Who he is at 11 months

He’s different than I imagined. Yet when I stop and really think about it who he is, his personality, his likes and dislikes it all makes sense.

He is not fooled by fake happiness. He doesn’t laugh easily but when he does its deep belly laughs that fuel my heart. He is weary of strangers and seems to almost read them before deciding if they’re okay to be around. When he loves you, he stays attached to you. Stroking your hair and arm latched around your arm.  He is definitely our little baby. He is deeply introspective like daddy, introvert like mama, and the perfect blend of our personalities.


I had ideas of what he would be like but honestly my husband and I are so polar opposite when it comes to personality I knew it would be an interesting mash up. He really is a beautiful, perfect combination of the two of us.


Of course I had to put him in one of our favorite local Kansas City Brands SANDLOT GOODS. Cause well, he was made in KC 😉 This adorable onesie is available HERE online or in stores. (They’re currently having a sale on the gray onesie for only $11!!)