Why settle for less?


When did dreams become fears

and wishes become long lost fairytales

when did oppurtunity become rationalized as risk

and risk became something not worth going after

when did settling for less become ok?

It seems that people continue to settle for less daily in everything that they do. I know I have been there, done that. From peoples dietary choices,  job oppurtunites, relationships, friendships, and there confidence {or lack there of} in who they are. Everyday we have choices to either brings life or death to ourselves. But to often we chose that which will hinder us on our path in this lifetime. Each morning we wake up and must decide what it is we are going to put in our body, will it be something to supress regrets from the night before’s poor choices? Or something to make us forget all about the pain of yesterday even if for just a moment?  OR will it be something that will give our body energy, life? What about that job that we go to? Is it really what your wanting to do? Does it make you happy? For so many people they feel like they cant do any better, or they see the market dropping or prices of things going up and freak out thinking that theres no point in wanting more, that they are just going to fail no matter what. But is this true? No. Its a lie. Compeltely ficticious. It’s people settling for less. Feeling like they deserve nothing more than that which they have. That the fight is not worth fighting. But it is worth fighting. Its your LIFE at stake. What about the relationships your in? with your friends? spouse? girlfriend? boyfriend? Are you settling for less? Are you happy?

Simply put is it life giving?

Does it EXALT Jesus?

Meaning do you feel depressed and worried and anxious around that person or that group of friends, or do they help you, bring good advice to the table, do they comfort you? Do they know the “real” you? So why do people settle for less? Many have believed the lie that we don’t deserve anything, or only those born into certain families will succeed. That because of the families that we were born into, or curses or strongholds that may be in our family geneology (addiction, divorce, poverty…) that, thats simply what we must deal with or that it would be to hard to fight for that which is rightfully ours. For some its been the lies that there family, significant others, and so called friends have fed us. That we cant do it, that we wont ever amount to anything, that thats only for the rich, that only people who look or talk a certain way are able to do whatever it is that were dreaming of. Somewere in our childhood we heard the lie that were not good enough at math, science, writing, that we couldnt read good enough and we believed it. After all if an adult, a teacher told us this. They must know, they went to school, there smart…right? Wrong…Words sting. especially if they are driven into us as children. But theres no better time than now to address those issues…what lies were you fed? Some are afraid of success. Afraid of whats to come, afraid that they will fall down like so many others, afraid of the temptations that seem to tag along with success. Afraid of what if they make a mistake. Could it could be mans fear of failure that tricks him into thinking he shouldn’t grab hold of that which rightfully his given to him by his heavenly father? Afraid to venture out with business plans, or ideas of going to school simply because they have failed in the past and dont want to repeat that cycle over again, so they stay were they are and become staginate. Life no longer pours out of them. Instead the idea of settling for less because it is just easier, more conivient settles into them and they stick with that. When really it just haunts them day and night everytime they see someone in the job postion that they wish they had, or with the family they have been dreaming for…They become okay with just taking crumbs, leftovers. When God has so much more for them. Settling for less. Why have we as a whole settled for less? We have been given so many God given talents. So many gifts. Why is it that we have chosen to take a back seat, and let others do the job? I believe its time for us all to take a stand and STOP settling for less. In relationships, in career moves, in schooling. What is it that you want to do? Whats stopping you? God is the provider of all things great & small. It is in him that ALL is accomplished. Go to him, seek him in all things. Whatever it is you are dealing with he can help…It is in him.


What I learned from shopping with coupons

Well tonight I took my coupon binder and I walked into target confident I was about to save a trillion dollars, okay maybe not a trillion but $100 would be nice.  Well I walked out learning a lesson. Being an extreme couponer is hard work! As I walked out I realized I need to write a blog on this. Cause I learned alot and I am hoping you can learn from my mistakes and from my gains. This was the first time I used store coupons with manufacture coupons on top of sale prices. I typically just use coupons here and there and am happy to save some money. But this time I actually went in pre-planning what to buy and with what coupons. I only purchased items with coupons this trip.

So to start here are my lessons I learned from tonight:

  • I went in without an actual total of how much I would spend – Not a huge no-no, but it could have helped me.
  • I went in on a Monday night. Uh- not smart. I should have gone the second I got my sunday morning ad. The really good deals I could have gotten for free were GONE. Lesson learned = EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM
  • Always bring your entire coupon binder. I went in thinking I was going to find some aveeno haircare products aka shampoo, but realized they were more expensive than I wanted to pay even with $4.00 in coupons. So I looked in  my hair section and sure enough I had a $3.00 off coupon for another brand for two products and the shampoo + conditioner was on sale for $3.50. Now you do the math. Yep, I paid $.50 for one bottle of shampoo. And the sale price for the conditioner. (Pretty much buy one, get one free scenario)
  • I also had extra toothpaste coupons which was perfect because check out the toothpastes I scored. They also have $10-$13 of coupons in each package plus floss + travel size toothpaste or mouthwash. So I bought an extra package of toothpaste simply for the coupons. (haha)
  • Go into the store BEFORE you go in with your coupons so you know what the prices are of everything
  • Read ALL the fine print. I found myself at walmart thinking I was getting a steal of a deal and making money on cleansing bars by neutrogena + aveeno only to re-read my coupon and see that the item I was stocking up on was on the excluded list:/ Oh that little fine print.
  • I DID go in with my shopping list and I wrote out everything I had coupons for those items BUT…
  • I did NOT know the actual price of all these items. This is very important. Seems simple enough, but I neglected to do it on all my items.


What I got on this trip:I bought less than I had intended + I also bought more products that I intended because of some of the deals I got.

Price before coupons: $32

Total saved: $12.83

Total percentage saved: approx. 40%

I was hoping for something grander than that but I have to say I am happy with what I got, it was all on my list. But I will be going back to the store when the shelves are re-filled to get the rest of the items on my list that where either free or under $.50ea.

Feminine Products total paid: $5 | Saved $4.00

Shampoo: Paid $4 | Saved 3.00

Hair Spray + Acne Medication were both half priced after coupons

Toothpaste I didn’t save all that much using only .75c coupons BUT they were a good investment with the coupons I got from both of them plus the free products inside.

2011 | Let me take you out of my box

Wow, what a year! 2011 has surpassed my expectations and dreams to say the least. Yet I feel like it is just a foretaste of what is to come for 2012. In 2011 I found myself holding on to promises, dreams, hopes, goals. But sometimes we hold onto dreams to tightly and as a result there is no room for God to move because we have built a pre-conceived box around our goals and hopes and  are only able to see things according to how our mind thinks it will play out. But when we choose to stop grasping so much at the dream in our heart and surrender it to God we find endless possibilities and opportunities. This is what I found this year….

Well I had typed out each month this year and what I did. But a timeline doesn’t seem fitting for this post. Seems like the easy way out. Behind the timeline is what matters. What my heart was going through, the journey God was leading me on. That is why I want to write. That is the purpose of this blog.  So I scratched the month-by-month timeline. Because at the end of the day it isn’t about accomplishments, it all comes back to my heart posture before the Lord. So with that said, where have I stood over the last year?

I have found myself clinging to Jesus, to Abba God tighter and fiercer than ever before. You see when you pray for something, and then you stand face to face with answered prayer everything in the world will try and pull you apart BUT all of heaven will be standing there with you backing you up if it is Gods will. Fear will try and grip you, but faith will take over and remind you of what life is all about. Doubt will try and creep into your mind, but Hope will remind you all things are possible with God. Answered prayer comes in so many forms. It is our job to open our eyes and to not limit God to how He will answer those prayers. It is NOT our job to try and answer our own prayers. He is God. He is eternal- His ways are not ours. This I have learned, and am learning how PERFECT His ways are, especially compared to my idea of what I’ve thought my life should/would look like over the years. But the funny thing is if I dig past all the boxes, all the ideas of how my life would plan out at the root of it- it is the same dream. It is the same plan.


This year I choose to take God out of my box I had Him in. When I did I found myself deeper in love, my faith increasing, my hope restored, I found my first love all over again. I found love conquers all. It always has, and always will.

Just let love in.

The ache for 2012

It is that ache in your heart to see whats within you released. To see the dream made manifest. To see the picture in your imagination on paper… This is what my heart aches for… Praying 2012 is the year of just that.

That 2012 would be: The longing of my heart made manifest.

There are so many dreams within my heart that I cannot bare to hold in any longer.

Tears escape from my eyes as each one waits a little longer.

Some know there time is coming soon, drawing near.

Other dreams I am unsure of just how to execute them…

It is an ache, a longing for more than what is before me. To release that which has been given to me. A gift, a song, a picture. Oh to be all that we are called to be. This is my desire. 2012 do not disappoint.

One year later.

Today I am reminiscing on one year ago and the amazing men and women the Lord put in my life when I did the OneThing internship {July 2010- December 2010).

I am reaping from that which I sowed one year ago. The tears, the fears that I let go, the surrender, the sleepless nights…No one quite understands what going through the internship is like unless you have done it. So many of us came into internship needing a touch, needing to be revived, to be reminded of our first love, needing to face our reality. I went in desperately wanting a real touch from the Lord. The internship {for those who have not followed my blog} is designed to put you in the the position to sit before the Lord 5-12 hours a day after taking a class on topics such as End Times, Intimacy with Jesus, Revival… It gives you the ability to talk with him, to pray with Him, to worship Him longer than most people will ever do daily without being in a house of prayer. In this time you find yourself {or at least I did;} facing a decision will you continue to believe the lies the enemy has spoken over you, or will you take the truths that your first love speaks over you?

I found myself in the furnace of His love letting go of each and every dream- all for His love. It was the best of times. Yes, even the surrender. Because to surrender is to show you trust the one you are surrendering to, that they will be faithful to there word. This year I have been seeing the fruit of the surrender to His perfect timing, to His will. The cries in my heart God heard. He never once turned his gaze from me, he heard every word that came from my lips and my heart. Even in my unbelief, even in my unknowing of how he would accomplish that which He said He would, He is doing each and everyday working everything for Good.

Today I take a moment to thank God for those who He has brought into my life over the last year. My fellow interns have changed my life and continue to everyday. God put us all together for a time such as this. He knew where we needed to be loved, pushed, stretched, disciplined and He brought just the right people in our lives to do just that! To all my OTI family I love you, let us NEVER forget how far the Lord has brought each and everyone of us even if you cannot see it today or tomorrow let us hold fast to the truth of Gods nature that He has never led us astray nor will He ever. Whether in the wilderness or under the apple tree His goodness abounds. I love you all. Let us all give thanks for the amazing work He has done, and furthermore for His unending love that is never dependent upon our faithfulness to him.

My roomies

“For such a time as this” God put us together

God changes.

God is always changing me, forming me, shaping me, molding me into the image of Him. But how God changes is not how man changes. Mans ways are ever fleeting, ever changing trying to keep up with the pace of life. Where as God stays at one pace unafraid that something greater may come along, he stands strong on the words he spoke thousands of years ago knowing that when He speaks life happens. God is not intimidated by speakers who may have the potential to have a larger following, nor does the latest model concern him as to whether He will still be all glorious and still seen as beautiful . God is the standard for all things. So many times we try and fit Him in our box of what life will look like, how much money we will make, how many kids we will have, the house we will own and so on. Yet God looks inward at the heart, He desires change there first and foremost. He is not afraid to offend knowing that it can bring forth great fruit. He is not afraid to kneel down and love on the sickest of the sick, the poorest of the poor. Jesus is not afraid to love. If then I being a christian should follow Jesus I should never the changes which God is continually working out in me. For they are all done with one word in mind.


Gods way of changing is through love. He is love.

Real change starts from the inside. It then flourishes to a point in which it cannot be contained within and bursts forth manifesting itself on the outside. But when it has burst forth nothing can contain it, all can see its glory. Love radiating forth from a human body- let love have its perfect way in you. Right here + right now.