Vici Doll Dupes

One of my favorite brands to drool over is Vici dolls. But if you’re like me and don’t always have $70 to spend on a sweater finding dupes is everything. The other issue I have is when I find something I love its sold out almost instantly. Booooo. So for the sake of you and I getting what we want I have been able to track down a couple of my favorite items that vici dolls have and the exact dupes. Are there any other clothing pieces or accessories that you would like me to find dupes of? Comment below and I’ll see what I can find.

Open Front Gray Chunky Knit Cardigan

This chunky open front cardigan has become one of my go to cardigans this winter. Its super chunky but light weight enough that I can layer it with several other layers if I wanted. I wore it a lot when we went to Jackson Hole, WY this year. Cardigan $32.99 / Amazon (Wearing a small)

Long sleeve button down tie front top

I have been eyeing these long sleeve button down tie shirts but couldn’t fathom spending more than $30 on one. Y’all when I say I am frugal, it runs deep. This target version of this VICI DOLLS top is only $16. Woot woot. They have it in white + plum.

Long Sleeve button down tie front shirt $16 / Target

Long Sleeve Button up Bodysuit

I am a sucker for a good bodysuit. Especially in the winter, makes it way easier to layer up without all the layers bunching up. I love this one because its button up. The VICI DOLLS bodysuit they currently have does not have buttons, but they had a short sleeve one that did in the fall that I was drooling over BUT I love long sleeve more than short sleeves so here is this one. Its only $12 VS $38 for the VICI DOLLS one.
Snap button black long sleeve bodysuit $12 / Shein

Black 3/4 sleeve turtleneck top

Y’all need to RUN on this one. Its currently HALF OFF at target. Only $6.49. I have been wearing this with jeans, and with high waist skirts. It’s so versatile its become one of my favorite tops to wear. And it’s black so I mean what more do you need? neutrals for life over here. They have it black, burgundy, and white.

Black Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck Top $6.49 / Target

Gold layered Coin Necklace

I absolutely love the gold layered necklaces that VICI DOLLS has BUT they are usually sold out within hours. No joke. So after searching high and low I found the perfect dupes for 1/5 of the price!!

Gold coin layered necklace $4 / SHEIN

Gold moon pendant necklace

Anyone else loving all the moon necklaces we are seeing? The vici dolls necklaces I have seen have been my favorites. I looked at forever 21, and target and found nothing that was as similar. Then, TA DA I found this ONE from SHEIN. Its perfect and it’s only $3. So ummmmm YES!

Gold moon necklace $3.00 / SHEIN

Turtleneck Sweater

This sweater has to be one of my favorites. Every season there are new styles of sweaters but a good turtleneck with good shape NEVER goes out of style. This turtleneck is just that, and its under $50. So you know winning at life over here, yet again.

High Neck Turtleneck Sweater $23 /SHEIN

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Again, this post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. This is seriously what I do with my time. Find deals for you and me. So hope you enjoyed this post. Lemme know if you want me to do some more like this.

10 under 10 stocking stuffer + gift ideas for toddlers

You all know I love to get the most for my money and hate clutter so I thought I would share some of my favorite finds for stocking stuffers and gifts for toddlers. All of these are under $10 too!! Share this list with your family and parents!

A lot of these gift ideas are focused on keeping toddler busy during cold winter months. My little guy loves art like his mama and papa so we have most of these. I will be getting the no spill paint cups for sure this year with all the painting that is bound to happen.

Socks and toothbrushes in stockings is a thing y’all and here are the two best ones for your toddlers.

1] Bamboo toddler toothbrush

Wanna help eliminate a bit of plastic? Switch your kiddos over to these bamboo toothbrushes. I have them and love them!!

2]  Old Navy kid fuzzy socks $2

Black friday pricing. So grab them right away. There are unicorns, penguins, polar bears, santa. Everything for every kiddo in your life.

3]  6 pc No spill paint cups $8.99 + Kids washable paint 6 count/ $4.27

Bring on ALLLLLL the artsy fartsy things. These no spill paint cups are in my shopping cart because how have I never thought about this? This is going to make painting time way easier!!! And they come with paintbrushes. Double win.

These paints are probably the art activity Isaac pulls out the most and asks to do. These little containers are perfect and have already lasted us quite awhile. Pretty sure I am going to need to stock up though for impending cold coming our way.

4] Carters Two-Piece pajamas for only $4.97 —> While supplies last. They go quick!!

Every year I stock up on these when they have their early black friday prices for the following year. I usually get at least five of them to keep us held over for the year. Isaac has almost completely outgrown the pajamas I bought last year for him so I just bought some for now and for the next year. These are super easy to roll up, but a bow on and put in stocking. What kid doesn’t love new pajamas??

5] Playdoh $7.99

I don’t think I even need to explain why playdoh is one of the greatest inventions ever do I? Didn’t think so.

6] Melissa + doug on the go REUSABLE water painting (Vehicles + Animals) $ 9.27

These are game changers. If you don’t wanna deal with any of the painting mess this is perfect for in the car, waiting for siblings at practice, or just quiet at home activity. One of my best friends sent me a video of her daughter quietly using one and I knew I needed one…or two. Fortunately this one comes with two.

7] Melissa + Doug Drawing Paper $2.99

Drawing pads are pretty much the best thing ever when you have a kiddo. Why? Way less paper all over the house. All the art stays in one place. Lets just call that a parenting win.

8] Toddler Coloring Book. 100 pages of things that go $5.95

Things that go book is my sons absolute favorite so how could I not get him the coloring book version?

9] Melissa + Doug Sticker book Dinosaurs, Space, Vehicles and more $4.99

My guy LOVES stickers and everything in this sticker book so I know this is going to be a big win, win.

10] Pull back 12 set mini truck set $9.48

Tractors are all the rage over here so 12 for under $10!!! Um yes please! Thats a better price than matchbox cars!!

Okay I couldn’t leave these two things out because they are some of Isaacs favorites. He grabs them out whenever I am “working” on something and he is just in heaven. 

Tool Set $8.99

Isaacs toolset is one of his favorite toys hands down. He knows the difference between screwdriver, pliers, saw, you name it. He knows it and its just about the cutest thing ever.

Toddler Hardhat $8.76

And you can’t work without a hardhat. And lets be real a toddler in a hardhat is pretty much the cutest thing ever as well. And for under $10 how could you say no?

Easy way to save money while shopping online using EBATES

I was snapping and doing insta stories a bit ago on some online clearance when my little EBATES button popped up reminding me I can activate cash back when I realized I have never shared with you guys about how I use EBATES.

So I had seen the commercials for it how people get money back for shopping online, I had seen other bargain shoppers post their referral links but it never dawned on me that that OH YEAH, I shop online and I LOVE saving money.

So at some point in the last year I finally signed up and now I save money pretty much everywhere I shop online from expedia when I book our trips, to eBay, old navy, kohls…you name it, you can probably get cash back.

It is a super simple sign up process where it will install a button and anytime you go to a website that EBATES has cash back available it will pop up and remind you so you won’t ever forget. Its fantastic!!  Christmas time is always a good time when earning cash back.


To sign up you can use my referral link here: and you’ll actually get $10 right off the bat.

Let me know if you have any questions!


This is in no way a sponsored post. 



Nursery IKEA Dresser Organization

I originally had my heart set on the Hemmes IKEA white dresser but I just couldn’t fathom spending nearly $250 on a dresser that would most likely get scratched, drawn on, and who knows what else. Fortunately I found this smaller IKEA dresser for only $30 on a local fb swap/shop group. I somehow lugged it up a flight of stairs myself and got it all set up in the nursery. Probably shouldn’t have but I was to excited to just keep it in the car until hubby came home. haha.

12736697_10153936395448094_1666036068_o ikea nursery dresser
















(that nightstand was a 90% off target find at $6.99!!!)

I knew I wanted the dresser super organized for those sleepless nights so we wouldn’t be rummaging around trying to find what we’re looking for. At first I was going to buy the IKEA cloth drawer organizers but I stopped Dollar Tree while doing some errands just for the heck of it and found these! They are 11.5 x 8.5″.

dollar tree organizers

dollar tree organizers


The best part is the bottom part comes out and you can use it as a divider! JACKPOT! So I bought 9 of these cloth organizers which fit the dresser PERFECT. You seriously NEVER know what you can find at the DollarTree. I had no idea I would find something that fit so perfectly.

dollar tree organizers dollar tree organizers

Seeing as this is our first little one I am sure I will switch things around as baby Rubeo grows but for now this is how I’ve got it all organized.

nursery dresser organization


I will be switching out the knobs soon. They are super small and almost impossible to grab. Thinking something black…

Target 90% off Christmas Clearance

Just thought I would show you what waiting for Christmas Clearance to go to 90% off will get you. I spent $71 and saved $541! I got EVERYTHING I came for and couldn’t be happier.

I got:

Toys and games and puzzles for $0.10-$.50 ea

2 pk Pacifiers for $0.69

Toddler plates & cups for $0.19-$0.39ea

Toddler Christmas jammies sets of 2 for $1.19!!

That big stuffed animal dog was only $1.99

All those christmas decor trees on the fireplace were $1.49-$1.69ea!!

The list goes on and on….


What has been your favorite thing to buy during 90% off christmas clearance?



Top things to buy day after Christmas Clearance

Well let me start off by saying if you haven’t read my blog post on my TOP THREE STORES to shop at day after christmas go HERE to read that first and then come here and read what I suggest buying the day after Christmas. These items listed are just what I suggest purchasing the day after christmas. Everything else, I suggest waiting for it to drop to 90% off especially if you have more than 2-3 Target stores around you your willing to hit up you’ll find everything you want once it goest to 90% off if you get there right when they open.



Gift Sets: My husband is an OLD SPICE only kinda guy. That stuff ain’t cheap compared to other brands so this is when I combine coupons with the 50% on gift sets on Old Spice Gift Sets, and shavings sets for me. I typically get these gifts sets for anywhere between $1-$3 each. Well worth it considering everything in it is well over $10.  (Store: Walmart)

Chapstick: Target has these as stocking stuffers. This is when you really need to keep your eyes out on there products. They ALWAYS have our favorite EOS chapstick gift sets.  (Store: Target)


top things to buy day after christmas salesHOUSEHOLD ITEMS:

  • Where I live the ziploc bags & glad wrap and foil go first. So I am literally at the store the moment they open for this reason. Within 5 minutes they’re all in peoples carts.

Ziploc Bags & Ziploc Containers: This is when I stock up for the entire year on ziploc bags. Well technically the up & up brand AND ziploc. Again I always have coupons on hand for ziploc bags and containers that I combine with the 50% off and we are good for the entire year. (Store: Target)

Glad wrap & Foil: This is another item I stock up on every year. Last year I scored so many I still don’t need to stock up on it this year. (YAY ME!) Look for the glad wrap and foil with seasonal designs on it. These will be in the christmas section AND with the regular glad wrap and foil. (Store: Target)

Air Freshners & Candles: I typically always get these for FREE. How? Coupons 🙂 Combine coupons you have with the seasonal air freshener and candles that are 50% off and you have yourself candles and air freshness for life. (Tip: I actually use the frebreeze air freshness in my car. They work amazing!) (Store: Walmart & Target)

Napkins: Just look for the paper napkins with holiday prints hidden away in the regular aisles with paper goods! We always stock up on 2-4 of these for the entire year.

top things to buy day after christmas sale


This should kind of be a no brainer so I won’t go into to many details on this one. I typically go for the wrapping paper first because its what everyone else goes for first as well. Other things I typically go for are: Placemats, Mini Christmas Trees, Christmas Lights (if we need more), garland (I always get this at DT because hello $0.50c!!! Christmas Decor is actually the thing I get the least amount of things from if any.



I will admit though I try to wait till 90% off at Target for these if possible then I buy them all. I mean who wouldn’t when they are $0.10-$0.30 each

Plastic Tablecloths: Who doesn’t need plastic tablecloths for parties and get togethers? They are typically always just one color so I grab a couple for year-round crafting parties, and parties we throw.

Paper Napkins & Cutlery: We use these paper napkins for parties, christmas parties, and any other parties we may have and plastic cutlery is perfect again for parties (less dish washing for you 😉 and picnics.

Paper Plates/Cups/Bowls: My stash of paper plates/cups/bowls is 100% from holiday clearance.

Top 3 stores to shop at day after Christmas

I am a HUGE fan of shopping stores the day and week after a holiday. For christmas though its all about the day after. Why? Because its the biggest ‘day after’ holiday that people shop. Bargain hunters, couponers, and the average Joe. So everything goes QUICK.

I always have a game plan when I do day after Christmas shopping. I’m currently working on mine now for which stores, and exactly what items I am wanting. (Blog post coming on the top things to buy the day after christmas). 

My top three stores are actually not stores I typically shop at EXCEPT my first pick. I’ll explain more along the way




My TOP THREE STORES to shop at the day after Christmas are….


  1. TARGET. 

This should go without saying if you know me 😉 I practically live at Target. Target is my #1 pick because of how diverse there christmas selection is. Did you know there is christmas stuff in almost EVERY department? Beauty, Cleaning, Toys, Clothing, Decor, Lighting, Personal Care… the list goes on.Because of this a couple days beforehand I walk all through the entire store and write down everything I am wanting to get and know exactly what aisles I need to hit up. Why a couple days beforehand and not a month before? Because people are last minute. They are always shopping the day before stocking up. So I would rather see if they even have it in stock chances are at this late in the season they are not re-stocking the shelves. I make this list so that when I see the 50 other people rushing to the clearance section I don’t get caught up in what I think I need, or completely forget to check certain aisles. Once I make that list I make notes of how many I would like of each and what items are most important to me. For example getting household items are way more important to me than getting more ornaments because they are something we use on a daily basis.



I RARELY shop at Walmart. Sorry, Walmart but target just has my heart. Simple as that. However when it comes to day after thanksgiving shopping Walmart has a lot more of certain things that I know target will either

(a) sell out of instantly

(b) not have enough in stock

(c) Less expensive price before any discount meaning even deeper discount when 50% off is applied

so I ALWAYS hit up walmart. With that being said, be prepared. Walmart gets INSANE the day after christmas. I wish I were joking. So just put a smile on your face, look at that list you made, grab it, and get out.



This may come as a surprise to you. Did you even consider the dollar tree? I am a sucker for it because hello 50% off $1 is $0.50! Guaranteed amazing prices. The only thing with DT is they can and do sell out fairly quick because theres not a lot of stock. However what they do have are things I use either for parties or use for DIY holiday crafts. Because its mainly crafting and party goods for me this is my last stop of the day. They are not necessary items, just perks.


So, were these stores what you were thinking they would be? I would LOVE to hear what stores you hit up and why! I honestly do not venture from these three because they are my staples of what I need and want year-round.

Next blog post is on EXACTLY what I buy at each of these stores so that you can make your own list this year and go armed ready to get everything you need and want 😉