How I shop at TJ Maxx & Home Goods & Target for free

I LOVE shopping for Home Stuff, and you all know I love a good bargain. I am also not a fan of scams or so called “free” when really I am giving all my information away.

There are so many apps out there that tell you that you can get free money or free gift cards but you have to download 500 million billion apps to do it. Or take crazy surveys and the rewards don’t add up all that quick. So I am here to tell you about my two FAVORITE apps for getting free gift cards. For the last couple months if I shop at TJ Maxx & Home Goods it is usually all free (unless I go a little crazy and can’t say no to items 😉

Now before you go searching for these apps read what I have to say about them and if you do decide to download the app (which you would have to be crazy not to. Sorry but its true) make sure you click the links below and don’t search for the app on your iphone.




I LOVE shopkick for so many reasons. Number one it is SO USER FRIENDLY. It always reminds me if I am by a store that has “kicks” available. With shopkick you can get “kicks” (aka points) as these kicks add up you can ‘cash them out’ into gift cards. The perk of Shopkick is there are soooo many store options. I choose TJ Maxx/Home Goods because I have budgeted a smaller amount of home stuff in our finances so we can spend a little more on clothing. So shopkick picks up the slack. It also helps my shop-a-holic tendencies with a $0 bill. Which the hubby always loves. Especially when I bring home more pillows 😉 I typically get a $15 gift card every other week for TJ Maxx/Home Goods. Hey every $15 adds up. Especially when your a sucker for kitchen linens like I am and am always switching them out.

So the rundown: You get kicks by a) walking in a store (b) scanning products (c) purchases

PRO: SO many stores you can cash out gift cards too & way more stores to get kicks (points) at.

CON: None for me.

I personally do not have my cards linked to shopkick. I just get kicks by scanning items and walking into stores. So why do they have you scan items? Its a way for companies to see if the stores have their new products in the store and its also a sneaky way of introducing you to new products you may not have known about otherwise.

So… you wanna get shopkick? Open this link here  on your phone





So Chamelon is the easiest app of all. The only downfall is the gift cards are ONLY for Target. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE target. Okay I am OBSESSED. haha. When you compare it to shopkick though that offers over 10 different stores you can cash out your gift cards for though that is the only downfall. Now the easiest part of chamelon is you don’t even have to walk into the store. So say you are out doing errands and driving by a couple stores on the list that you can get a point for just drive by it (with chamelon app pulled up) and you will get a point. I LOVE this !!

So the rundown: You get ONE point per store. 20 points = $5 gift card to target

PRO: You don’t have to walk in store

CON: Only offers Target Gift Cards

Wanna get Chamelon? Click this link here:




Also, this post is NOT sponsored by Chamelon or Shopkick in anyway. I just seriously love it so much!

Saving Money at Target

I love target. I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t. I mean you walk in only needing 3 things and walk out with at least 5 items. Am I right?

Well, now instead of walking out with more than on my list and less in my pocket I can now walk out with more and within my budget.


Target gets me at every corner. First you have the dollar spot section. Then there seasonal display is calling your name with cute bright decor that you just need (right?). As you pass every aisle there are clearance end caps everywhere. I mean how is a woman suppose to make it out of Target without spending anything? Whoever designed there store is a genius. Just saying.

Well I want to help navigate the store for you.


DOLLAR SPOT: As much as you may think you NEED 5 of each thing remember they WILL clearance out all these items. They will go to 50% off, then 70%, and then 90%. This is where the little red scanner comes in handy. Typically in their dollar spot section they do not put up 90% off. So a couple days after it hits 70% start scanning stuff. It may just be 90% off! Then, and only then can you clear the shelf and take everything you want. What I typically do is buy ONE item, in case I don’t catch the 90% off sale. Then when the 90% hits I take all I need. Typically this section is my best friend for cards, and DIY home decor.


MEAT: I LOVE targets meat department. Every week they have product that is about to expire. So they make target sticker coupons that they put on the package ranging from $1-$3 off each package. This is how we are able to eat steak every week. Alot of times they will mark down the price as well. There is not a certain date that they do this every week. What you can do though is check the dates on the meats and the day before it expires check it out. My biggest score in the meat department has been $1 rounds of ground chuck (we use this for burgers, spaghetti sauce, meatballs…), $.99 pork chops, and $1.97 steak. Typically steaks are about $4.99-$11.99. So I find the cheapest one that looks good. I typically score steaks for $1.50-$2.50ea.

Now to sweeten the deal —-> Typically CARTWHEEL will have a 5% off sutton & dodge meat produce && target mobile coupons will alot of times have $1 off $5 meat purchase

Now to sweeten the deal even more —-> I have found several coupons for $2 and $5 off fresh meat.

Meat typically is expensive, however for us. We never have a shortage of meat 🙂 Now because this meat is about to expire that means you need to freeze it all until you are about to use it. I have never had a problem with freezing & thawing any of the pork chops, ground turkey, or ground chuck.

PRODUCE: I typically do not buy produce at Target. I have another store that I love for produce. However sometimes Target has coupons that I cannot pass up. On targets app they have a mobile coupons app most of the time they have a $1 off $3 fresh produce purchase. Always scan items to see if there is a cartwheel deal for them. Occasionally target marks down strawberries when they are about to go bad. The other day I got 5lbs of strawberries for $4 because of sales & target mobile coupons.

CLEARANCE END CAPS: Clearance starts at 15% . It will go up to 30%, 50%, 70%, 80%, 90%. Typically items on end caps rarely go past 70% mainly because they are seen by everyone so people buy alot of the stuff by the time it hits 50%. Now my big tip with target clearance is DO NOT go by what the stickers say. ALWAYS SCAN. While target is good about marking items down, they are not perfect. So alot of times there is unmarked clearance & marked clearance that is less than price shown on sticker.

SEASONAL CLEARANCE: I LOVE seasonal clearance at Target. This is when I stock up for the following year. The moment they put out the decor I start looking at what we need/want so I don’t get to excited when it starts getting marked down and buy stuff we don’t need. I rarely ever buy anything brand new for the holidays because of this. ALWAYS wait for it to go on clearance. Valentines day, Easter, thanksgiving, summer, christmas. You would be amazed at what you can get. If anything has “easter” or “summer” on it, it will be clearanced out. For example during easter there were NUK binkies that had easter design on them so they were clearanced out. However they were with the regular binkies so they were not marked clearance. You had to scan them to discover this (This is another reason why i LOVE the red box scanners at target). Now the hardest clearance to get everything will be Christmas. Because this is the one time EVERYONE wants marked down seasonal clearance. So the moment it goes 50% off everyone and there mother are there. Now this is where you have to decide what you need, and what you can wait for. I have no problem waiting and stocking up over the years. Christmas decor at 70-90% is when I buy. Again look for unmarked clearance that has christmas or winter decor on it. While everyone is going crazy in the actual christmas aisles, wander around the entire store scanning items. May sound crazy but this is how we stock up on household items that you need everyday. It is totally worth it, and you get a little rush finding unmarked clearance.

CARTWHEEL: I love cartwheel. The other day I went in without any paper coupons and just used target mobile coupons & cartwheel and was able to get an entire cart full of food and home items for $32.00. Everything I buy I ALWAYS scan with my cartwheel app. If there is a deal for it, I add it. Every penny adds up 🙂



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