The things they never told me about Motherhood

Going into motherhood I knew I wouldn’t know everything. I knew there would be frustrating days. Exhausting days. Joyful days. Treasured moments…


…What I didn’t realize was how much I would learn about myself. 

Since having Isaac I have found myself in situations I never imagined. Both good and bad. In those situations I have found a strength within me that I didn’t know existed. When you have a child there truly is a mama bear, lioness that emerges. No one; nothing, will ever get between you and your child. You want the best for that little human and won’t let anything stop you. Not even yourself.

I remember the first few weeks he was born you would have found me on the floor balling my eyes out wanting the night to end so I could simply get sleep as I rocked him back as this little piranha fed what seemed like 24/7. I was part hysterics because I was exhausted and could barely function. Part mama bear. It was the mama bear that kept me going. It was the ‘no, I will provide for my baby, I will feed him, I will take care of him’ no matter what I am feeling, no matter what I am thinking.

You push past limitations you previously had. You find yourself doing things you never imaged you’d be able to do and think nothing of it.


You find yourself opening up in ways you never imagined. I am pretty sure its impossible to not look at a baby and have your heart melt just a little bit. Its in those moments that I choose to open my heart fully and soak up every second of his little person and who he is that day. I’ve begun verbally saying what I am thankful for about him as a person. Speaking destiny and truth over him daily. Theres something about saying it outloud that almost re-affrims and makes it even more real. I really believe in the power of words. I am a verbal processor so that may be where this comes from.

Its in the moments when he is on my hip. His arm curled around mine and he strokes my hair out of security that I am undone. To be his safe place is the highest honor and the scariest thing you could ask someone to be. To be his all.

He has taught me more about what it means to live than anyone. Each day I take time to just sit back and watch him. I watch him unassisted making choices, decisions by himself. What is it that he does? What does he choose to spend his time with?

He loves deeply. He laughs without care. He throws his body back without fear when he is overcome with joy. His eyes light up like he’s never been hurt.

I wanna be more like him in those moments.



What about you mamas? What have you learned about motherhood?


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what they never told me about motherhood

Assumptions on Social Media

I wanna talk about something that’s been on my heart for awhile.


I’m discovering just how deadly assumptions can be you guys. They can leave desperately hurting people alone. They doubt insecurity. They assume perfection.

Thanks to social media we seem to naturally assume everyone’s life is perfect but what if we turned that around and assumed that everyone was going through something. Would it make us more inclined to reach out to those around us and build up those around us? Instead of sitting back and assuming people are all OK. .


Because really when it comes down to it every single person in my life has gone through some kind of crazy or traumatic thing in the last year. And if almost all the people in my life are going through something like that then I’m pretty sure everyone in general is. .


ASSUMPTIONS assume that the gals that post all the time about her and her husband have the perfect marriage. When really it could be really that she’s posting those things because those are the only good times that she has to remember in her marriage because they’ve been fighting to save their marriage the past couple years. .

Or when a girl post selfie’s. It could be that those are the only time she truly feels beautiful and she’s putting herself out there… .

Assumptions assume the girl who posts bump pictures all the time had such an easy time getting pregnant when really it took five year and three babies in heaven to get to where she is. .

I wanna challenge you to scroll through social media without assumptions. Full of love. Share the love. If you’ve been going through hard times I can guarantee you someone else is as well. Be the love tonight.


Mothers Day with Hallmark

Losing my mom four years ago to cancer makes Mothers Day a bittersweet day. It is a day of remembrance and a day of looking forward. I have my beautiful son that I get to share memories with. Hallmark is a household name when it comes to cards. What I didn’t know was all the gifts they have. This mothers day is a one stop shop at Hallmark.

I love this little “mommy prayers” books. Sometimes when I am out of words this book gives me the words I need. You know those times when you’re at your wits end with your little one? Or to exhausted to put two words together. Or maybe thats just me 😉




This was a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Mommy + Me Style

Anytime we can coordinate, we do 😉 I always wanted a little boy so when we found out thats what we were having I was ecstatic! I am not huge on pink so bring on alllll the neutrals and blues for little man.

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Who he is at 11 months

He’s different than I imagined. Yet when I stop and really think about it who he is, his personality, his likes and dislikes it all makes sense.

He is not fooled by fake happiness. He doesn’t laugh easily but when he does its deep belly laughs that fuel my heart. He is weary of strangers and seems to almost read them before deciding if they’re okay to be around. When he loves you, he stays attached to you. Stroking your hair and arm latched around your arm.  He is definitely our little baby. He is deeply introspective like daddy, introvert like mama, and the perfect blend of our personalities.


I had ideas of what he would be like but honestly my husband and I are so polar opposite when it comes to personality I knew it would be an interesting mash up. He really is a beautiful, perfect combination of the two of us.


Of course I had to put him in one of our favorite local Kansas City Brands SANDLOT GOODS. Cause well, he was made in KC 😉 This adorable onesie is available HERE online or in stores. (They’re currently having a sale on the gray onesie for only $11!!)  

The sweetest little bell Sleeve Floral Dress

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You do you mama

Oh comparison how I despise you. In my experience it doesn’t come blatantly obvious waving a red flag saying here I am. Instead it comes tightly wrapped in a beautiful box shinier than the last box it presented you just moments before. Then the thought comes maybe I need this.

Maybe I should have changed my hair more drastic, maybe I should have gone back to pink hair. Everyone is doing it now. Maybe I do need to buy a new couch, look at her rug. Maybe we do need to sell everything and travel like them. Oh comparison you truly are the thief of joy.

In that moment I have to quiet myself and remind myself “You do you mama”. Sometimes I literally have to say it outloud to myself.

Its so much easier said than done some days. Keeping up with the jones’s is so different when you become a mom especially on social media. It brings a whole new level of comparison. Suddenly your house, your feeding, your decor, your hair, your makeup are in the spotlight. We notice the mamas that literally just rolled out of bed looking flawless, and the mamas that truly did just roll outta bed 😉 We notice who seems to be well rested, who got a new couch, whose husbands are in the pictures and so on…

It is when I see people shifting and changing that is when I find myself questioning if I should have changed, or stayed the same. It is in those moments I have to silence my doubts and reach for my anchor to remind me of who I am.  That who I am is enough. I wish I didn’t deal with as much as I do but I know that by addressing this in my heart I will grow into a stronger person. A more confident mama.

Today I want to encourage you mamas “You do you mama”. No one else can. I think Dr. Suess summed it up pretty well saying

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no onealive who is youer than you.”