navy that I got 5+ years ago.