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we are the future

Little mans ‘we are the future’ shirt from Shop Jumping Jack  got me thinking about raising a little human. Honestly its terrifying at times. I think about how much my parents influenced me growing up and the weight of what it means to be a parents weighs heavy on me. It’s not my words that he will truly remember, it is my actions. In the everyday. In how I spend my time with him, in how I respect and love his father, in how I accept myself. It is those everyday choices and the words I speak that will shape his belief system and outlook on what is possible in life.

I want him to believe that anything is possible. That when you work hard enough good things do happen. I want him to know that when bad things happen, because they will and they do its not because of something he did wrong. Life is not out to punish you. I want to teach him how to love others well. To respect, to pour into, to raise up and call out the good in those around him. My desire for him is for him to know his worth in this world. To know there truly is no one like him, that he has something to offer the world that it so desperately needs. That conforming helps no one, but standing up and staying true to himself helps everyone.

My hope and prayer is that my daily choices add up to something beautiful and impactful in a positive way. I want to be remembered for spending quality time with him, always reminding him of his worth, and never hesitating to give him one more hug or kiss. Okay cue all the tears.

Sidenote, How do some people look so graceful and beautiful when smiling and laughing with their kid? Me, yeah not so much. haha. But he loves me for it. So who am I to judge myself. 







You guys I cannot even stand how he looks at me and reaches for me. I’m soaking up every last moment of it because I know when the toddler years come rolling around daddy is going to be his hero.

Shirts: Shop Jumping Jack / Shorts: Forever 21 / Shoes: Target

Isaac Shirt: Shop Jumping Jack / Jeggings: Target

DockAtot review

When I became a mom I was thrown into the world of “you need this, no you need this, no try this product, no try this one”. My goal was to only have what we truly needed. I had been a nanny for 8+ years and had a couple ideas of products that I liked and the kids I nannied all seem to like but none of them had ever had the DockAtot. Yet, every mom around me seemed to have one or was pinning over them. So I was curious. Was it really everything these moms talked it up to be or could I live without it?

So I decided to try it out. When our big black box arrived I’m pretty sure I squealed for joy. You know that feeling when a BIG box arrives with your new shoes or purse? Well thats how I felt. Guess I’m definitely a mom now. I squeal for joy when baby stuff comes. haha.

Little man was super excited to see what this thing was all about when he woke up from his nap.

For those who have never heard what a DockAtot is. Its a multi functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger. They’re in Europe, with all natural 100% cotton.

Thats a win, win for me.





I had a lot of moms message me when I shared on instagram that our DockAtot arrived asking me how we liked it. Some wondered how I was using it for my 10 month old not knowing they make one for older babies. Yep, the Deluxe is for 9-36 months!! Others wondered if it really was as great as everyone seems to be raving. Yes, yes, and yes. I seriously wish I would have gotten the grand when he was a baby. We had him sleeping everywhere when he was first born (couch, floor, bed…) It would have been so much easier to just pull the DockAtot out and put him in instead of pulling out 3-5 blankets, putting pillows around him and so on. We already had enough baby stuff taking over our house, having the dockAtot then would have created a lot less clutter.

So for those of you on the fence as to whether or not its worth it. 100% It totally is.

To get $10 off your DockAtot click HERE

Our beaches here in the midwest aren’t as dreamy as the beaches in Hawaii where it seems like all my IG friends are right now (trying so hard to not be jealous) so bringing our DockAtot is the perfect solution. It’s big enough for him to play in, and perfect for him to nap it when he’s tuckered out. We simply folded it in half and put it on the stroller. As large as it is, its not all that heavy. So super easy to travel with.

We have the Deluxe Mod Pod for our little guy. Besides bringing it to the beach we use it at home in our living space. I throw toys in it and its his little “playground”. He loves just lounging in it as well “reading books” and drinking his milk.

I will be using his dockAtot when we transition him to a toddler bed as well.

Okay, enough chatting. Now some ridiculously cute pictures of little man in his dockAtot at the beach.





DockAtot: DockAtot to get $10 off your DockAtot click HERE // Swaddle Blankets: Swaddle Designs // Baby Swim Diaper: Cheeky Cloth


Do you have a dockAtot? Which one do you have? Would love to hear how you use it. 

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What I use to feed my 10 month old | JJ Rabbit Review

We are at the point of feeding little guy what we eat. Most of the time that is. We really like spicy foods, so I am waiting to introduce the extra spicy (I’m talking red peppers/curries until a little later). So we have our IKEA high chair that honestly I cannot imagine using anything else because of how lightweight it is and its white and well, I love white. haha. Only thing I don’t love is how the tray is not so easy to clean.

So when JJ Rabbit sent us this easter bunny feeding set bundle I almost jumped up for joy. Mamas, you NEED their SiliMATS . It exactly what we’ve all been looking for but didn’t even know. This anti-slip placemat is way different than any other brand (and we have a couple other brands that I purchased and they’re now collecting dust in a drawer.) they don’t have suction cups which I find to be annoying honestly. And it wraps perfectly on the IKEA highchair tray.  

Told ya it fit perfect ^^ 



The real winner for little man though was the cup which they name the cuppies. Each of their cups have a cute little animal attached at the bottom. How has no one thought of this idea sooner??? Its genius!


This next picture slays me. I see you little bunny



He apparently was so inspired by the new feeding set he decided to try a new way to eat…like a bunny.

Eventually he gave the spoon a try. Its kind of genius too mamas. 

Such a big boy!! So proud of him. 




Making sure the bunny is still in there…



Okay mom stop taking pictures of me eating. You can purchase this entire Easter Bunny Bundle for under $43 right now while its on sale! Make sure and let them know I sent you!


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Lets be Honest Mamas: Living Simply & Spring Cleaning

 This right here is why I love social. One of my lovely IG friends Hannah has created this fun monthly blog collaboration with about a dozen of us mamas. Each month we chat about whatever the topic is that we’ve chosen and how we personally approach it. What I love about this collaboration is that while we are working to show other mamas how we each do things. This isn’t about all doing things the same way. Or saying there is one way you have to do things. We all have something to bring to the table. We can all learn from each other.
So this month is all about spring cleaning and simplifying.
If you know me you know I love to be organized and keep our house clean. I discovered when I got married its not as easy with a man. Then add in a baby and its a whole other ball game. But yes, as my husband points out. I love it. There is something about organizing and cleaning that is therapeutic to me. I feel really strongly about having your living spaces be as clutter free as possible. I am just able to breathe easier.
I don’t typically have a spring cleaning routine that I adhere by its usually more of a oh look I just spent the last 3 hours sorting through every paper in our house (no joke. I just did that last month), must be spring. haha. I just cannot stand clutter, even if its stowed away in a box in the back of a closet. It will haunt me. lol. Don’t laugh at me. Its a real thing people.
What does living simply mean to you?
Living simply for me means living with just the things that bring enjoyment to our life. If having extra things is causing me extra stress, or becoming a burden to myself or our household we have gone outside of the ‘living simply’ mentality. This could mean we have to many toys, gadgets, and clothing that we don’t even use but are cluttering up our house. Or it could be that we’re serving for things.
My five go-to products for my home would be the following:
1. IKEA wood hangers- Why? Because when you use wood hangers as opposed to plastic hangers they take up more room. So you have to only have what you love hanging in your closet. Especially when you have the itty bitty small closet that we do.
2. Essential Oils – My husband and I are those people that uses essential oils daily. We’ve been using oils for over 3 years and I wouldn’t ever go back. We diffuse them and apply them on ourselves each day. Whether its diffusing lemon to help give me extra pep in my step to get that huge mommy to do list done, or applying peace and calming to my feet to help calm myself. Oils have been such an important piece in our lives that helps us destress.  (See bottom of blog post for more info on how to start using essential oils)
3. Storage Baskets. Michaels and I are best friends. Whenever their baskets go to 90% off I usually buy them out. We have baskets for EVERYTHING, in every room. I personally need everything to have a place. And a lot of times a basket is where it belongs. Whether its DVDS, Isaacs puzzles, papers…


 4. Paper Filing Folders. I cannot even tell you how many I have. At least 5. I get mine at Target + IKEA. This helps every paper in our house have a place
5. Diffuser- This is for our essential oils. The diffuser is so important to be for several reasons. I typically would burn candles at an alarming rate to try and always have our house smell good. Or would stock up on those air freshener sprays around christmas time. When you start looking into the toxin levels of those you may do a double take. So instead of using those items I now diffuse oils to keep the house smelling good.
How do you tidy up your house? Or do you?
How I go about tidying things depends on my mood. The biggest thing that helps me is baskets. We have them all over the house. Now having a baby the amount of things we have has nearly tripled. So having baskets in every room helps keep it all at bay.
I do the majority of tidying up in the morning. After I make my coffee and get the baby changed while he is drinking his bottle I clean up the living room and kitchen (if need be), unload/load dishwasher, clean any bottles I found lying around house 😉
 How do you clean your house? Do you have daily/weekly chores? 
This is the one thing I could improve upon SO MUCH. I do not have a weekly to do list, or daily to do list. Its really more of look around the house, what needs to get done? Now delegate. Clean mama has some amazing sheets and ig posts on what day to do each thing. I would love to take a few Cues from her. The hardest part for me is that everyday looks different. Some days I am working, some days I am not. Some days I work 1-2 hours, some days I work 12 hours. Which means some weeks laundry gets done right away, other weeks it sits in baskets for two weeks 😉
                                        Don’t pretend your house never looks like this 😉
I would encourage you all to go check out these other ladies amazing blog posts on this topic. I know I am!
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 Interested in starting to use essential oils for your family?
Email me:



Once upon a farm review


Now that little guy is eating three snack/meals a day having healthy food handy is a little  harder. Thankfully Once upon a farm has an answer for us mamas on the go or just needing something quick and healthy to feed our little ones. When our box of pouches arrived it came in an insulated box so that everything stayed fresh. Similar to the home delivery meal systems for adults. In the box was a insulated lunch bag and bib. I would have never thought about having the insulated bag but it makes perfect sense how else are you going to keep it cold?

The flavors that Once upon a farm offers go way beyond your typically baby/pre-toddler food. Not only that, they have real whole food in them.


We dug in and tried a pouch the first day they came. The first one we tried he had about half of it and then was over it.

I mean seriously you guys? Get this baby a modeling contract cause I don’t look this cute when I have food all over me. haha. Anyways, back to the baby food. 

He had a couple favorite flavors: Carrot-Y Coconut-Y Quinoa, Just Right Porridge, and Mama Bear Blueberry.

Which he could not get enough of. He would have eaten two of them had I let him. What I really appreciated about the baby food was the selection and what was in it.

Im talking kale, coconut milk, and chia seeds quinoa people! 


The verdict is in…they are a winner!!! Also, can we please caption the bottom two pictures? But for real!!





This was a sponsored post. However all thoughts are my own. 

Romper: Henry + Claire

Swaddle Blanket: Swaddle Designs

Three things that helped our baby sleep well

If you’re like me I don’t do well without sleep. After having the little guy I discovered just how much I really did love sleep because I wasn’t getting any thanks to feedings every 45 minutes. Any other mamas feel me?

There have been a couple things that have helped us in getting our little guy to sleep and I wanted to share them with you all.

The first thing was his sleep sack. He wasn’t a huge fan of the swaddle, but we did swaddle him for awhile. Well until I got sick and tired of going in 5 times a night to put his arms back in the swaddle that he wiggled out of. My patience was running thin at that point.

Thankfully swaddle designs had emailed me right about then and asked if I wanted to try out their lightweight cotton knit sleep sack. I said YES! I was super nervous about transitioning him from swaddle to his arms being free but this was the perfect transition for him. We didn’t have to get the merlin suit like a lot of parents which I was happy about (one less transition) and at 9.5 months old I still have him in the sleep sack. He has no problem rolling around, getting on his knees and moving. I will be transitioning him out of it soon but not just yet. Why? Because the little man is obsessed with taking off his socks and “eating them”. haha. So we may have to do bedtime without socks when that transition comes.




Next thing is clothing. I found that my little guy sleeps best in cooler temperatures. When he was a couple months old I would always layer him up afraid he wouldn’t stay warm. Now that his body is better at regulating itself I no longer pile on the layers and he loves just having one layer of pajamas and his sleep sack. Primary has the best zip up romper that we love to use. The best part about this romper is if I’m having one of those days when I don’t really wanna change him into clothes its perfect as a play outfit as well. We have THIS zip romper in two colors. Colbat + Grass. One of the things about having one layer of clothing is making sure that the fabric isn’t itchy. Lemme put it this way if Primary made this in my size, I would totally wear it 😉



The last thing that helped us was MAM glow in the dark pacifiers. They were a GAME CHANGER. How you mamas survived without these bad boys is beyond me. I use to just have one pacifier in his crib but if it fell out and he wakeup  and wanted it he couldn’t find it because his room was dark. He didn’t have a problem feeling around for it, but he just wouldn’t be able to find it. Enter glow in the dark pacifier. I now have 3-4 pacifiers in his crib and two of them are glow in the dark. No more screaming in angst 1, 2, 3, and 4am when he can’t find his pacifier. Thank you MAM from all of us mamas!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.



Oral care for babies : The Brushies

Little man may not have a lot of teeth but lemme tell ya those two little teeth are powerful. haha. Both my hubby and I have bite marks to show for it 😉 So I started thinking I need a way to make sure those cute, but dangerous teeth stay clean.

When I found The Brushies I knew I found a winner. They are adorable little finger puppet toothbrushes which making ‘brushing’ baby teething easy.

With their bright colors they are not only fun to look at but fun to put in your mouth. Or at least thats what little mans actions showed us 😉

Designed by two doctors these mamas knew what mamas needed. They’re made of 100% food-grade silicone, The Brushies are non-toxic, BPA & phthalate-free, odorless and tasteless which means you can use them as early as a month old. So if you’re wondering how do I brush a baby teeth? Follow along for some hilarious outtakes and a little seriousness.

We got the gift set which includes an adorable book all about these cute little puppets.


They have an adorable little book that goes with the little Brushies. He was into the book for a moment but lets be real the winner of all this are those little puppet toothbrushes.

Okay now down to business. Teaching him the ways. 
Seriously though, he LOVES how these feel on his gums since he has been teething. So well done brushies! You made two amazing products in one without meaning too!

And in case you weren’t completely sold on his obsession with these. Apparently one little brushie isn’t enough, he went for two, and grabbed a third before I yanked them out but hey, he approves. Thats what matters right?

This is definitely going to be a new item I add to my list of what to gift new mommies. Make sure and check The Brushies out on Instagram and their website and sure and let them know I sent you.




This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.