{What ive learned living on a mission base}

Photobucket(Above picture is the actual prayer room I spend 20+ hrs a week in)

Living on a mission base with over 500 university students I have learned a few things about a)living in the midwest & b)what it looks like to live without alot of extra money. There entertaining & brand new to me {some of which I myself have definitely picked up}. So I thought I’d share a couple with you.

* Drinking your water, juice, or soda out of what once was a PB jar is normal

* Clothing sales are monthly – there is almost always someone selling there clothes to make a buck or two

* Sharing laundry loads to save money is wise

* If there’s a 2 bedroom apartment you will find at least 2 people in each room for the sake of CHEAP rent {But be warned no more than 4 girls per house otherwise its considered a brothel}

* Soda machines are great for getting soda & laundry quarters

* Midwest attire can be summed up in two outfits:

*Toms, Jeans, Sweatshirt


*Jeans, Cardigan, boots.