10 under 10 stocking stuffer + gift ideas for toddlers

You all know I love to get the most for my money and hate clutter so I thought I would share some of my favorite finds for stocking stuffers and gifts for toddlers. All of these are under $10 too!! Share this list with your family and parents!

A lot of these gift ideas are focused on keeping toddler busy during cold winter months. My little guy loves art like his mama and papa so we have most of these. I will be getting the no spill paint cups for sure this year with all the painting that is bound to happen.

Socks and toothbrushes in stockings is a thing y’all and here are the two best ones for your toddlers.

1] Bamboo toddler toothbrush

Wanna help eliminate a bit of plastic? Switch your kiddos over to these bamboo toothbrushes. I have them and love them!!

2]  Old Navy kid fuzzy socks $2

Black friday pricing. So grab them right away. There are unicorns, penguins, polar bears, santa. Everything for every kiddo in your life.

3]  6 pc No spill paint cups $8.99 + Kids washable paint 6 count/ $4.27

Bring on ALLLLLL the artsy fartsy things. These no spill paint cups are in my shopping cart because how have I never thought about this? This is going to make painting time way easier!!! And they come with paintbrushes. Double win.

These paints are probably the art activity Isaac pulls out the most and asks to do. These little containers are perfect and have already lasted us quite awhile. Pretty sure I am going to need to stock up though for impending cold coming our way.

4] Carters Two-Piece pajamas for only $4.97 —> While supplies last. They go quick!!

Every year I stock up on these when they have their early black friday prices for the following year. I usually get at least five of them to keep us held over for the year. Isaac has almost completely outgrown the pajamas I bought last year for him so I just bought some for now and for the next year. These are super easy to roll up, but a bow on and put in stocking. What kid doesn’t love new pajamas??

5] Playdoh $7.99

I don’t think I even need to explain why playdoh is one of the greatest inventions ever do I? Didn’t think so.

6] Melissa + doug on the go REUSABLE water painting (Vehicles + Animals) $ 9.27

These are game changers. If you don’t wanna deal with any of the painting mess this is perfect for in the car, waiting for siblings at practice, or just quiet at home activity. One of my best friends sent me a video of her daughter quietly using one and I knew I needed one…or two. Fortunately this one comes with two.

7] Melissa + Doug Drawing Paper $2.99

Drawing pads are pretty much the best thing ever when you have a kiddo. Why? Way less paper all over the house. All the art stays in one place. Lets just call that a parenting win.

8] Toddler Coloring Book. 100 pages of things that go $5.95

Things that go book is my sons absolute favorite so how could I not get him the coloring book version?

9] Melissa + Doug Sticker book Dinosaurs, Space, Vehicles and more $4.99

My guy LOVES stickers and everything in this sticker book so I know this is going to be a big win, win.

10] Pull back 12 set mini truck set $9.48

Tractors are all the rage over here so 12 for under $10!!! Um yes please! Thats a better price than matchbox cars!!

Okay I couldn’t leave these two things out because they are some of Isaacs favorites. He grabs them out whenever I am “working” on something and he is just in heaven. 

Tool Set $8.99

Isaacs toolset is one of his favorite toys hands down. He knows the difference between screwdriver, pliers, saw, you name it. He knows it and its just about the cutest thing ever.

Toddler Hardhat $8.76

And you can’t work without a hardhat. And lets be real a toddler in a hardhat is pretty much the cutest thing ever as well. And for under $10 how could you say no?

How I use rocksbox

Not all monthly subscription plans are the same. I currently am subscribed to three monthly plans and this is one of my favorites simply because of how much flexibility there is. I mean, try before you buy?  AND without any pressure to purchase?? Yes please. Sign me up.

So with Rocksbox my goal is to swap out my jewelry every week. Why so often? Well the bargain shopper in me is like WHY NOT? The second reason is this keeps me actually wearing jewelry because I have three new pieces every week to try. Full disclosure life happened and this last box I have had for two weeks but am sending it out today 🙂

Here is what was in this months box:

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription plan. You pay $21/month to have three items shipped to you. You make a “wish list” of thirty items and favorite your top ten and the stylist selects from those. You can keep your box of items as long as you want, or you can ship it back within a couple days. A return label is enclosed so you just pop it back in original mailer and drop it off at post office. The $21 you pay a month is also credit that does not roll over each month. So if there is a jewelry piece that you love you can purchase it and your $21 goes towards purchase price.

Sign up for rocksbox HERE to get your first month FREE!! (code: KYMBERLYBFF13

And yep, you can cancel at any point!

This post is sponsored by Rocksbox. All opinions are my own. 

Favorite things to do in Jackson Hole, WY

I cannot rave about visiting Jackson Hole enough. We stayed in an Airbnb while we stayed in the Grand Tetons area and I highly suggest doing this. While its a good two hour drive to Yellowstone honestly where you wanna be is Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons area. When researching where to go in Jackson Hole and Grand Tetons I came across the Big Red Tram. I knew we had to go for a ride, and thennnnnn when I saw that waffles could be involved I knew it was a done deal. If you know me you know that for my birthday I ask for belgian waffles not a cake. So to say this was a match made in heaven would be a completely true statement.

All ready to get on the tram with our wristbands.

Jackson Hole Aerial Tram: The aerial tram which is nick named Big Red was such a fun experience. Big Red is not like any other tram. This bad boy is HUGE. It can fit well over 50 people inside. Isaac was the youngest one on the tram and I think its safe to say everyone had the childlike awe that he did. In just 12 minutes, the Aerial Tram glides skyward 4,139 vertical feet. While going up we looked for animals. The view though was just spectacular. Fall was starting to hit the mountain and the trees were just stunning. Then when you get to the top this adorable little ‘cabin’ awaits you.

Corbets Cabin serves hot fresh waffles with nutella, bacon, brown sugar, whipped cream, strawberries. All the good things that make waffles irresistible. Confession time, this was the first time I have ever had nutella. I can hear you all gasping. I know, I know. What took me so long? But hey at least my first time trying it was on top of a mountain. I mean I don’t think you can beat that. And yes, Isaac and I are officially in love with Nutella.

This post was sponsored by Jackson Hole Tourism. All thoughts, and ideas are my own.

Three ways to style one dress

Layering is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change up an outfit. I got this ingrid + Isabel maternity dress (YEP, you heard that right. I am wearing a maternity dress 2.5 years later) when I was pregnant and it was too soft and comfy to get rid of. So here are three ways I wear it. To get this dress purchase here: Long Sleeve Maternity Dress / I also have this dress with 3/4 sleeves and stripes and its just as amazing for those who love stripes.

First way: All by itself. 

Second: Add denim jacket


Third way to style dress: Add sweatshirt and denim jacket

This gray sweatshirt is one of the most asked about and it is FINALLY back in stock. It’s a mens and its one of my favorite things to wear. I probably wear it three times a week. No joke. Get yours HERE.

Maternity Dress / Ingrid + Isabel // Wearing SMALL

Denim Jacket // Target // Wearing Medium

Gray Mens Sweatshirt // HM // wearing medium

Warby Parker Lucy Glasses // Warby Parker

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Immune Boosting Protein Balls

Flu season will be here before we know. My little guy is going to daycare for the first time and I am trying to up everything we do so we both don’t get sick.

If you follow me on instagram you know I am obsessed with pb protein balls. Well I decided to play around with recipe and add some flavor and immune boosting to it by adding my young living vitality oils. Yep, you heard me correct. You can ingest oils. But not all oils. Young living makes oils specifically for this. So please do not go to walmart and buy oils and put them into your food. I decided to also add cinnamon bark and nutmeg to give them a fall taste. Oils are very potent so just make sure you are paying attention and don’t accidentally add more drops.

So how are they immune boosting? I add thieves oil to these balls. Thieves is known to boost immune systems in adults and children. It can help aid in sore throats, gums, ease head tension, and respiratory support.

While you’re at it put some thieves in the diffuser for a double punch.

I had a very cute “helper” while taking pictures 😉

Immune Boosting Protein Balls

1 c oats

1/2 c Peanut Butter

1/3 c honey

2 TB Chia Seeds

1/3 Flaxseed

Coconut Flakes [Optional]

1-2 TB Sunflower Seeds

2 TB Dried Cranberries

1 drop of Young Living Thieves oil

Optional: Add oils for more flavor: Nutmeg + Cinnamon Bark [ONLY USE ONE DROP OF EACH]

I suggestion trying balls after one drop of thieves to see what you like. 

Mix all ingredients together in bowl. Use spoon to scoop mixture out and roll into balls. Refrigerate and then eat!

Want to get some thieves oil? Email me at: hello@kymberlyjanelle.com and I can add some to my order for you!

Waiting is always unto more | Begin Again with Kymberly Janelle Podcast Notes

Waiting for something does not mean you are in lack. It actually means you’re being prepared to contain the more.

I use to think waiting meant something was being withheld from me. That I was missing out on something. A friend told me a year ago we will always be in some state of wanting as there’s always something else that we will desire in seasons of life (marriage, babies, jobs, houses…) I use to hate that until I realized we wait because there is MORE for us. Because we are able to HOPE and DREAM for something we don’t currently see.

Waiting is not a curse, and it’s certainly not punishment. Yes the ache can and will come but set your eyes on the fact that your hope for the more is enabling MORE to be a reality. Your imagination creates the idea of more, and your lifestyle/choices creates space for you to hold the more.

Take a listen to this weeks episode on waiting. I would love to hear all your questions you have regarding waiting + singleness.

Favorite places to go to in Des Moines | Catch Des Moines

This post is sponsored by Catch Des Moines. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Last week I decided to head up north to Minneapolis to visit one of my dear friends. The halfway mark for this road trip though was Des Moines so I decided to take some time and see what Des Moines had to offer. I had never been before and if we are being honest my idea of what could be in Iowa was not a lot. However Des Moines did not disappoint. We will definitely be back. I just have to say the murals in Des Moines are so fun. So many opportunities for pictures. Had to take a couple pictures with little man by a mural that was across the street from Catch Des Moines office. If you’re going to Des Moines and don’t know what to check out I highly suggest popping into their office. They are amazing. We got to see the CEO while we were there. They are a big family.

The first place we hit up when we went through Des Moines was St. Kilda. We needed food! The interior is beautiful, exactly what I love. Super modern, clean, crisp. Fun thing that they do at St. Kilda is group serve, meaning you don’t just have one waitress. All the waitresses take care of all the tables. Thought it was a fun way to do things. The food was INCREDIBLE. We started out with a green dream smoothie to hold us over till our food came out. It had spinach, avocado, almond milk, honey, and carrot juice. Super creamy, and very dreamy 😉

Lunch was incredible. We had been driving three hours and were HUNGRY. The flavor in each dish was SO GOOD.

I had the salmon club. I had to ask for more dill sauce because it was AMAZING. Isaac had the salmon and eggs, he nearly inhaled his salmon the waitresses were shocked. haha.

After grabbing lunch at St. Kilda we got back on the road with full tummies and finished the rest of our road trip up to Minneapolis. Isaac nearly passed out the moment we got in the car. Full happy tummies make for good road trip buddies. When we came back through Des Moines on our way home we hit up Horizon Line coffee. When we were St. Kilda I asked some locals where they suggested we go for coffee and the first thing out of their mouth was Horizon Line. Its a SMALL little coffee shop, super clean, modern. Totally my style and when I say it was the best iced vanilla almond milk late I am not kidding. Not sure what they put in it, but I did need it haha. Horizon Line is located just across the street from the sculpture park in Des Moines. So we took coffee and walked around the sculpture park. It is truly one of a kind. While you’re not suppose to touch any of the sculptures there was still plenty of area to run around. It was exactly what we needed before hoping back in the car.

This post is sponsored by Catch Des Moines. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Lets be Honest Mamas | Birth Story

Its Lets Be Honest Mamas Chat time. This month I am excited to share a story I haven’t shared as of yet. I meant to over a year ago, but never took the time to really sit down and write about it. So this month Kacie over at Elements of Ellis is asking the group of us mamas about our birth story. Promise, its fairly G rated 😉

Did you have a birth plan? If so, what was it. Did your labor go as planned?

My birth plan was pretty simple. Lets do this natural and don’t give up. I had been going to a OBGYN the first part of my pregnancy. I knew I wanted to do a natural birth but was deciding where I would actually deliver. Where I live there are soooo many options. One of my best friends gave birth at a birth center and raved about them so I decided to transfer over to them halfway through my pregnancy. It was the best decision I had made. If I hadn’t of, I would have definitely gotten a c-section because of how my birth story went. At the end of the day my labor went as planned. Because both me and my little man stayed alive and I was able to deliver naturally. It however took way longer than I expected.

Share your thoughts on a natural birth vs. a medicated birth vs. a c-section.

If you’ve followed my journey at all you’ll know I always lean towards as natural as possible for everything in life. I grew up very healthy, even in that I lost my mom and two grandparents to cancer and disease so I do what I can do live a natural lifestyle the best I can. When it comes to any kind of medication I will always pass. I have a  fairly high pain tolerance but I also do like to take medications if possible. I try and use any kind of preventative measures possible in life to prevent our need to go to the doctor or need a medication. I believe our bodies know how to heal themselves. We just have to do our part. For labor I knew I wanted to be able to feel everything and be apart of the process if at all possible. So opted to do a natural birth. I thought I would want to do a water birth but once I transitioned to pushing I was like get me out of this tub now. haha.

View More: http://emilylehnertphoto.pass.us/isaac-blacknwhite

Briefly share your birth story/stories.

I am so proud of my birth story simply because I did not give up. I think its very interesting how my birth story with my son Isaac has been a very similar to my life story. The process itself takes about three times longer than anticipated or that others imagined it would but the end result is beyond words. I was group b positive so I had to make sure I had IV at least four hours before I gave birth so when my contractions began being 4 mins apart at home we booked it to the hospital around 11pm. The midwife told me after the fact that when I walked in and saw how I was still laughing, talking, and walking around fine she didn’t think I was anywhere close to going into labor. But checked me and I was over halfway ready to go (G-rated version for ya;). haha. Thats just me.

I had just settled it in my heart the pain is apart of the process, so embrace it. Fighting the pain would just delay the process and ultimately the outcome. 

It means I am one step closer to meeting this little boy I have dreamt of. 30 hours later my little man was here. My labor stopped several times over this time and I began to get so tired.

View More: http://emilylehnertphoto.pass.us/isaac-blacknwhite

What advice would you give an expectant mother in regards to child birth?

My best friend had shared this with me and it ended up being the KEY THING for me having a natural birth. She told me the moment she thought she couldn’t do it everything came crashing down. So she told herself you can do this. Towards the very end of my labor I was telling myself this outloud. You can do this! I kicked any kind os self doubt in the teeth. The other big thing that helped me was remember there are thousands of other women doing this right now. THIS IS POSSIBLE. Not only that, but my body was made to do this. There are certain points in labor that it can seem impossible. That is when you MUST push through to see the end result.

Are there any books or classes you would recommend to an expectant mother?

NOPE! Honestly I just talked to one or two friends about it and left it at that. We had to take a class but really it didn’t teach me anything. If anything I wish they had taught about how to push. Its the one thing no one tells you about. Its solely trial and error. haha. I remember thinking how the heck do I do this? lol. But He is here. So I am thankful. I would say stay away from birth horror stories and people who are negative about birth in general. Keep a positive outlook.


** I want to be really clear that I understand not everyone has the opportunity to have a  natural birth. This is my first and only birth at this point so this is all I have to pull from. One day when I have more kids (that is the dream:) who knows what will happen but my goal will be all natural births if possible. **

View More: http://emilylehnertphoto.pass.us/isaac-blacknwhite


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