Favorite things to do in Jackson Hole, WY

I cannot rave about visiting Jackson Hole enough. We stayed in an Airbnb while we stayed in the Grand Tetons area and I highly suggest doing this. While its a good two hour drive to Yellowstone honestly where you wanna be is Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons area. When researching where to go in Jackson Hole and Grand Tetons I came across the Big Red Tram. I knew we had to go for a ride, and thennnnnn when I saw that waffles could be involved I knew it was a done deal. If you know me you know that for my birthday I ask for belgian waffles not a cake. So to say this was a match made in heaven would be a completely true statement.

All ready to get on the tram with our wristbands.

Jackson Hole Aerial Tram: The aerial tram which is nick named Big Red was such a fun experience. Big Red is not like any other tram. This bad boy is HUGE. It can fit well over 50 people inside. Isaac was the youngest one on the tram and I think its safe to say everyone had the childlike awe that he did. In just 12 minutes, the Aerial Tram glides skyward 4,139 vertical feet. While going up we looked for animals. The view though was just spectacular. Fall was starting to hit the mountain and the trees were just stunning. Then when you get to the top this adorable little ‘cabin’ awaits you.

Corbets Cabin serves hot fresh waffles with nutella, bacon, brown sugar, whipped cream, strawberries. All the good things that make waffles irresistible. Confession time, this was the first time I have ever had nutella. I can hear you all gasping. I know, I know. What took me so long? But hey at least my first time trying it was on top of a mountain. I mean I don’t think you can beat that. And yes, Isaac and I are officially in love with Nutella.

This post was sponsored by Jackson Hole Tourism. All thoughts, and ideas are my own.

Favorite places to go to in Des Moines | Catch Des Moines

This post is sponsored by Catch Des Moines. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Last week I decided to head up north to Minneapolis to visit one of my dear friends. The halfway mark for this road trip though was Des Moines so I decided to take some time and see what Des Moines had to offer. I had never been before and if we are being honest my idea of what could be in Iowa was not a lot. However Des Moines did not disappoint. We will definitely be back. I just have to say the murals in Des Moines are so fun. So many opportunities for pictures. Had to take a couple pictures with little man by a mural that was across the street from Catch Des Moines office. If you’re going to Des Moines and don’t know what to check out I highly suggest popping into their office. They are amazing. We got to see the CEO while we were there. They are a big family.

The first place we hit up when we went through Des Moines was St. Kilda. We needed food! The interior is beautiful, exactly what I love. Super modern, clean, crisp. Fun thing that they do at St. Kilda is group serve, meaning you don’t just have one waitress. All the waitresses take care of all the tables. Thought it was a fun way to do things. The food was INCREDIBLE. We started out with a green dream smoothie to hold us over till our food came out. It had spinach, avocado, almond milk, honey, and carrot juice. Super creamy, and very dreamy ūüėČ

Lunch was incredible. We had been driving three hours and were HUNGRY. The flavor in each dish was SO GOOD.

I had the salmon club. I had to ask for more dill sauce because it was AMAZING. Isaac had the salmon and eggs, he nearly inhaled his salmon the waitresses were shocked. haha.

After grabbing lunch at St. Kilda we got back on the road with full tummies and finished the rest of our road trip up to Minneapolis. Isaac nearly passed out the moment we got in the car. Full happy tummies make for good road trip buddies. When we came back through Des Moines on our way home we hit up Horizon Line coffee. When we were St. Kilda I asked some locals where they suggested we go for coffee and the first thing out of their mouth was Horizon Line. Its a SMALL little coffee shop, super clean, modern. Totally my style and when I say it was the best iced vanilla almond milk late I am not kidding. Not sure what they put in it, but I did need it haha. Horizon Line is located just across the street from the sculpture park in Des Moines. So we took coffee and walked around the sculpture park. It is truly one of a kind. While you’re not suppose to touch any of the sculptures there was still plenty of area to run around. It was exactly what we needed before hoping back in the car.

This post is sponsored by Catch Des Moines. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Where to go in Colorado | My favorite things in colorado

This road trip was a long time coming. As a single mama taking a break from being needed is the best vacation you can get. I haven’t ever been to colorado since being an adult and since its only a 9 hour drive (7.5hr if I’m driving ūüėČ I thought why not try and throw in a quick trip before the end of the year. This trip was EVERYTHING my soul needed.

We hit up so many amazing places during our four day trip that I wanted to share some of my favorites. When we got into denver we arrived around lunch time and were starving. We had heard about the Denver Central Market. Driving through I knew I was in my element. Think modern/contemporary art district. This area of town has been completely revitalized according to locals. Five plus years ago it was a place of crime. Now, its streets full of amazing graffiti and amazing eats.

The Denver Central Market was amazing. So excited for Kansas City to be getting their own version of this soon! Think open market, with a bar. What more needs to be said? You walk into the closed market where there are just under a dozen eateries. Everything from a coffee shop to chocolatier. My friend I was traveling with is a vegetarian and they had a cafe that she could eat from and it was delicious. I will mention the only thing I had that I didn’t love was my latte.. It was pure milk and no coffee. I was desperately needing coffee in that moment not an inch of froth. Was pretty cool though, the barista had a Second Best Coffee t-shirt on which is a go to coffee shop in Kansas City. This market though is a must. Everyone comes here. Businessmen getting a drink after work, girlfriends catching up on a lunch break…We actually got lunch and dinner here the first day because it was so easy. We set up shop at the bar with our laptops and books and enjoyed food and a drink and it was everything this mama needed. The drinks were amazing, and baristas were easy going.¬†






In between lunch and dinner we hit up the Denver Museum of Art and Science. It under $15 and worth every penny. I will say I cannot imagine doing the entire museum with my 1.5 year old. Yes, it would tire him out but its HUGE. The main thing that stuck out to me was how BIG the displays were. We were SHOCKED. It was seriously incredible though. Seeing everything from birds that were bigger than me to 10 carat diamonds. They had a dinosaur exhibit that was amazing that I know my little guy would have loved. Heck, I loved it!




After dinner we met up with Shannons friends where we would be staying the next couple nights and crashed. Next morning we went to a local creperie called Crepes n crepes.

My favorite part? When you walk in theres a guy standing there at the bar making crepes. Wish I had taken a picture. You’ll just have to go yourself. ¬†Fun little thing they do for coffee lovers. I asked if they had an americano because I didn’t see it on their coffee menu and she said thats how they did their coffee. Ie if you order ‘coffee’ you’re getting an americano. Done and done.

My crepe was chorizo, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes. It was super hearty. They had dessert crepes, hearty crepes, pretty much everything you could want in a crepe.

Garden of the Gods was the MUST for me. I had seen pictures and videos and KNEW if there was one thing we had to go see that was it. I cannot explain how amazing it was. You get there and park and walk around and time seems to stand still. All you can think about is how beautiful everything is. It was exactly what I needed. To turn off my brain and just focus on whats in front of me.


They have a visitor center that you can stop at before going into the park in case you need to go the bathroom, shop for all that tourist stuff, and get a map. I choose to just take pictures. When you start driving into the park make sure your phone or camera is out. Its beautiful.















Kansas City Sweatshirt: KC Clothing Co (wearing a small)








After all the walking we hit up City o City in Denver. A vegetarian restaurant which was delish.
Can you tell I was hungry? Tacos and mac n’ cheese *no judgements allowed*¬†













One of best little hidden gems is by far Denvers Union Station. While Kansas City Union station boasts a fun model train museum for kids Denvers Union Station blew Kansas City out of the water with completely revitalizing it to be a place to go for a night to stay (the upper levels are now a hotel) and the lower level is still in use as a train station but they have done a remarkable job at restoring and breathing life into what once was. The bar was STUNNING. Its what my neutral subway tile dreams are made of. Every little shop in the building was straight out of a magazine. 



Afterwards we walked around downtown despite it being freezing cold out. Was still fun to get a glimpse of the city.

  We hit up Red Rocks which is now on my bucket list of places to go for a concert.  It was so It was so cold out that we parked, got out looked quick, took a few pictures and then jumped back in the car. haha. So glad that we did drive out to see it. Its definitely something you need to experience. People were down there running (way to be)

On our final day in colorado I hit up Boulder. I NEED to go back and¬†spend a whole day hiking there. It was breath taking. Highly suggest grabbing coffee on pearl street. ( We went to Oxo coffee) and then going to Flatiron Rocks. As a photographer this place is a gem. You don’t have to hike anywhere to get STUNNING photos. I parked, walked out 500 ft or so and was able to do a family session for my hairstylist who is originally from Boulder and just happened to be vacationing the same time *talk about the stars aligning*

If you haven’t been to colorado and its a road trip away, get in your car and go! Seriously. They have something for EVERYONE. I think that was¬†the biggest thing that I enjoyed. If you want city life they have that, if you want downtown scene they have it, if you want to be in the mountains and climb and hike all day you can do that everyday for the rest of your life if your¬†heart wants. The diversity in whats available to visitors and locals is one of a kind. Colorado you are definitely a gem. I WILL be back.