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we are the future

Little mans ‘we are the future’ shirt from Shop Jumping Jack  got me thinking about raising a little human. Honestly its terrifying at times. I think about how much my parents influenced me growing up and the weight of what it means to be a parents weighs heavy on me. It’s not my words that he will truly remember, it is my actions. In the everyday. In how I spend my time with him, in how I respect and love his father, in how I accept myself. It is those everyday choices and the words I speak that will shape his belief system and outlook on what is possible in life.

I want him to believe that anything is possible. That when you work hard enough good things do happen. I want him to know that when bad things happen, because they will and they do its not because of something he did wrong. Life is not out to punish you. I want to teach him how to love others well. To respect, to pour into, to raise up and call out the good in those around him. My desire for him is for him to know his worth in this world. To know there truly is no one like him, that he has something to offer the world that it so desperately needs. That conforming helps no one, but standing up and staying true to himself helps everyone.

My hope and prayer is that my daily choices add up to something beautiful and impactful in a positive way. I want to be remembered for spending quality time with him, always reminding him of his worth, and never hesitating to give him one more hug or kiss. Okay cue all the tears.

Sidenote, How do some people look so graceful and beautiful when smiling and laughing with their kid? Me, yeah not so much. haha. But he loves me for it. So who am I to judge myself. 







You guys I cannot even stand how he looks at me and reaches for me. I’m soaking up every last moment of it because I know when the toddler years come rolling around daddy is going to be his hero.

Shirts: Shop Jumping Jack / Shorts: Forever 21 / Shoes: Target

Isaac Shirt: Shop Jumping Jack / Jeggings: Target

Spring Florals

We’re finally getting getting some consistent warm weather here in the midwest so its time for spring clothing. When I was at francescas the other day I saw this floral top and knew I had to try it on. Best part is its under $35.


Paired with this cross body saddle bag and its the perfect spring outfit.  When I opened it up my mind was blown you guys. It has a built in phone charger. Ummmm yes please. Its currently out of stock online, so check in store to see if your store has it. I will update with link when it goes back in stock.

My cold shoulder floral top is Small.  (Shoes are from Target.)

Favorite spring rompers for Mommy + Me

I love rompers. I love wearing them, and I love them on babies.

For babies I actually prefer rompers without snaps or buttons on the legs. Have you ever tried snapping 10+ snaps on a wiggly little baby? Doesn’t work all that well. This romper is stretchy so its super easy to slip on and off . This henry + claire romper even has a hood you guys!

My romper is Forever 21. I actually got it a couple years back (sorry!) I know it always seems like the favorite clothes are the ones no longer available.


Make sure and check out HENRY + CLAIRE . Let them know I sent you too!

Isaacs romper can be found HERE


use code: HCsuperfan for 20% your order over $100

Pink Blush Giveaway

I kid you not when I tell you I almost cried when I put this Pink Blush dress on. As a long legged mama it is SO HARD to find a maxi dress that is actually long enough. This dress is all that mamas!!!!! I put it on, walked out to show my husband and felt like a princess. If thats not the sign of a good dress I don’t know what is.

I’ve partnered with Pink Blush to giveaway a $50 gift card. (If you have won a giveaway from PinkBlush in the last 3 months are you are NOT eligible to win.) Details at the end of post.

To purchase this dress you can find it HERE . The dress is under $70!

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Favorite Tees for the Family | Kansas City Clothing Co

When you can find a brand that the whole family can wear that is something to shout about. Kansas City Clothing Co. delivers on this! I love when our whole family can coordinate but not match. Sorry, I’m not one of those matchy, matchy families. EXCEPT when it comes to christmas pajamas 😉 As you can see HERE. Kansas City Clothing Co is one of our favorite KC brands. If  you haven’t ever checked them out make sure you do. They have a great little store in Town Center in Leawood, KS.  If you go on their website you can get a 20% off coupon too! If you go in store, make sure and let them know I sent you.

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-5

My husband fell in love with their KC snapback + shirt. This snapback is my favorite hat on him. Its structured perfectly and the colors go with every outfit. Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-3

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+KKymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-7

We’ve been meaning to take pictures in our t-shirts for weeks now but KC weather is less than desirable as of late. Yesterday was perfect though, well minus the wind.

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-38Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-37Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-36Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-35

And did you see who chopped off all his hair??? I loved the long hair, but oh man I forgot how good he looks with short hair ❤

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-34Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-33Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-32Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-31Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-30

Also, when did this little guy get so big!!! He is going to be one in two months. How???

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-29Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-28Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-27

That little smirk 😉 My heart almost cannot take it. Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-25Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-26Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-23Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-24Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-22Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-21Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-19Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-18Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-17Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-16

Magic trick, all the hair is back. JK. These are from two weeks ago 😉Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-14Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-13Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-11Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-9Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-6Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-2

Our shirts can be found online and in store at KC Clothing Co

Husband: KC Snapback +KC Red T-Shirt

My shirt: HERE

Isaacs Bodysuit: HERE

Getting ready for the masters

A year ago when they had the masters AND little man had his baby shower we received a masters onesie for him from the masters from my husbands uncle. And guess what? It fits perfectly!! So we are gearing up ready to watch the Masters.

You guys I cannot even handle the cuteness. His little moxfords are from  Sweet n’ swag.
He could have cared less about the club. He just wanted the golf ball. haha 

Growing up

Somehow this little guy is turning into a toddler one day at a time.

My heart just bursts watching him learn new sounds and abilities daily. I love seeing his personality come through more and more everyday. Theres something about this age. Once they hit 8.5-9 months I swear they just start growing leaps and bounds.


He still lovessss lights (see picture below) haha. Ceiling fans and light streaming in has always been his favorite. 

He is always wanting to be on the move or in mamas arms. I wouldn’t want it any other way. 6-10 months of age so far is my favorite. What about you? Whats your favorite?


Little mans:

T-shirt: The Sweet Bee Co. 

Mamas outfit:

Dress: Forever 21

Jeans: Rock + Republic