What to do when cancer strikes your family again and again

I am tired. Emotionally exhausted. I just found out another family member has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently in the hospital. Mind you this family member has already had their bought with cancer several decades ago and now another cancer has reared its ugly head in their life.

I am tired of cancer. Between cancer and disease my mom and both my dads parents passed away in last couple years and now both my moms parents have been diagnosed. The only family members who have not been diagnosed with cancer are me, my brother, my dad,cousins, and two uncles. Everyone else has been diagnosed with cancer or died from it. I am sick and tired of it staking its ‘claim’ on my family life.

When I think about the havoc it has wrecked on my families life while it pains me to the core I find a renewed sense of purpose in my life. A reminder to grab life by the horns and to just GO. To let go of the fears that have hindered me and to chase after what I have always wanted because I really don’t know when my time is and I am not about to have a list of “I wish I would have’s” on my death bed.

Here is to loving deeper, letting go quicker, and laughing just a little bit louder.

Has your family had several members diagnosed or die from cancer? Would love to hear what helped you cope.

How can

How can one form enough words to say thank you?
How can one cry enough tears to show they miss someone?
How can one smile enough to show the joy that someone brought into their life?
It is impossible.
So I will live everyday to the fullest carrying on her legacy reminding everyone of there worth in Christ and spreading the love of God everywhere I go.
Mom, I will never forget you.
Tomorrow we will celebrate your life.

Tonight though I type words.

Not enough words though to describe my mom. To celebrate my mom.

Tomorrow I will stand on stage and recall the goodness of Gods love over my mom.

Tomorrow I will open my mouth and talk of my mom.

Tonight though I sit at my computer. Wondering if this is real.

Am I really writing what I am going to say at my moms life celebration?

Is she really gone?

She is though.

The house feels empty without her.

There is a unit missing. There is a heartbeat no longer beating.

There is a servant released from serving.

A mother relieved of her duties.

A wife no longer here to love her beloved on earth.

Tears form.

A reminder of her smile and laugh comes to mind.

Her life was beautiful. Her life was full.

Yes she will miss alot of my life.

She will never meet her grandkids- whenever that happens.

She wont grow old with my dad in that rocker recalling on there times together.

I wont witness her watching me get married one day.

But that doesn’t negate that her life was full.

Full of love.

Her life was a reminder that love wins. every time.

In Christ nothing is impossible.

In Christ EVERYTHING is defeated.

Death, sin, cancer.

It has no sting. Love has conquered.

There is no fear in this love.

There is no worry.

There is no doubt.

She lived a full life. She knew Christ. She knew love.

Now she is with Him.

Tonight I sit listening to music.

Tonight I sit simply wanting Jesus to be glorified.

Tonight my hearts cry is that every person would know the love of Christ.

There is nothing more precious or more freeing than to know this love.

It is this love that I carry within me.

It is this love within me that bursts forth wanting to show the love of Christ to others.

She loved.

So I will love.

Its all about love.