Dealing with Pregnancy Weight Gain

Oh pregnancy weight gain. I know this topic can be touchy. Everyones experience is different. Some have to work to gain anything, while others seem to put it on like its their job even with keeping a clean diet and working out. Weight gain is not only natural in pregnancy it’s apart of the journey. For so many of us women most of our lives we are focused on keeping the scale around certain numbers. Then when we become pregnant and everything is turned upside down and we now NEED to be gaining weight for the baby to be healthy. It is completely new territory.

For me I didn’t gain a single pound my first trimester. Though my appetite was ferocious I devoured carbs like it was my job. (I was also walking 3hrs a day, 3-5 days a week). Second trimester though work slowed down and the walking went down to 0 days a week.  With it getting cold outside, no gym membership and the holidays (food, food, and more food ALL THE TIME) the weight had no where to go but stick to me.

I discovered since becoming pregnant when I didn’t make healthy/clean choices the weight stuck to me like a leach. I instantly gained weight quicker than pre-pregnancy. My weight could go up or down 3-5 lbs easy in a days time! For someone like myself who has been underweight most of my life (that is just my body type- no need to go tell me to eat a cheeseburger) to all of a sudden have the scale jumping up was terrifying. I remember at the beginning of my second trimester I had a really hard time with checking my weight. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was gaining weight. I then remembered I hadn’t been working out and I was still eating whatever I wanted. That is just what happens when you stop your physical activity. Eventually I let go of needing to check the scale daily.

Until today.

My jaw almost dropped. I was not expecting to have gained as much as I had. To be honest with you I expected to be at this weight the day I gave birth to baby rubeo. Adios perfect pregnancy plan. (of which I have learned there is no such thing;)

Heres the facts though, while I workout 3-5 times a week at the gym I have been eating ice cream and dessert every single night. Wish I could say I skipped a night or two but its probably not true. Having a sweet tooth has always been my crutch. So its probably a miracle that I haven’t gained even more.  However, those were the clean hard facts. I had gotten myself to where I was on the scale. It wasn’t that I had been eating clean and working out and still gaining weight. I was overeating with sugar and it’s only natural to gain weight when you overeat.

So where do I go from here and what advice do I have for pregnant mamas?

Take one day at a time. That is all you can do and there is a lot of power in that. Take today by the horns and live it well. Tomorrow will come in due time.

If necessary write down what you are eating. Not for the sake of being a calorie nazi- I simply forget most days that I have already had sugar. Then after I eat it I realize I’ve already had more than my fill. So tracking my food intake has nothing to do with calories and everything to do with pregnancy brain

Leave the scale alone. You’ll be weighed every 4 weeks anyways. If you wanna see what it says then you can. I found since being pregnant my weight can fluctuate up to 5 lbs in one day. If you are use to tracking your weight you will probably go crazy watching the numbers go up and down each day/week.

Be honest with yourself. Journal your feelings. There are probably a lot jumbled around in there. Sort them out with journaling, friends, and your partner. I have found this to be my saving grace. Sometimes I just need to say outloud to someone what I am feeling and then I can just move on.

Love yourself. What is happening in your body is iNCREDIBLE. It blows my mind every time I feel little man kicking around. There is a HUMAN BODY in me!!!! WOW!!

Don’t take what others say to heart. Well that negative stuff anyways. Like the cashier at target the other day who asked if I was nearing the end. Nope I laughed. Still have four months to go.

Stay active. This has kept me sane and feeling strong. Since January I go to the gym 3-5 days a week for 45 minutes of cardio and then I do 1-3 days a week I do LIGHT weights at home. The endorphins from working out have helped me out so much!


So now that I’ve stepped on the scale and know the number that this body is carrying what am I going to do? Take my own advice of course. Keeping track of my sweets intake daily/weekly, *try* to stop eating by 8pm cause thats when the real damage is done, and have healthy snacks readily available. Most of the time when I eat sweets though I am not even hungry. It’s boredom eating. So I’ve got to have a talk with myself about that 😉 Maybe its time for a nighttime hobby other than eat the entire pint of Ben & Jerrys Ice cream.




So for you mamas who have been through this I would love to know. What helped keep you on track staying away from your guilty pleasures? 



Choosing to eat healthy during pregnancy


(Image is what I made for lunch it was amazing. I may have licked the plate. Shhhh. Salmon filet cooked in mediterean oil, spinach, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, blue cheese, pepper, Trader Joe cilantro dressing)

Eating well for 9 months is hard. I mean hard. I am naturally a fairly decent eater. I love drinking water, I love salad, but I also LOVE CARBS & SWEETS! I’ve also never been able to keep with good clean eating habits for more than maybe 4 days. haha. I wish I were kidding.

While I am thankful for my naturally thin body it is a very different experience to be watching the scale change weekly and my body start to create a bump.

Even with working out and eating good my body changes. It’s apart of pregnancy. It is definitely a learning and growing experience though. It’s a new thing to see your body growing even with keeping with the same eating habits as before and its not that its fat its just a cute little baby growing inside me.

Back to not binging on ice cream, donuts, and sticky buns everyday. I’ve gotta know what helped you stay on track during your pregnancy? For me so far its been following other pregnant mommas keeping track of there fitness and eating habits on IG. It’s a reminder of what is possible and what I can do if I choose to.


Only letting what inspires you in

I have had this talk with several friends and fellow photographers and it is something I am SO passionate about. I fully believe with all my heart that we should only have in our lives what truly inspires us. I love to organize and I try to make sure every couple months (okay lets be real its every couple weeks) that everything in our house, our closets, my heart, my mind inspires me.

There is so much out in this world. A lot of it is garbage (Garbage to me is: lies, distractions, fears…)

I want my life to be filled with love and life giving things. I strive to do this all the way down to my pinterest boards. I think this is especially important for us women. It can be so easy to compare, and envy what others have. There is a difference between inspiration and envy. Let all you do, and all you work towards be inspired by what encourages you to be the best version of you.

Working out is a great example. Say you follow some fitness gals on instagram.  It is so easy to compare our bodies but that is not what we were created to do. We are created to inspire each other. If we find certain images are not inspiring us, we shouldn’t let them in our life. Choose only that which inspires you to be the best version of you. Let that be fuel for you to run hard after all that the world has to offer you. Instagram is one of those things that I have found I have check my heart on on a weekly basis. It is easy to follow people that you think you want to be like only to realize they actually are not people who inspire you. I have NO PROBLEM deleting and unfollowing people that do not encourage and inspire me in my life. Its my account, its my feed. I dictate what I see. I went through the other month and unfollowed over 300 people on my instagram account. It was so encouraging to me to let go of distractions and just focus on what truly encourages me. Granted that changes from season to season. Right now I am extremely house decor focused, and I may unfollow some of those people once I feel I have gotten a handle on our home decor and that is fine.

Let go of the negativity and distractions in your life and start living the life you know you were created for.

Starting Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide 1.0

This past year I have barely worked out. By barely I mean I could count on my ONE hand the amount of times I’ve worked out this year. I am paying for it too. My body hasn’t felt so blah and tired in … well, ever. So I am making sure to change that. I wouldn’t call it a New Years Resolution, although I did make the choice tonight to follow through with it. It’s been something on my heart for a little while now and its time.


So starting Jan 5th me and thousands of other women will be starting to train according to the BIKINI BODY GUIDE that Kayla Itsine has created. Are you?? Comment and leave you instagram name so I can be following you!


Here is to health and strong bodies.


(image courtesy of Kayla Itsine IG account)



Somewhere along the way in my early twenties I learned that if you starve your body you lose weight. And usually pretty quick. I learned tips and tricks on how to barely feed my body anything while working off thousands of calories.  However I paid the price. I walked around like a zombie, some days having to lay in bed because I thought I was going to die.

Each time I starved my body whether it be of a meal, of water, or of an entires day worth of food my body was telling me what it needed. But I didn’t listen. Instead I insisted on chasing an image in my head of what I called perfection.

God has made our bodies in such a way that if we listen we will know what it needs. Our body will gives us ‘signals’

If I am dehydrated I get headaches, and my body starts shutting down. (I am one who gets dehydrated easy, so this is a frequent thing I am always having to stay on top of)

If I have eaten greasy food and soda I am gassy.

If I have drank to much soda + caffeine my heart begins to hurt.

I had all these signs when I was younger, I knew my body was upset at me but I just didn’t respect my body enough to listen. Apart of me thought I was invincible.

But now I honor my body, and respect it enough to give it what it needs. Not starve it of necessary nutrients.

I’ve watched my mom lay in her death bed (while battling cancer a second time) and saw how super foods really do give a dying body energy. I saw how water is needed for a body to live. Without these things you will die.

Whether it be slowly or quickly, it will happen.

I don’t know about you but I want to LIVE.

Your body is giving you signals everyday. Are you listening?

I have watched my body bounce back from me eating junk food to eating healthy food. I feel a night and day difference. I have energy, I feel positive, I have an extra bounce in my step.

Add in working out and somedays I feel invincible (If I haven’t totally killed my muscles in a workout that is;)

Lets stop believing this lie that starvation to your body is the key. It’s not. It never was, and it never will be.

Yes, portion control is good but above all your body needs fuel. Superfoods, Grains, Proteins, Water…. Give it what it needs and watch it flourish.


I have followed Amber’s fitness journey for years now. I watched her grace all the covers of fitness magazines, then she was off the radar for a bit and then she came roaring back awhile ago being a spokesperson for CLUTCH. She wrote this article : DISGUISES OF WEAKNESS  that I love!!

I understand exactly what she talks about and it is one of the big reasons I decided to turn Life with Kymberly Janelle into inspiration regarding health and fitness.