First Birthday Gift Guide

When deciding what to get little man for his first birthday I knew I wanted to stay simple. Nothing to crazy. Just quality products that I knew he would love and use for years to come. Thats the great thing about all the toys we got him. When he is 5, 6, 7, he will still be using them!







Amy at J. Harlow Co hand knit this stunning blue knit romper that I am just drooling over. He looked so sweet. Best part is the straps are adjustable so he will be able to wear it for a bit longer this summer.



Bannor Toys, oh how we love thee. Seriously though. He has their engraved blocks, engraved whale rattle and now is own little camera. Since I am photographer I knew I wanted to get him one . Its adorable watching him hold it up to his face ❤ My momma heart melts instantly. 

The avocado was something I knew he had to have because #1 he loves avocado like sooooo much and #2 he loves “shaking” things that shake. And this toy from Estella-NYC does both. For under $20 its a must have. You can find the avocado rattles HERE.



Colored Organics has some of the softest clothing. This green sleeper is one of my favorite pajamas because it can also go for being play clothes. Not that, that ever happens 😉 Best part? Under $30.
When I do actually change him into play clothes again colored organics are where its at. I love this set.





First Birthday Cake Smash

Littles mans cake smash was such an amazing collaboration of five different vendors that I absolutely love. Please make sure and check them out and let them know I sent you!!!

I am not to going chat to much cause you guys these photos just melt me.


Sweet n Swag provided the bow tie and suspenders. I just can’t even. So stinking cute.
I made his “A Wild One” banner. The other banner underneath was purchased at targets dollar spot clearance last fall for $.30. Blog post coming later this week on how to make it for under $1.



Amy at J. Harlow & CO hand knit his navy blue romper. Which is adjustable and so perfect for this outfit. Make sure and find Amy over on instagram HERE. Let her know I sent you ❤









Nugget Couture on etsy custom made his Where the Wild Things are crown + tail. 

And now for the best part….the cake smash. I had NO IDEA how he would respond. He actually did pretty great. He tried it. He didn’t hate it.

Cake Topper: Glitter Designs Co 








After a little bit though he was done with it and was staring at me like why are you taking so many pictures of me eating? I mean seriously that face you guys!! haha. I have no one to blame but myself. Guaranteed I make that face. daily. haha.







Bow Tie + Suspenders: Sweet n Swag

Custom Where the Wild Things are crown + tail: Nugget Couture

Knit Romper:  J. Harlow & CO 

Cake Topper: Glitter Designs Co

Cake: I made it myself- recipe coming soon!



where wild things are party