Day at the farm

We recently went to one of the farms here in Kansas City with hubby and MIL. My husband use to come here when he was a kid, since then they have nearly doubled the farm. Isaac really enjoyed checking out the animals. It was fun to see how he remembered certain animals from animal books we read. Bunnies and goats were his favorite. Cows he didn’t care much for. haha.

Overall he LOVES animals. Part of that is due to staying with my brother and sister in law for a week who have a dog that is AMAZING with babies. Isaac would sit next to him and let him lick him and play with him. It was pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

We lasted about an hour. I tried begging hubby to move to property with land simply so we could get dozens of kids (baby goats, not humans. haha). He flatly denied me and said I just needed to come to the farm to get my fix. Fair enough.

For now…

I mean seriously you guys. Look how cute the baby goats are!!!


Isaacs entire outfit is by Hallmark Baby 

MY OUTFIT: Pants: Nike Dri Fit // Shoes: Nike // Top: Old Navy clearance // Diaper Bag: Victoria Secret

Best Mothers Day gifts | Kansas City Mothers Day Picks

One of the many things I love about living in Kansas City are all the amazing brands and stores that are local to the area. So this Mothers Day I want to encourage you all to buy local. I selected some of my favorite products that are local to KCMO for mamas.

First and foremost, flowers. You cannot, NOT get mama flowers. If you’re like me I am obsessed with flowers. In my dream world I would have fresh flowers in every room, everyday. I know I’m not the only one who has this dream right?  The little flower shop in Kansas City is one of a kind. Not only does The little flower shop deliver flowers, they deliver all their amazing products they offer at the store! One stop shop for those husbands out there. Hint, Hint. Not only do they deliver but they are amazing at what they do. The bouquet of flowers seen in all the pictures was put together by Stacey at The  Little flower shop and it literally took my breath away. Call them at: (913)677-5006 or stop on in at: 5006 State Line Road, Westwood Hills, KS 66205  

(Make sure and let them know I sent you 😉

Coffee. Oh coffee, where would I be with out you? Coffee + Mamas are a no brainer. Easy Tiger Co makes the most adorable mugs and glasses for after 5 o’clock if you know what I mean 😉 Their shop is down in the west bottoms in KC. They’re open first fridays so make sure you stop on by and let them know you found out about them through my blog! Or just buy online HERE.  So go get your set of glasses and mugs!!


Candles. Another obsession of mine. How could it not be? The Kansas City Candle Co is hand pouring these amazing beeswax candles and naming them after counties in Kansas City. Not all candles are made the same and I don’t bring just any candle into our house. These candles though are made with beeswax and essential oils. Now that is my kind of candle 😉








I may have saved the best for last. Madi Apparel in Kansas City is killing it with their lingerie game. This little white robe named ‘The Karen’ is dreamy. Not only does it look amazing and is hubby approved it is insanely comfy. Did I mention how soft it is? No, seriously. Its pretty much heavenly.







And don’t forget your Hallmark Mothers Day card. They have so many to choose from for whatever style your mom is. 







All Products were sent to me for this blog post. This was a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.






Spring Fashion Picks from Francescas

Spring is here and I couldn’t be happier. Francesca’s has such an amazing selection of spring outfits. This romper is a must for your wardrobe. I have long legs and the romper was still “mom appropriate” for me. Its got a cute little tie in front that says shows a little skin, but not to much if you’re out and about doing errands or hanging out with friends. The necklace and sunglasses are francescas as well. You’ve gotta have a fun pair with florals on the sides. One of my favorite things about Francescas is how affordable their clothing is. These sunglasses? $14. Pretty much all their sunglasses are $14-$16! check them out HERE.



Another favorite at Francescas is this little off the shoulder red dress that is so crazy comfy + perfect for cinco de Mayo coming up!

This bag is on my side everyday. No joke. Also from francescas but they’re sold out online :/ 


Just a reminder if you are local to me (KCMO) and shop at the Town Center or Plaza locations you can get 20% off item if you show them my blog! Make sure and come back here and let me know what you get!

Little White Lace Dress

Can I just start by saying… I braided my own hair and before 9am!! I totally get why mamas braid their hair now. My little guy can’t grab it! Its genius. I have no idea why I am just now jumping on this bandwagon.

Anyways, this dress. I am obsessed with lace. I had a little white lace dress for my bachelorette party that I got rid of and ever since have been searching for a new one to replace it. This dress is just dreamy. Its fit and flare, and has the cutest back cut-out. I call it cute and sassy and look at all the details on the sleeves. Just dreamy. Francesca’s you outdid yourself on this dress. Best part? Its under $55! Scroll down to find out how to get a discount if you’re a local.



If you’re local in KCMO and shop at Town Center or Plaza locations just show them my blog or IG account to get 20% off an item! Otherwise find this white serafina lace dress HERE online. Sunglasses are $16 at Francescas as well and can be found HERE

Live Kindly : Message behind the brand

There are so many brands out there, so when given the chance to bring awareness to a brand that as a humanitarian heart.I am completely onboard. Live Kindly was created by Dave who when he became a dad realized his life mission was to impart as much goodness into his childrens lives and help create a legacy. This is my heart when it comes to raising Isaac as well. Any and everything good in me, I want him to have. I want to be an example of everyday kindness. Whether it be smiling at everyone who passes, giving a compliment to stranger, opening the door for someone, or helping someone put their groceries in their car.

There is something about these brands that truly believe in their brand that sets them apart. Live Kindly is one of those brands. 5% of their proceeds go directly to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training (GRREAT), and the South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts (SCUTE). So make sure and go check out Live Kindly and let them know I sent you!


My t-shirt is seafoam color and can be purchased HERE . My hunter green hat can be found HERE .

Isaacs Romper is from Rad Revolution and can be found HERE

This post was in collaboration with Live Kindly. All thoughts are my own.

Mommy and Me Style + some ramblings about raising a boy






we are the future

Little mans ‘we are the future’ shirt from Shop Jumping Jack  got me thinking about raising a little human. Honestly its terrifying at times. I think about how much my parents influenced me growing up and the weight of what it means to be a parents weighs heavy on me. It’s not my words that he will truly remember, it is my actions. In the everyday. In how I spend my time with him, in how I respect and love his father, in how I accept myself. It is those everyday choices and the words I speak that will shape his belief system and outlook on what is possible in life.

I want him to believe that anything is possible. That when you work hard enough good things do happen. I want him to know that when bad things happen, because they will and they do its not because of something he did wrong. Life is not out to punish you. I want to teach him how to love others well. To respect, to pour into, to raise up and call out the good in those around him. My desire for him is for him to know his worth in this world. To know there truly is no one like him, that he has something to offer the world that it so desperately needs. That conforming helps no one, but standing up and staying true to himself helps everyone.

My hope and prayer is that my daily choices add up to something beautiful and impactful in a positive way. I want to be remembered for spending quality time with him, always reminding him of his worth, and never hesitating to give him one more hug or kiss. Okay cue all the tears.

Sidenote, How do some people look so graceful and beautiful when smiling and laughing with their kid? Me, yeah not so much. haha. But he loves me for it. So who am I to judge myself. 







You guys I cannot even stand how he looks at me and reaches for me. I’m soaking up every last moment of it because I know when the toddler years come rolling around daddy is going to be his hero.

Shirts: Shop Jumping Jack / Shorts: Forever 21 / Shoes: Target

Isaac Shirt: Shop Jumping Jack / Jeggings: Target

Spring Florals

We’re finally getting getting some consistent warm weather here in the midwest so its time for spring clothing. When I was at francescas the other day I saw this floral top and knew I had to try it on. Best part is its under $35.


Paired with this cross body saddle bag and its the perfect spring outfit.  When I opened it up my mind was blown you guys. It has a built in phone charger. Ummmm yes please. Its currently out of stock online, so check in store to see if your store has it. I will update with link when it goes back in stock.

My cold shoulder floral top is Small.  (Shoes are from Target.)