the best thing I can do.

The best thing I can do for my relationship is to have God time.

Without it I have nothing to give.

I can only give what I first receive.

Without time in the word I quickly fade. Really. I tire quicker, I have less inspiration, I do not have enough to give to myself and to others.

Without taking time to worship God, to sit in His presence and give Him the time due to Him I find myself lost and weary.


the best thing I can do is to spend time with God.

I once was blind but now I see.

three weeks ago I went on a blind date.

the first blind date I had been on in years. He had asked me out to lunch, I said ‘sure’. I tried not to think to much of it, but I was of course excited to see who this man was.

The day came for our first date. I was ready three hours before the date started [you could say I was a little excited]

First was lunch [insert his friends coming to same restaurant to embarrass him a little], then we walked to a shop around the corner. Next we found ourselves at a coffeeshop sipping our drinks talking for hours about the mystical union of God and dreams and visions. Next up was heading over to his friends place were we all sat around worshipping Jesus. By then it was dark out so we decided to go for a walk to the park to lay out and look at the stars, we played tag, hid from security. It was better than a fairytale. It was my reality. We walked back to his friends place in complete awe of what was unfolding before our eyes, we then finished off the night worshipping Jesus again. By the time we said goodbye 10 hours had passed.

3 weeks ago I found myself on a blind date.

10 hours later I found myself with my mind completely blown at what God was doing in our lives. Here was a complete stranger yet everything just fit, it just worked.

Today I am in awe of the goodness of God. Trying to wrap my mind around it all- I probably won’t ever completely comprehend it.

I am undeserving. Yet God in His infinite love desires to pour out every good gift upon me.

God has fast forwarded my life in such incredible ways since moving to KC. It is completely stripping me of every idea I had about relationships and earning what I have. Its been the best thing to happen to me. I am experiencing freedom in my life that my heart dreamt of and my spirit longed for.

BTW, Expect some guest video appearances of Joe and myself in the future. He loves making videos, so we will be talking about dating and relationships and God in the weeks to come either here on LWKJ or be.loved 🙂

{A heart that safely trusts}

 10 Who[a] can find a virtuous[b] wife?
For her worth is far above rubies.
11 The heart of her husband safely trusts her;
      So he will have no lack of gain.
12 She does him good and not evil
All the days of her life.

Many are aware of Proverbs 31 in reference to being a Proverbs 31. My heart melts when I read verse 11. It says “The heart of her husband safely trusts her;”.  A couple months back I remember reading that and I just sat there like WOW. I cannot put into words what a treasure that is for a mans heart to trust a woman. The thought of living that one day makes my heart skip a beat. What an honor, what a treasure.  For not only a man to allow the preciousness of His heart to be open to another, but that His heart TRUSTS.

Where I want to go with this is talking to women.

Are you living a lifestyle that would help, show your husband or boyfriend that His heart can trust you? You may be single as I am. How are you with your friends hearts? Can your friends trust you with there hearts? Do you understand the treasure, the pearl, the jewel that a heart is? With songs on the radio in mainstream media flaunting that they are going to break the persons heart I would love to see a revolution of young men and women to treasure there hearts, and understand the value of what God has created.

A couple interesting things about the heart:

The term “heartfelt” originated from Aristotle’s philosophy that the heart collected sensory input from the peripheral organs through the blood vessels. It was from those perceptions that thought and emotions arose.f

God didn’t have to create a heart. But He did.

And we are to be good stewards of those hearts around us. To fight for them, protect them, love them as though it were our own.

So my question to you, if you are not dating- if a man were to come in your life. Could he trust His heart to you?

And to those with a man in their lives- Can He trust His heart with you?

Crushing the fairytale

Women, I want to talk to you about fairytales. Most of us grew up with watching fairytales. We were taught about princess’s and being saved by the bad villain by a chisled modelesque prince who always perservered.

Then we began to grow up, we realized that disney movies may not actually be reality and the men in our lives didn’t always look like those princes’. Yet, deep down in our heart we still longed to be saved. And those movies just fed that desire. However what our eyes were feasting on was the wrong answer. The desire is legitimate. But the answer has always been and will ALWAYS be JESUS. He is the one that ultimately saves us from hell.

  To often we have given into the fairytale dream, thinking that it is reality. That “mr. right” will walk up to us wearing the latest trendiest clothing, saying all the right things, thinking we are perfect, never complaining, having a 6 digit paycheck and a huge 5 carat ring in storage just waiting for us. This ladies & gentlemen is not reality. No matter who you are. We are all sinners, we are all human. Our breath does stink, we don’t always feel like dressing up, we may snap at the other person. But is this terms for writing someone off as the one? It better not be. Otherwise the said person will probably find themselves still single ten years later claiming “the one” still hasn’t come. That is because “the one” is a distant fairytale. We are so quick to come up with a fairytale in our heads of how everything will be sometimes we make a list, sometimes we put walls up and don’t let anyone in unless they meet our requirements. (Unless this is God inspired I don’t suggest lists and especially not walls) God knows who we need. Many times it doesn’t add up to what we imagined. Sometimes it is exactly what we imagined. Either way, our indicator of “the one” doesn’t not make them an option. God is the one that qualifies them.

Real love is beyond a fairytale. Real love is sacrificial, it does not boast, it suffers long, it is patient. Real love hurts. Because when the other one is hurting you hurt with them. Real love does not give up when times get hard. Real love preservers through the lonely moments, through the times of being rejected and it chooses to believe. Real love is only possible through Jesus Christ.

Love needs to have its perfect work in us. Forming us into laid down lovers. Choosing to die to self for sake of the other one to be all that God created them to be.

Love must purify our desires. We must allow Gods refining fire to have its way in our heart. Exposing our sin so that we may lay it at the cross and choose the better.

We must choose to surrender our dreams for His. Now that doesn’t mean our dreams are wrong, but they may not be Gods best for us. I don’t know about you but I want Gods best. I want the full expression of Gods love for me. And I also know that in my almost 26 years of living I have NO IDEA what that means. Somehow in our lives we think we know things, we know about life. But then I take a moment and reflect on how God is eternity, and me in my puny 26 years really doesn’t know all that much. The more I think about it, the more I realize my desperate need to cling to God. Because He truly does know whats best for me. He knows the beginning from the end. He wrote my story. He desires life for me.

So next time your “fairytale” interrupts the possibility of getting to know someone let LOVE interrupt that so called fairytale. You’ve already got a savior. A perfect one at that. Your future husband was never intended to be your savior. He would never, and could never live up to that. Let Holy Spirit speak to you about what makes a real man of God. Let God lead your desires. Not disney.


Kymberly Janelle

The 3 P’s of dating.

Dating has gotten so twisted by all the different ideas of what marriage is about. While I am not married, I do know a thing or two about dating and what works and what doesn’t. And I am hoping that this encourages those of you who are wondering what helps make a successful dating relationship. I wanted to write a blog about 3 important keys in dating. Now there are MANY MORE, but for this particular blog post I am going to cover three general topics that the Lord impressed upon my heart.

From beginning to end it is ALWAYS about God. As a christian you are looking for someone who you can partner with to run the race with. Compatibility is not based upon mutual interests apart from Jesus. Sure, that may be fun to like the same hobbies or activities but it is in no way a requirement to find a suitable spouse. It is so easy to come up with mental lists of what we want our future spouse to have, to be like, to look like. But ultimately God knows what we need more than we will ever understand. Finding someone who compliments you is nice. But finding someone who honors you is better. So a couple days ago the Lord put these on my heart, and I wanted to share them with you all.

::  3 P’s of dating ::

:: :: :: Find someone who PROVOKES you :: :: ::

Definition of PROVOKE:  to stir to action or feeling

Find someone whose life provokes you to be a better person. Words are easy to say. But someone who is living a life that provokes you to live your life FULLY for the Lord is a good one.

:: :: ::Find someone who PRAYS  :: :: ::

I mean really prays. Someone that you can entrust your deepest secrets to and know that there is no shame attached.  Someone who will war with you through the good and the bad. Find someone willing to get out of bed at night when the Lord wakes them up to pray and you have found a willing prayer warrior.

Make no mistake about it, as you draw near to meeting the man or woman that God has for you satan will take out every trick from his bag to try and get you two to either a. sin or b. give up. It really is true “the couple that prays together, stays together.” There is power, and where two agree it shall be done. Do not expect that life will be easy once you meet someone. It may be far from it. But know when to fight the battle (through prayer, through worship, through surrender)

:: :: :: Find someone who always POINTS you back to Jesus :: :: ::

This is KEY! Whether one of you is hurt or in pain the only person that can truly heal those wounds is JESUS.   When you are feeling weak, your husband or wife cannot heal you. Yes, they can comfort you, and they should. But they cannot heal you. Only God can fill the void, the hurt. Find someone who will point you back to God time and time again. Someone who understands that they are human and cannot fix you in anyway.

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 (Feel free to comment with your thoughts, ideas on this!)

Single or dating I encourage you.

I began writing on the group page on fb for the OneThing Intern Alumni and a status update began getting longer and longer and longer until I realized I need to blog what I was starting to write. So here it goes. I just want to encourage each and everyone of you who are single AND who are in a relationship. Follow and trust God in all your decisions whether to be single or to date. Do not date simply because you think it is the right thing to do, or that your parents love the person so they must be the right one. In choosing to date someone you must make God first and foremost. You answer to Him. Simply because you are dating someone does not make you better off than someone single. I personally have chosen singleness for over two years. I’ve known the Lord was calling me to it, and I stuck to it. And yes, people did ask me why I choose to not date, the questioned my motives. As if dating/marriage were the holy grail. Let me say it is not. God is! The answer to there questions though was simple for me, I needed more of God DESPERATELY and it had been a platform for me as a single woman who loved God to declare my love for him and show that life single DOESN’T SUCK! (excuse my language) But it really didn’t. So to you single guys and gals, keep holding onto the promises that God has for you. He is faithful to keep each other. Never lose hope that God remembers and God hears.

To those who are dating, or considering dating never forget what makes you come alive in God. Look for someone who pushes and challenges you to depend upon God first and foremost. Find someone who will fight for you to the death. Find someone who chooses to see you and love you as Christ loves you. Find someone who loves God more than you. Find that person, and you have found a good one. Remember that relationship is about you and that person and God. No other person defines your relationship, not society, not the church, no one. Let no one define what perfection is. Only Christ was and is. Your spouse will never be perfect, but the man or woman who knows there desperate need for God is a good one.

To sum it up, trust God in his leading. Whether it be for singleness for this season, or dating. Trust that what He has is good. Rushing into a relationship because you want to “be in love” or get married only causes harm. And might I remind you should already be in love, madly, deeply, head over heels in love with a man who died for you. I know I am. How about you?

So will you journey will me into a lifestyle called faith in trusting God in our relationships? 

And really ladies, being single is a beautiful time you have with the Lord that you will never have back again. I know I am soaking up every moment of it, I don’t know how long singleness will last for me personally but that is not what my concern is. My hope is not in one day marrying a man, my hope is in Christ Jesus.

Don’t let a moment go by that you do not live in fully alive.