Who he is at 11 months

He’s different than I imagined. Yet when I stop and really think about it who he is, his personality, his likes and dislikes it all makes sense.

He is not fooled by fake happiness. He doesn’t laugh easily but when he does its deep belly laughs that fuel my heart. He is weary of strangers and seems to almost read them before deciding if they’re okay to be around. When he loves you, he stays attached to you. Stroking your hair and arm latched around your arm.  He is definitely our little baby. He is deeply introspective like daddy, introvert like mama, and the perfect blend of our personalities.


I had ideas of what he would be like but honestly my husband and I are so polar opposite when it comes to personality I knew it would be an interesting mash up. He really is a beautiful, perfect combination of the two of us.


Of course I had to put him in one of our favorite local Kansas City Brands SANDLOT GOODS. Cause well, he was made in KC 😉 This adorable onesie is available HERE online or in stores. (They’re currently having a sale on the gray onesie for only $11!!)  

Best Mothers Day gifts | Kansas City Mothers Day Picks

One of the many things I love about living in Kansas City are all the amazing brands and stores that are local to the area. So this Mothers Day I want to encourage you all to buy local. I selected some of my favorite products that are local to KCMO for mamas.

First and foremost, flowers. You cannot, NOT get mama flowers. If you’re like me I am obsessed with flowers. In my dream world I would have fresh flowers in every room, everyday. I know I’m not the only one who has this dream right?  The little flower shop in Kansas City is one of a kind. Not only does The little flower shop deliver flowers, they deliver all their amazing products they offer at the store! One stop shop for those husbands out there. Hint, Hint. Not only do they deliver but they are amazing at what they do. The bouquet of flowers seen in all the pictures was put together by Stacey at The  Little flower shop and it literally took my breath away. Call them at: (913)677-5006 or stop on in at: 5006 State Line Road, Westwood Hills, KS 66205  

(Make sure and let them know I sent you 😉

Coffee. Oh coffee, where would I be with out you? Coffee + Mamas are a no brainer. Easy Tiger Co makes the most adorable mugs and glasses for after 5 o’clock if you know what I mean 😉 Their shop is down in the west bottoms in KC. They’re open first fridays so make sure you stop on by and let them know you found out about them through my blog! Or just buy online HERE.  So go get your set of glasses and mugs!!


Candles. Another obsession of mine. How could it not be? The Kansas City Candle Co is hand pouring these amazing beeswax candles and naming them after counties in Kansas City. Not all candles are made the same and I don’t bring just any candle into our house. These candles though are made with beeswax and essential oils. Now that is my kind of candle 😉








I may have saved the best for last. Madi Apparel in Kansas City is killing it with their lingerie game. This little white robe named ‘The Karen’ is dreamy. Not only does it look amazing and is hubby approved it is insanely comfy. Did I mention how soft it is? No, seriously. Its pretty much heavenly.







And don’t forget your Hallmark Mothers Day card. They have so many to choose from for whatever style your mom is. 







All Products were sent to me for this blog post. This was a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.






Making Thieves Cleaner | Is thieves cheaper than store brand cleaner?

Thieves was the third oil we got when we first started out with Young Living oils a couple years ago and I refuse to be out of it. It’s one of my favorite smells. To me its like christmas. So when I learned they had a thieves household cleaner solution I knew I had to try it out. Since having our little guy I am working to rid our house from as many toxins as possible. I have always hated the strong chemical smell from our normal household cleaner so an opportunity to ditch it made me excited. My only concern was the price.

I have always been frugal and would typically get most of our household cleaners for $1 or under. Even though they retail for $2.99. So I wanted to see if how thieves compared price point wise to my frugal ways.

We would typically get Clorox spray which was $2.99 at Target for a 32 oz bottle.

Thieves is $28.95 (or $22 if you’re a member;) for a 14.4 fl oz bottle.

You use a capful of solution and 2-3 cups of water to make one bottle. Now to make a bottle equivalent to 32oz you would need to do 2 capfuls of Thieves cleaner.

There are 60-65 capfuls of thieves cleaner according to Young Living.


I could make thirty 32oz bottles of thieves cleaner for $24.34 (this includes tax)


$89.70 for thirty bottles of clorox cleaner.


Whats that break down to per bottle? (Using  member prices $22)

Thieves cleaner (32oz bottle comparison) $.81 per bottle


Clorox cleaner (32 oz bottle) $3.25 (thats including tax)

Even cheaper than my couponing ways you guys! You just can’t beat that. And possibly the best part, to store thirty 32oz bottles worth of cleaner takes up space in one bottle. Storying thirty clorox bottles? Um, no thanks.

Ready to make the switch?

Comment or email me and kymberlyjanelle@gmail.com to order your thieves cleaner.


The sweetest little bell Sleeve Floral Dress

When it comes to dresses Shop Pink Blush has some of my favorites. This light airy dress is just dreamy. It slips right on and you can even twirl in it if you want 😉 Its perfect for spring (just go barefoot), or dress it up with some boots like I did.

You can find this Rust Floral Chiffon Pink Blush dress HERE . Best part is its on sale for $35!!

You do you mama

Oh comparison how I despise you. In my experience it doesn’t come blatantly obvious waving a red flag saying here I am. Instead it comes tightly wrapped in a beautiful box shinier than the last box it presented you just moments before. Then the thought comes maybe I need this.

Maybe I should have changed my hair more drastic, maybe I should have gone back to pink hair. Everyone is doing it now. Maybe I do need to buy a new couch, look at her rug. Maybe we do need to sell everything and travel like them. Oh comparison you truly are the thief of joy.

In that moment I have to quiet myself and remind myself “You do you mama”. Sometimes I literally have to say it outloud to myself.

Its so much easier said than done some days. Keeping up with the jones’s is so different when you become a mom especially on social media. It brings a whole new level of comparison. Suddenly your house, your feeding, your decor, your hair, your makeup are in the spotlight. We notice the mamas that literally just rolled out of bed looking flawless, and the mamas that truly did just roll outta bed 😉 We notice who seems to be well rested, who got a new couch, whose husbands are in the pictures and so on…

It is when I see people shifting and changing that is when I find myself questioning if I should have changed, or stayed the same. It is in those moments I have to silence my doubts and reach for my anchor to remind me of who I am.  That who I am is enough. I wish I didn’t deal with as much as I do but I know that by addressing this in my heart I will grow into a stronger person. A more confident mama.

Today I want to encourage you mamas “You do you mama”. No one else can. I think Dr. Suess summed it up pretty well saying

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no onealive who is youer than you.”

Spring Fashion Picks from Francescas

Spring is here and I couldn’t be happier. Francesca’s has such an amazing selection of spring outfits. This romper is a must for your wardrobe. I have long legs and the romper was still “mom appropriate” for me. Its got a cute little tie in front that says shows a little skin, but not to much if you’re out and about doing errands or hanging out with friends. The necklace and sunglasses are francescas as well. You’ve gotta have a fun pair with florals on the sides. One of my favorite things about Francescas is how affordable their clothing is. These sunglasses? $14. Pretty much all their sunglasses are $14-$16! check them out HERE.



Another favorite at Francescas is this little off the shoulder red dress that is so crazy comfy + perfect for cinco de Mayo coming up!

This bag is on my side everyday. No joke. Also from francescas but they’re sold out online :/ 


Just a reminder if you are local to me (KCMO) and shop at the Town Center or Plaza locations you can get 20% off item if you show them my blog! Make sure and come back here and let me know what you get!