The perfect art piece for your fireplace mantle

This is NOT a sponsored post. This is 100% me.

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K

Spring is the HARDEST season to decorate for in my book. Especially when it comes right after Christmas which takes over every room. Spring somehow seems bland and boring. This year I was determined to love my home decor in the spring. After spending about half an hour searching online I found the perfect horse print on all Then I went to IKEA and picked up this picture frame.

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-2Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-4

I will be adding more flameless candles (different sizes + put them in the hurricane vases) Β and probably swapping out the faux flowers on the base of the fireplace with euctalptus and put it on the mantle and move my metal bin back to the base with blankets and pillows.


What kind of decor do you do for spring?

Nursery IKEA Dresser Organization

I originally had my heart set on the Hemmes IKEA white dresser but I just couldn’t fathom spending nearly $250 on a dresser that would most likely get scratched, drawn on, and who knows what else. Fortunately I found this smaller IKEA dresser for only $30 on a local fb swap/shop group. I somehow lugged it up a flight of stairs myself and got it all set up in the nursery. Probably shouldn’t have but I was to excited to just keep it in the car until hubby came home. haha.

12736697_10153936395448094_1666036068_o ikea nursery dresser
















(that nightstand was a 90% off target find at $6.99!!!)

I knew I wanted the dresser super organized for those sleepless nights so we wouldn’t be rummaging around trying to find what we’re looking for. At first I was going to buy the IKEA cloth drawer organizers but I stopped Dollar Tree while doing some errands just for the heck of it and found these! They are 11.5 x 8.5″.

dollar tree organizers

dollar tree organizers


The best part is the bottom part comes out and you can use it as a divider! JACKPOT! So I bought 9 of these cloth organizers which fit the dresser PERFECT. You seriously NEVER know what you can find at the DollarTree. I had no idea I would find something that fit so perfectly.

dollar tree organizers dollar tree organizers

Seeing as this is our first little one I am sure I will switch things around as baby Rubeo grows but for now this is how I’ve got it all organized.

nursery dresser organization


I will be switching out the knobs soon. They are super small and almost impossible to grab. Thinking something black…

Michael’s 90% off baskets

This last week has been AMAZING for killer deals.

I have been wanting a couple new baskets for our space. Just one or two to use for the living room and laundry room. I have also been needing 5-10 baskets/bins for my studio so when I found out from some of my IG friends that Michael’s baskets were 90% off I ran. SO GLAD I did. When I went back the next day there was barely anything left someone had come and cleaned them out pretty good.

I ended up going to two stores and getting 10 baskets for $25 after tax. Each basket averaged out to be about $2. Considering they retail for $19-$29 I would call that a steal.

michaels 90% off baskets

So how do you know when baskets are 90% off?

Well first off there will NOT be any signage advertising it. Simply scan the basket tag at the self scanners throughout the store.

If you have a Michaels nearby you, you may want to check out your store. They only baskets that are 90% off are KINGSTON and PENNY AND PARKER tags. If Michael’s is a bit of a drive for you, I would NOT run. Most bargain shoppers and couponers have taken most of the baskets by now unless your store has re-tagged them.

Don’t worry though if you missed out on this deal. It happens every couple months as each line of baskets gets discontinued.

Christmas Decor | Our Space

Today I thought I would snap a couple pictures of our Christmas decor. We currently live in a small apartment that fits our current needs. However living in a small space is tricky. Why? Well when I am out bargain hunting I am always finding amazing furniture deals, and decor ideas however they do not always fit in our small space. Hope you enjoy taking a little peak into our humble abode.



christmas apartment decor christmas apartment decor christmas apartment decor christmas apartment decor christmas apartment decor christmas apartment decor christmas apartment decor christmas apartment decor christmas apartment decor christmas apartment decor R Mug: Anthropologie ($10)

Straws: Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store

Espresso Machine: Target (on clearance for $29.99)

White Plate & Bowl: Bed Bath & Beyond (from our wedding registry)

Silver Plate: Target ( on Christmas Clearance $1.98)

Napkin Holder: Bed Bath & Beyond (Clearance $0.49)

Christmas Tree: Target (Sale $15)

Gold Deer: DIY (Plastic Animals with glitter)

Christmas Tree Ornaments: Target Christmas Clearance, DIY, from my husbands parents

Chalkboard: Home Depot ($10)

Stockings: “J” Kohls ($14.99) White Stocking Target (Christmas Clearance)

Free Finds: DIY DECOR

Just picked up these 4 things today for free. Thanks to helping out a friend, she was cleaning out a bunch of things and I found these four items I had to have. The star I have been looking for everywhere. I want to use to from now until christmas time so I am trying to decide how to change it up. Blue does not fit the colors in our apartment. I am currently deciding between spray painting it metallic gold, or covering it in twine. Thought about maybe sanding it and staining it dark wood. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Any ideas? Suggestions?



diy decor

Walk in Closet | Before + After Pictures

Today I got to organize the master walk in closet. It took me about 2.5 hours {including time talking on the phone distracted}

(All pictures taken on phone)

What I did with this closet was take out EVERYTHING on the top shelf and on the floor except for the three things they asked to leave there. Then I brought in the storage organizers I had available and began filling them up with things that belonged in closet. I found alot of things that don’t belong in a clothing closet. Isn’t that the downfall of any closet? It becomes the catchall for any and everything. So I sorted out what needed to be put in storage, what needed to be taken out of brown boxes and put in plastic bins. I added a hanging clothing organizer in the middle which I like because I think it gives the closet balance to not just have one. Overall, over 6 boxes of stuff was condensed down into the plastic bins you see in closet. I took out 2 boxes of photographs as motivation to actually put them in photobooks and one bin of summer clothing out to be put in attic. Otherwise everything went right back in closet- just where it belonged though.

The bins I had available to use – I actually didn’t use them all (not sure why laundry baskets are in this picture)

Those are all the boxes I got rid of that had things in them.

{Freedom Reigns}

Of course FREEDOM comes from Jesus Christ. But I still find it important to say



&& thank you to those who have fought for to enable the United States to be as free as we are. I know I have yet to truly grasp just how free we are here. We are blessed.

While it is a freezing cloudy so called summer day here in the Pacific Northwest my family and I will still be headed to the Park to celebrate fourth of July. The weather forecast for today doesn’t go past 65 degrees. I think I will be having a talk with the clouds before we go.

Here is a an ode to 4th of July. Star Spangled Banner by a lil singer with a BIG VOICE.