The Lords Suffering

A text conversation I recently had when I told a friend I felt as though I was being invited into the Lords suffering {into surrender}.

Friend:“What does it mean to be invited into the Lords Suffering?”

Me:“That the cry in my heart to know him deeper can only be answered by allowing myself to feel the suffering of denying myself for Gods glory. For His greater purpose”

So what do I mean by that? I mean that my human nature does not default to denying pleasure, it doesn’t desire to say no to the things I want. Typically I want what I want, and I want it now. But the Lord has something better. Something longer lasting for me. But I must discover the treasure that it is. For God gives good gifts. Nothing fake, nothing cheaper, He is not in the business of knock offs. Surrender is allowing myself to let go of what I am holding onto so tightly and allowing Him to put in my hands what He has for me. Through that experience and transaction I discover real joy, real pleasure, real happiness….

Surrender. Its beautiful if you let it be.

{Uncreated Love}


my love is weak

my faith is small

my courage never seems to last long enough

uncreated love is who you are

would you blow on the flames of love in this heart you created

show me that this can last

your love is uncreated

it always was

and always will be

for eternity you are love

you have traded me my weakness for your strength

you have given me your power to conquer all

uncreated love

take me away in your love