Three easy ways to eliminate plastic use in your home

Something that I have been focused on the past year has been switching out plastic for something else that I either biodegradable or that I know won’t end up in a landfill or on the side of the road. Plastic solution isn’t just an issue on the side of the roads, plastic actually releases harmful chemicals that seep into groundwater and can cause harm to those drinking the water. Plastic typically takes 450-1000 YEARS to decompose. Yes, the plastic you’re buy will outlive you and thats NOT a good thing. Thats just on land, in the water its even worse as there are animals fighting for their lives because of OUR pollution.

So here are three EASY steps for you to take. First one is eliminating, and the last two are replacing. 

  1. Don’t buy ziplock bags – Now I get it. I am right there with those of you who love organization and ziplock bags provide just that. However the amount of waste they produce is kinda outta hand. So now instead of using ziplock bags I either (1) Cut and prep produce and put in mason jars (2) Use pyrex glass containers for leftovers
  2. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush– Switch from plastic toothbrushes to bamboo toothbrushes. Plastics laced with chemicals are absorbed into our bodies and well I’m going to let you do the math. That is NOT what we want.

These are the 2pk adult bamboo toothbrushes that I use: HERE

4pk Toddler/Child Bamboo toothbrushes: HERE 

3. Bring your own reusable bags when you go shopping. Being originally from WA state its a way of life there. You have your reusable bags in the car. Its just how you do life. When I moved to KC I honestly forgot all about it. Now though I am taking steps to help eliminate plastic. A lot of stores have their own reusable bags you can purchase. Trader Joes has some awesome ones. Another way to reduce plastic bags is to bring your own reusable produce bags like THESE to put your produce in. This is perfect if you’re grabbing produce from your garden, farmers market or want to keep your produce in bags in fridge.

2pk Adult Bamboo toothbrushes // AMAZON $5.89

4pk Child Bamboo Toothbrushes // AMAZON $8.90

9 pk Reusable Produce Bags // AMAZON $12.97

Pyrex Glass 18pc // AMAZON/ $39.39

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