Apartment Tour | My Bedroom

I had a couple non negotiable when it came to what my new space had to have. White walls, hardwood floors, and big windows to let light in. This place has all of that. I am not sure how I got so blessed. My bedroom came together PERFECTLY.






Apartment Tour | Neutral Modern Nursery Toddler

If you know me you know I LOVE neutrals. My favorite color in that spectrum hands down being white. I need white walls and big windows for my heart to come alive. When I saw the light in this space I KNEW this was our new home. I have surprisingly loved NOT having curtains which surprises me more than anyone. I love a good set of floor to ceiling drapes but the light and windows are just to good to cover in any way. So the only room that has curtains is my room.


His rocking horse was a hand me down that was re-painted with his name on the back. He loves his “neigh, neigh”

I love me a good fiddle fig plant. I found this cute little fiddle fig leaf for $4 at Michaels this summer! SCORE! (Side note, all my fiddle figs I have scored for $5 or under. Um thank you JESUS!)

His Azteca Natural rug from Lorena Canals is one of my favorite rugs for a kids room because of how easy it is to clean. I can just throw it in the wash!! With a toddler, that is necessary at times 😉 Its under $250 too and comes in two sizes HERE.

I made his ‘son you are a legend’ sign for his nursery and loved it so much I decided to keep it in his new space. Just a reminder for him as he grows up.

My favorite thing in his room has to be his play kitchen that I did a complete 180 to that he I gave to him as his christmas gift this year. And yes, a diy blog post is coming next week on how I did it all for under $50. Consider this a sneak peek 😉




Have any questions or where I got something? Just ask in the comments!







Apartment Tour | Neutral Modern Christmas Home Decor

Well its christmas eve. What better time than to share my christmas decor with you all than now? Especially since it will all be coming down in the next 24 hours. haha. Yep, I am that person that takes it all down pretty quickly after.

My overall style is pretty minimal + neutral. This year I knew I wanted very simple decor. Green trees. White, gold, and silver accents. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well, except for this red car pillow that snuck in;)

Even the kitchen has a little christmas cheer.
Our Christmas tree makes me happy. Simple, and modern. Almost all of the ornaments are from Target from the last two years.

Even littles mans room has a little tree in one of his windows. Just out of arms reach.





Apartment Tour | Favorite Kansas City Art Print

** I am currently OFF social media from Dec 3-24. Everything posted via Instagram + FB have been scheduled posts. If you are needing to get ahold of me please email me: kymberlyjanelle@gmail.com **

I decided to start a mini series to share my new apartment space. To start the series off I am sharing my current favorite Kansas City Art Print. We all know I am sucker for a Kansas City companies so when I moved downtown last month I knew I wanted some kind of Kansas City art for my space. I found this Kansas City Auto Sign from Bozz Prints and knew it was going to be perfect. Its the only thing hanging in my main living area.

I added the christmas pillow for some christmas cheer. Its the only christmas red in the entire apartment. haha. #neutralforlife over here.

Can we take a minute though and all agree little man just looks so ridiculously handsome in his KC shirt?


Rug: Overstock.com

Chair: Amazon

Picture Frame IKEA

Auto Sign Kansas City Picture: Bozz Prints (16×24)

Metal Basket: Marshalls

Blanket in Metal Basket: Amazon







First Birthday Party

Somehow the day has come, and now gone. His first birthday. I put so much thought into what I wanted to do. Wild has been a theme since having little man so I knew right off the bat that I wanted to do a “Wild One” party. However in the beginning I wasn’t going to do it based off of Where the wild things are. I was going to do a lumberjack outdoorsy themed but since his birthday is in June I realized thats kinda out of season and decided to go with the classic Where the Wild Things are. 

This birthday was a labor of love and such a fun collaboration with soooooo many incredible companies. Cannot wait to share all the pictures with you guys. So lets get started.

His invites were designed by Kelly Jo Studio on etsy and printed by Basic Invite. I’ve used several different printers over the years being a photographer and these honestly were the best quality. These are velvet ❤ Ummmmm, I didn’t even know that was an option till I found basic invite. So obviously I had to choose those.

Cannot wait to print our thank you cards through Basic Invite for all those who attended his birthday party. Ill be using one of the images from his first birthday cake smash.  

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail. This is what we feel sets us apart from almost any other online stationery company and is what we feel is our biggest draw. Oh, and they have free address collection service. Talk about a one stop shop. Basic Invite is my new go-to!

Sidenote. Is RSVP’ing a thing of the past? Not one person RSVP’d. haha. I had to create a Facebook group where people actually rsvp’d. haha. Maybe they just all assumed I knew they were coming. haha.

Anyways, I digress. I knew I wanted to try and stick pretty close to the theme of the book with just some minor tweaks here are there.

His outfit, well it just slays me. His crown was handmade by Jessica at NuggetteCouture on Etsy. We just sent her his dimensions and she custom made it for him. You guys Jessica is AMAZING!!!! Please, go send her some love and go follow her on instagram HERE.  The quality is way better than anything you’re going to find at the store. We are keeping the crown and tail for his ‘dress up box’ later down the road and because hello that crown is so stinking cute. Instant heart melt.

His cupcake toppers are all from Glitter Designs Co . You guys Etsy is where you wanna look for everything party related! I am telling you there is so much talent there!! If you remember in his first birthday cake smash I had a cake topper. This was also made by Glitter Designs Co. 


His tree cake platters are from Targets Christmas Clearance when it went to 90%. I got them for $0.50 each!!



We had so much fun. I’ve discovered one of my favorite things is having a house full of laughter and noise. It was the best feeling ever having our friends and family come celebrate our little man.

Thanks to everyone who made his birthday such an amazing success ❤




The perfect art piece for your fireplace mantle

This is NOT a sponsored post. This is 100% me.

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K

Spring is the HARDEST season to decorate for in my book. Especially when it comes right after Christmas which takes over every room. Spring somehow seems bland and boring. This year I was determined to love my home decor in the spring. After spending about half an hour searching online I found the perfect horse print on all posters.com. Then I went to IKEA and picked up this picture frame.

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-2Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-4

I will be adding more flameless candles (different sizes + put them in the hurricane vases)  and probably swapping out the faux flowers on the base of the fireplace with euctalptus and put it on the mantle and move my metal bin back to the base with blankets and pillows.


What kind of decor do you do for spring?

Nursery IKEA Dresser Organization

I originally had my heart set on the Hemmes IKEA white dresser but I just couldn’t fathom spending nearly $250 on a dresser that would most likely get scratched, drawn on, and who knows what else. Fortunately I found this smaller IKEA dresser for only $30 on a local fb swap/shop group. I somehow lugged it up a flight of stairs myself and got it all set up in the nursery. Probably shouldn’t have but I was to excited to just keep it in the car until hubby came home. haha.

12736697_10153936395448094_1666036068_o ikea nursery dresser
















(that nightstand was a 90% off target find at $6.99!!!)

I knew I wanted the dresser super organized for those sleepless nights so we wouldn’t be rummaging around trying to find what we’re looking for. At first I was going to buy the IKEA cloth drawer organizers but I stopped Dollar Tree while doing some errands just for the heck of it and found these! They are 11.5 x 8.5″.

dollar tree organizers

dollar tree organizers


The best part is the bottom part comes out and you can use it as a divider! JACKPOT! So I bought 9 of these cloth organizers which fit the dresser PERFECT. You seriously NEVER know what you can find at the DollarTree. I had no idea I would find something that fit so perfectly.

dollar tree organizers dollar tree organizers

Seeing as this is our first little one I am sure I will switch things around as baby Rubeo grows but for now this is how I’ve got it all organized.

nursery dresser organization


I will be switching out the knobs soon. They are super small and almost impossible to grab. Thinking something black…

Michael’s 90% off baskets

This last week has been AMAZING for killer deals.

I have been wanting a couple new baskets for our space. Just one or two to use for the living room and laundry room. I have also been needing 5-10 baskets/bins for my studio so when I found out from some of my IG friends that Michael’s baskets were 90% off I ran. SO GLAD I did. When I went back the next day there was barely anything left someone had come and cleaned them out pretty good.

I ended up going to two stores and getting 10 baskets for $25 after tax. Each basket averaged out to be about $2. Considering they retail for $19-$29 I would call that a steal.

michaels 90% off baskets

So how do you know when baskets are 90% off?

Well first off there will NOT be any signage advertising it. Simply scan the basket tag at the self scanners throughout the store.

If you have a Michaels nearby you, you may want to check out your store. They only baskets that are 90% off are KINGSTON and PENNY AND PARKER tags. If Michael’s is a bit of a drive for you, I would NOT run. Most bargain shoppers and couponers have taken most of the baskets by now unless your store has re-tagged them.

Don’t worry though if you missed out on this deal. It happens every couple months as each line of baskets gets discontinued.