Tips to surviving the first week of having a newborn

how to survive first week with newborn

I am not quite sure where the time has gone but our little guy is ONE WEEK OLD. Today I woke up and looked and him and he just looks bigger. Which I love because it means he is growing and healthy and a reminder that time flies and to soak up every moment with him because there will be a day he doesn’t wanna be with mama 12 hours a day.

I have loved the transition to being a momma but there are definitely some key things that have helped me transition to the role of momma that I wanted to share with you.

Give yourself grace: There will be minutes, hours, days that seem effortless other times they will seem almost impossible and the tears will flow. That is okay. What you’re doing is incredible. The life that you are giving to this little one is so commendable. Baby may be crying like the world is ending but I can assure you mama it’s not. You’ve got this. Take a deep breath and keep going.

Breastfeeding will be uncomfortable at first: IT GETS BETTER. This is the main phrase that mamas would tell me. It’s what I hold onto when little guy is cluster feeding.  While I was fortunate enough to have our little guy latch right away I can tell you a bad latch DOES HURT! So watch for their latch. Take time to get a good latch so feedings are easier. Now a week in, breastfeeding does not hurt. Remember, breastfeeding should not hurt. Good latch is everything. I owe a good latch mainly due to our nursing pillow. It puts him at the perfect height and he is able to get that latch himself without any nudging from me and I am completely hands free. Please do take time to read up on good vs. bad latches. You will feel the difference!  I personally took a breastfeeding class and it helped me so much cause lets be real the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding book is so insanely huge. I think I got a couple pages it and gave up. haha.

DON’T compare your newborn to another one: Yes, there is a general rule of thumb of how newborns will be. However your little baby is not your friends baby.

Listen to your baby: He/she will tell you what they need. Just listen. Now that he is a week old I have down his three basic need cries. Hunger: This one is fairly straight forward for us- look for his mouth rummaging for your breast, turning his head looking for breast, opening his mouth almost licking his lips 😉  Gassy: Back arched and fussy. Just burp them. They will get it out. And yes, they will probably spit up so have a burp cloth ready. Diaper Change: Our little guy kicks his legs around and gets fussy, not crying like he may for being gassy just an uncomfortable fussiness.

Get outside: This has been key for me so I don’t feel like I am completely missing out on summer. I try and sit outside 5-10 minutes a day. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it helps me get my dose of Vitamin D which in turn helps with my mood.

Sleep when baby sleeps: It’s true. For the first couple days I couldn’t sleep without knowing someone was watching him for fear of him spitting up. So I would hand him off to daddy or whoever was there and take a nap. There WILL be sleep deprevation its just apart of the newborn phase there is no way around it. However you have the ability to make it somewhat do-able (I did not say easy!) by napping when the baby naps. If anything just rest. Yes, dishes need to be done. Laundry needs to be folded but your body just did the most incredible thing by creating this little one and delivering them. Give your body and self a break and rest mama.

You WILL cry. Possibly everyday: Know that you will be tired, there will be days that are EXHAUSTING that you are pushed to the brink of tears. Its okay mama. Let those tears flow. Holding them in will only create a massive breakdown later down the line. It is normal to cry, what you’re going through is a lot. When he was first born I would cry anytime he got fussy it broke my heart to see this little guy cry and not be able to fix it instantly. Again, give yourself grace. This baby is not expecting perfection- he is expecting love.

Ask for help: Whether it be a meal delivered, or someone to hold baby. I learned I needed my sleep (duh!) so when family came over I would hand baby off and go take a nap. Keeping yourself ‘charged’ is so important.

Use the resources available to you: I am so thankful for the amazing breastfeeding Facebook group I am apart of. They women on there are so encouraging and quick to build up other women (this is a local group- so sorry I cannot add you). Take a look around though. Search for mommy groups that are in your area, look on Facebook, read books. There are SO MANY ways to find the information you need whether it be from books, small groups, or online.

Take a shower: Seriously though, its so easy to put the little one first but mama unless you’re feeling good no one is going to feel good. Take five minutes to take a shower, wash your hair and take a deep breath. I try and do this in the morning when little man is taking his first morning nap.

Put on some makeup/do your hair: Doesn’t matter if you’re going out or not. Put on some makeup and/or do your hair. It can get mundane at home, but thats no reason to not put yourself first and keep feeling good. I find I do one or the other. Curling wands are perfect for this. Curls hair so quick and the heat is so hot my hair will stay curled for days to come. What more could a busy mama ask for?


He is here

Say hello to Isaac William. We are completely, madly in love.

8 LBS 1 OZ


He is the perfect blend of the two of us. My nose, ears, toes. Daddy’s lips, eyes, and hands. He is beyond anything we ever imagined he could be ❤


13433322_10153934049758705_4897349998321540777_oPhotography credit: Allison Marie Photography 

How to make Padsicles

postpartum padsicles

When I became pregnant I asked a select few friends what they suggested I buy and make for ME for pregnancy and post partum. One of the things that everyone suggested were these padsicles. There are several different ways to do them. Some people just pop pads in the freezer as is. However I know with all the swelling and potential tearing I would want a little extra something on the pad.

This is seriously so quick mom’s to be. It took me MAYBE 5 minutes to do an entire package of pads and pop them in the freezer.



PADS – I choose TENA pads simply because I got them free from couponing last year and have been needing to use them. While they are “ultra thin” they are about regular absorbency period pads.

Aloe Vera Target- $3.74

Witch HazelTarget – $2.49

Spray bottle- Target- $0.97 : Found in the travel section (This is not necessary but I thought it would be easier than trying to pour from the large container. So glad I did this. This way if I wanna spray the pads more I can super easy)



how to make padsicles

First I poured some of the witch hazel into the small spray bottle I got. Made it so much easier to apply to each pad and not risk pouring entire bottle all over one pad.
how to make padsicles how to make padsicles

Now it was time to start making them! I started with Aloe Vera. I just squirted a line of aloe and then took my fingers and rubbed it in.
how to make padsicles

Then I sprayed with the Witch Hazel.
how to make padsicles

I realized after doing one pad it was going to take a long time if I unwrapped, and did one pad at a time so I created a mini assembly line and did 5-10 at a time. See my brain isn’t completely fried due to pregnancy brain 😉
how to make padsicles

The assembly line…how to make padsicles

And that is all. See, I told you super easy.

I just did one bag worth (24). Because it was so easy if I need to make more later I can. Not sure how many I will go through each day. I will update this post once I use them and let you know if theres anything I would have changed or if I would have wished I made 5 bags more 😉

how to make padsicles All ready for the freezer.





Choosing to not become overwhelmed by Pregnancy Hormones

If you’ve followed my blogging journey you know I try to be as transparent as possible for the sake of those who may be going through the same thing or to bring light to circumstances or situations that others would not have known about. Today I wanna chat with you quick about pregnancy hormones.

Sometimes pregnancy hormones try and wreck havoc on your day the moment you wakeup. Like this morning. Hormones would have loved for me to cry into my pillow all morning for lord knows what reason 😜😂.
Instead I got dressed, made coffee, put makeup on and choose to conquer the day.

For me to conquer the day it meant I needed to put myself first. I needed to do me. I gave myself 2.5 hours to just do what I wanted to do. I needed to re-focus on the attention on me and let go of whatever emotional tizzy these hormones were trying to conjure up. So I did just that. I went to panera and ordered my favorite bagel. I only ate half of it not letting guilt trip me that I just wasted money even though finances are tight. Then I went to get a pedicure and picked out a color that I love wearing in the summer. Finally I went through the drive thru and my lunch was a M&M McFlurry. (REAL LIFE PEOPLE) And you know what? It worked. Sometimes we just need to stop worrying and fretting about whatever it is that the hormones have got us feeling and re-focus the attention on us. It is NOT selfish for you to do that. I honestly think its a good practice to begin before baby comes, so that when he or she does come you are able to still implement this into your daily/weekly schedule.

I never really understood the power of hormones until I got pregnant. I have however been able to track what can set me off for the first two trimesters. However in the third trimester I will note the increase in hormones there are more times when I am all of a sudden feeling something overwhelming. In those times I’ve learned to let it go, and just believe whatever the truth in that situation is. That means believing. Trusting. Is it easy? Not always, but its ALWAYS worth it. I find myself still able to get things done in the day and I am not stuck under the covers as my mind is consumed with fears, worries, doubts and whatever else it may be.

Be kind to those pregnant and postpartum mamas. Hormones are a crazy thing.

Comfy maternity dress

I seriously LOVE this dress. I would have never guessed that horizontal stripes and a baby belly would work but they do and I LOVE it! I may have fallen asleep in this dress after the shoot 😉 It is that comfy.

To buy this dress head on over HERE to Ingrid & Isabel.

I am wearing a small.


maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle maternity style life with kymberly janelle





Some of my favorite things: Maternity Dresses

When PinkBlush emailed me asking me if I wanted to try out a few dresses it was a no-brainer. I had been eyeing their adorable dresses and now was the perfect timing with spring here. My non maternity dresses just aren’t fitting my 7.5 month bump like I need them to. Pink Blush to the rescue!

I kid you not when I say I put these dresses on and instantly felt like a million bucks. There is just something about a Maxi Dress. The best part is being all legs and somewhat tall (5’9″) these maxi dresses are still maxi dresses even with my 7.5 month bump. This is nearly impossible for me to find. So THANK YOU to pink blush for making dresses for every body shape!

This royal blue dress will be the dress I wear to my baby shower next month. Best part? Its under $50!! I am wearing a size small. Click HERE to find it on PinkBlush.


pink blush maternity dresses pink blush maternity dresses


This floral maxi dress makes me feel like a million bucks. I know I will be wearing this post partum as well. Its so light and flowy its perfect for summer. This dress is currently on sale so get over to PinkBlush and grab this up. It also comes in burgundy. Here is the blue one.

pink blush maternity dresses
pink blush maternity dresses