Friday roundup

Hey there everyone hope your week has been good. Its time for a friday roundup!

What Gods been speaking this week….Understanding + Uncertainty

This week I’ve been dealing with alllll the 2.5 year old ‘tude around sleep time and its been STRETCHING. One night this week I was talking to God while Isaac just didn’t wanna go to bed and with frustration in my voice
“God you are really stretching me, I really don’t understand what you are trying to do” He simply replied “Is that what its about? Understanding?”. Furiously I replied “Yes, yes it WAS” and then it hit me. That WAS how I had operated. For so long I had refused to step out if I didn’t understand what God was doing. Sure, we know in our heads that isn’t faith in action but when it comes down to living life sometimes we forget we were never promised security or understanding. It is impossible to understand all He is doing because we are not God, but when we know the character of Father God we can rest. Thank God for His faithfulness to remind me. God was doing EXACTLY what I had just spoken. Stretching me beyond what I understand into where He can really do something. Kris Valloton recently said “If you don’t have an uncertain situation in your life you’re not doing anything for God.” It was the perfect reminder that I am EXACTLY where I need to be. Gods kingdom is so upside down from how we would ever chose to live. While we say we want to go out and try new things so often our comforts and securities lull us to sleep to hum the same old song when God has something new for us that will bring life to us in a way we never knew that was possible. God in His limitless abilities is not trodden down by fear, this is where He invites us. Into His heart where the dreams for each of us surpass anything we can dream of. In His heart we are able to rest knowing He loves us.

Favorite new product

After I posted about this Avocado saver that I was given by a friend my DM’s started blowing up with oh my gosh I need this. So I found a 2pk on amazon for y’all right HERE and its under $10!! anytime I can eliminate using plastic wrap or plastic baggies I am all for it.

New recipe of the week:

We tried a new recipe this week for zucchini, carrot and banana muffins and they were a massive hit. As in Isaac and I both had 3 muffins within a couple hours of making them kinda hit. My favorite muffins we’ve made are hands down my sweet potato muffins but these come in a close second. If you missed the sweet potato muffin recipe you can find it HERE. Check out the zucchini, carrot, banana muffin recipe HERE.

What was “suppose to happen” this week:

I was suppose to get my arm piece finished up this week on thursday but when I was ten mins away from tattoo shop I got a call that they needed to reschedule. So expectantly awaiting next week to get it finished. Its been two years in the making!!

Two favorite blog posts past two weeks:

(according to you the readers + followers)

Favorite Jeans for Tall women : Technically they are jeggings, BUT these are jeans in my book and I’ve been proudly wearing them for two years now. Thank you American Eagle.

My three favorite skin products: You all are LOVING the info on the jade roller. I even linked to a rose quartz roller that is BEAUTIFUL.

Favorite Outfits this week

The weather in the midwest has been interesting as of late. We’ve had a couple of 60 degree weather days where I am almost, I said ALMOST tempted to wear a dress but lord knows my legs are pale as winter so thats not happening. haha. Then we have days like today that are 21 degrees when I go out to warm up my car. A couple of my favorite things that I have been wearing and found are my FAVORITE mens gray button up cardigan from H&M. I wear this at least 3 days a week. I wear a medium and I am an XS/S in women’s. Its perfectly slouchy and the sleeves are long enough for this long arm’d mama

I’ve been wearing my suede high waist skirt from banana republic and am obsessed. I found a version thats $10. I wore it to church last weekend with black leggings and my elbow sleeve turtleneck  (its currently $6.49!!)with my favorite tan booties from Dillards.

I’ve been rocking my black panama hat as of late. Funny because I had it in my bag to donate for the last couple months and then just before I donated the bags I realized nope I still love this hat. AND I’ve been wearing it every week since then. haha. Please tell me you’re guilty of the same thing! I linked two versions of hat.

Favorite Jeans for tall women

This post is NOT sponsored by American Eagle. I found these jeans a freaking love them and can’t not share them.

Okay if you are like me and are all legs listen up. After two years of wearing these american eagle leggings these are hands down my FAVORITE jeans to wear as someone who has long legs. While I am not crazy tall (I’m 5’8.5″ BUT I am all legs. My legs are as long as my friends who are 6′ tall….So when I say these work for long legs they really do. And THANK YOU American Eagle for delivering with these leggings. They not only offer long but extra long too for you 6′ ladies.

They are affordable ($29.96 to be exact) and the most comfortable jeans I have found. Perfect amount of stretch and they feel amazing and look amazing.

American Eagle Jeggings // AE

Vici Doll Dupes

One of my favorite brands to drool over is Vici dolls. But if you’re like me and don’t always have $70 to spend on a sweater finding dupes is everything. The other issue I have is when I find something I love its sold out almost instantly. Booooo. So for the sake of you and I getting what we want I have been able to track down a couple of my favorite items that vici dolls have and the exact dupes. Are there any other clothing pieces or accessories that you would like me to find dupes of? Comment below and I’ll see what I can find.

Open Front Gray Chunky Knit Cardigan

This chunky open front cardigan has become one of my go to cardigans this winter. Its super chunky but light weight enough that I can layer it with several other layers if I wanted. I wore it a lot when we went to Jackson Hole, WY this year. Cardigan $32.99 / Amazon (Wearing a small)

Long sleeve button down tie front top

I have been eyeing these long sleeve button down tie shirts but couldn’t fathom spending more than $30 on one. Y’all when I say I am frugal, it runs deep. This target version of this VICI DOLLS top is only $16. Woot woot. They have it in white + plum.

Long Sleeve button down tie front shirt $16 / Target

Long Sleeve Button up Bodysuit

I am a sucker for a good bodysuit. Especially in the winter, makes it way easier to layer up without all the layers bunching up. I love this one because its button up. The VICI DOLLS bodysuit they currently have does not have buttons, but they had a short sleeve one that did in the fall that I was drooling over BUT I love long sleeve more than short sleeves so here is this one. Its only $12 VS $38 for the VICI DOLLS one.
Snap button black long sleeve bodysuit $12 / Shein

Black 3/4 sleeve turtleneck top

Y’all need to RUN on this one. Its currently HALF OFF at target. Only $6.49. I have been wearing this with jeans, and with high waist skirts. It’s so versatile its become one of my favorite tops to wear. And it’s black so I mean what more do you need? neutrals for life over here. They have it black, burgundy, and white.

Black Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck Top $6.49 / Target

Gold layered Coin Necklace

I absolutely love the gold layered necklaces that VICI DOLLS has BUT they are usually sold out within hours. No joke. So after searching high and low I found the perfect dupes for 1/5 of the price!!

Gold coin layered necklace $4 / SHEIN

Gold moon pendant necklace

Anyone else loving all the moon necklaces we are seeing? The vici dolls necklaces I have seen have been my favorites. I looked at forever 21, and target and found nothing that was as similar. Then, TA DA I found this ONE from SHEIN. Its perfect and it’s only $3. So ummmmm YES!

Gold moon necklace $3.00 / SHEIN

Turtleneck Sweater

This sweater has to be one of my favorites. Every season there are new styles of sweaters but a good turtleneck with good shape NEVER goes out of style. This turtleneck is just that, and its under $50. So you know winning at life over here, yet again.

High Neck Turtleneck Sweater $23 /SHEIN

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Again, this post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. This is seriously what I do with my time. Find deals for you and me. So hope you enjoyed this post. Lemme know if you want me to do some more like this.

Favorite Affordable Winter Boots

Just bringing back boots with the fur over here and I have no shame about it. If you’re looking for some new winter snow boots that are under $50 go get these boots NOW. They come in three colors. I have the tan. They run a tad narrow. I am wearing size 10. You can check them out HERE.

Winter Boots $39.99 // Cream Sweater  $44// AE Tall Jeans $29.96// Winter Jacket $64.99 //

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How I use rocksbox

Not all monthly subscription plans are the same. I currently am subscribed to three monthly plans and this is one of my favorites simply because of how much flexibility there is. I mean, try before you buy?  AND without any pressure to purchase?? Yes please. Sign me up.

So with Rocksbox my goal is to swap out my jewelry every week. Why so often? Well the bargain shopper in me is like WHY NOT? The second reason is this keeps me actually wearing jewelry because I have three new pieces every week to try. Full disclosure life happened and this last box I have had for two weeks but am sending it out today 🙂

Here is what was in this months box:

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription plan. You pay $21/month to have three items shipped to you. You make a “wish list” of thirty items and favorite your top ten and the stylist selects from those. You can keep your box of items as long as you want, or you can ship it back within a couple days. A return label is enclosed so you just pop it back in original mailer and drop it off at post office. The $21 you pay a month is also credit that does not roll over each month. So if there is a jewelry piece that you love you can purchase it and your $21 goes towards purchase price.

Sign up for rocksbox HERE to get your first month FREE!! (code: KYMBERLYBFF13

And yep, you can cancel at any point!

This post is sponsored by Rocksbox. All opinions are my own. 

Three ways to style one dress

Layering is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change up an outfit. I got this ingrid + Isabel maternity dress (YEP, you heard that right. I am wearing a maternity dress 2.5 years later) when I was pregnant and it was too soft and comfy to get rid of. So here are three ways I wear it. To get this dress purchase here: Long Sleeve Maternity Dress / I also have this dress with 3/4 sleeves and stripes and its just as amazing for those who love stripes.

First way: All by itself. 

Second: Add denim jacket


Third way to style dress: Add sweatshirt and denim jacket

This gray sweatshirt is one of the most asked about and it is FINALLY back in stock. It’s a mens and its one of my favorite things to wear. I probably wear it three times a week. No joke. Get yours HERE.

Maternity Dress / Ingrid + Isabel // Wearing SMALL

Denim Jacket // Target // Wearing Medium

Gray Mens Sweatshirt // HM // wearing medium

Warby Parker Lucy Glasses // Warby Parker

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Favorite striped maxi

This PinkBlush maxi is probably the most comfortable maxi dress I own. Thats saying a lot. Its light, flowy, and it has pockets!!! It definitely runs 1-2 sizes larger so account for that when ordering your size. This black striped cami maxi is currently on sale over at PinkBlush for only $45! So go get it!



Thank you to August Light Studio for the images. Sidenote, I am the cover image on her website. Ummm, FLATTERED ❤