Making Thieves Cleaner | Is thieves cheaper than store brand cleaner?

Thieves was the third oil we got when we first started out with Young Living oils a couple years ago and I refuse to be out of it. It’s one of my favorite smells. To me its like christmas. So when I learned they had a thieves household cleaner solution I knew I had to try it out. Since having our little guy I am working to rid our house from as many toxins as possible. I have always hated the strong chemical smell from our normal household cleaner so an opportunity to ditch it made me excited. My only concern was the price.

I have always been frugal and would typically get most of our household cleaners for $1 or under. Even though they retail for $2.99. So I wanted to see if how thieves compared price point wise to my frugal ways.

We would typically get Clorox spray which was $2.99 at Target for a 32 oz bottle.

Thieves is $28.95 (or $22 if you’re a member;) for a 14.4 fl oz bottle.

You use a capful of solution and 2-3 cups of water to make one bottle. Now to make a bottle equivalent to 32oz you would need to do 2 capfuls of Thieves cleaner.

There are 60-65 capfuls of thieves cleaner according to Young Living.


I could make thirty 32oz bottles of thieves cleaner for $24.34 (this includes tax)


$89.70 for thirty bottles of clorox cleaner.


Whats that break down to per bottle? (Using  member prices $22)

Thieves cleaner (32oz bottle comparison) $.81 per bottle


Clorox cleaner (32 oz bottle) $3.25 (thats including tax)

Even cheaper than my couponing ways you guys! You just can’t beat that. And possibly the best part, to store thirty 32oz bottles worth of cleaner takes up space in one bottle. Storying thirty clorox bottles? Um, no thanks.

Ready to make the switch?

Comment or email me and to order your thieves cleaner.



DIY: Modern Easter Eggs

If you have followed along on my blog for awhile you know I love a good deal. By good deal I mean 90% off. Two years ago I hit up walmart, and target when easter went to 90% off and scored these egg carton for $0.19! The permanent markers I used were also 90% off at Target for under $.20 as well!!

Our house is pretty neutral, so I wanted to stick with white and black eggs for our house since I am going to be using them as decor. The day will come soon enough when I have to make crazy colored eggs with little man. haha. Until then I am all about these black and white paper eggs.



You’ll notice there are not a lot of eggs with words on them…thats because turns out trying to write on a egg…well, its not exactly easy. Especially when you are looking at other peoples Pinterest eggs and they’re pretty much perfect.


A couple things I discovered along the way.

  • The fine tip permanent markers are a PAIN to write with.
  • The silver metallic markers for some reason have a thicker tip and they were SO EASY to do the lines with.
  • Unless you’re a calligraphy expert do yourself a favor and don’t try and write on them. Its a discouraging task. haha

Babies First Easter Basket

So random fact about me. I grew up never celebrating Easter due to religious reasons. As I grew up I made the choice for myself that I would celebrate. Now having a little one, well, how could I not spoil him with fun little gifts? Since he is 10 months old there won’t be any chocolate bunnies or peeps this year. I decided not to do anything food related this year. I’m sure next year will be another story 😉

I teamed up with some of my favorite brands to create the perfect easter basket for my little guy. He couldn’t wait to dig into his basket. These really are some of his favorite things.


JJ Rabbit has the most adorable cups with a little animal inside. The cup in his basket has the rabbit. Of course. Along with a rabbit plate. Stay tuned for a review on their products later this week.

I am convinced that all of Bannor Toys  products are amazing. We got little man their whale rattle with his name engraved so for easter we got the engraved blocks. Perfect for his age. Stacking for now, and soon letters. Best part is I can use them as decor in his room. If you hurry they have adorable little bunny push toys and teethers.



How beautiful are these engraved blocks?? Thank you Bannor Toys!! 

Next brand is one of my new favorites. Nature Baby . These Honey Stick Bees Wax Crayons are not only are they toxic free but they’re larger for his little hands than your normal crayons. A tad harder to eat without me noticing 😉 Cause lord knows he is at that faze in life. His adorable bunny print bodysuit and socks are from Nature Baby as well.

His favorite item is definitely the pacifiers. haha. These are the ONLY pacifiers he will take. AND MAM makes glow in the dark ones. If you don’t have them, you NEED them if you use pacifiers at night. They are a lifesaver. The moment he could grab them himself I scattered 2-4 of them in his crib and I slept way better. Because he would no longer scream bloody murder because his pacifier fell out and he couldn’t find it. haha.


The cute little bunny + basket are from Targets Easter Clearance when it hit 90% off last year. So the bunny was $0.19 and the basket was $0.10. Can’t go wrong with those prices.


P.S. The DIY easter eggs are coming the blog next week.



This was a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Lets be Honest Mamas: Living Simply & Spring Cleaning

 This right here is why I love social. One of my lovely IG friends Hannah has created this fun monthly blog collaboration with about a dozen of us mamas. Each month we chat about whatever the topic is that we’ve chosen and how we personally approach it. What I love about this collaboration is that while we are working to show other mamas how we each do things. This isn’t about all doing things the same way. Or saying there is one way you have to do things. We all have something to bring to the table. We can all learn from each other.
So this month is all about spring cleaning and simplifying.
If you know me you know I love to be organized and keep our house clean. I discovered when I got married its not as easy with a man. Then add in a baby and its a whole other ball game. But yes, as my husband points out. I love it. There is something about organizing and cleaning that is therapeutic to me. I feel really strongly about having your living spaces be as clutter free as possible. I am just able to breathe easier.
I don’t typically have a spring cleaning routine that I adhere by its usually more of a oh look I just spent the last 3 hours sorting through every paper in our house (no joke. I just did that last month), must be spring. haha. I just cannot stand clutter, even if its stowed away in a box in the back of a closet. It will haunt me. lol. Don’t laugh at me. Its a real thing people.
What does living simply mean to you?
Living simply for me means living with just the things that bring enjoyment to our life. If having extra things is causing me extra stress, or becoming a burden to myself or our household we have gone outside of the ‘living simply’ mentality. This could mean we have to many toys, gadgets, and clothing that we don’t even use but are cluttering up our house. Or it could be that we’re serving for things.
My five go-to products for my home would be the following:
1. IKEA wood hangers- Why? Because when you use wood hangers as opposed to plastic hangers they take up more room. So you have to only have what you love hanging in your closet. Especially when you have the itty bitty small closet that we do.
2. Essential Oils – My husband and I are those people that uses essential oils daily. We’ve been using oils for over 3 years and I wouldn’t ever go back. We diffuse them and apply them on ourselves each day. Whether its diffusing lemon to help give me extra pep in my step to get that huge mommy to do list done, or applying peace and calming to my feet to help calm myself. Oils have been such an important piece in our lives that helps us destress.  (See bottom of blog post for more info on how to start using essential oils)
3. Storage Baskets. Michaels and I are best friends. Whenever their baskets go to 90% off I usually buy them out. We have baskets for EVERYTHING, in every room. I personally need everything to have a place. And a lot of times a basket is where it belongs. Whether its DVDS, Isaacs puzzles, papers…


 4. Paper Filing Folders. I cannot even tell you how many I have. At least 5. I get mine at Target + IKEA. This helps every paper in our house have a place
5. Diffuser- This is for our essential oils. The diffuser is so important to be for several reasons. I typically would burn candles at an alarming rate to try and always have our house smell good. Or would stock up on those air freshener sprays around christmas time. When you start looking into the toxin levels of those you may do a double take. So instead of using those items I now diffuse oils to keep the house smelling good.
How do you tidy up your house? Or do you?
How I go about tidying things depends on my mood. The biggest thing that helps me is baskets. We have them all over the house. Now having a baby the amount of things we have has nearly tripled. So having baskets in every room helps keep it all at bay.
I do the majority of tidying up in the morning. After I make my coffee and get the baby changed while he is drinking his bottle I clean up the living room and kitchen (if need be), unload/load dishwasher, clean any bottles I found lying around house 😉
 How do you clean your house? Do you have daily/weekly chores? 
This is the one thing I could improve upon SO MUCH. I do not have a weekly to do list, or daily to do list. Its really more of look around the house, what needs to get done? Now delegate. Clean mama has some amazing sheets and ig posts on what day to do each thing. I would love to take a few Cues from her. The hardest part for me is that everyday looks different. Some days I am working, some days I am not. Some days I work 1-2 hours, some days I work 12 hours. Which means some weeks laundry gets done right away, other weeks it sits in baskets for two weeks 😉
                                        Don’t pretend your house never looks like this 😉
I would encourage you all to go check out these other ladies amazing blog posts on this topic. I know I am!
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 Interested in starting to use essential oils for your family?
Email me:



The perfect art piece for your fireplace mantle

This is NOT a sponsored post. This is 100% me.

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K

Spring is the HARDEST season to decorate for in my book. Especially when it comes right after Christmas which takes over every room. Spring somehow seems bland and boring. This year I was determined to love my home decor in the spring. After spending about half an hour searching online I found the perfect horse print on all Then I went to IKEA and picked up this picture frame.

Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-2Kymberly Janelle Photography_C+K-4

I will be adding more flameless candles (different sizes + put them in the hurricane vases)  and probably swapping out the faux flowers on the base of the fireplace with euctalptus and put it on the mantle and move my metal bin back to the base with blankets and pillows.


What kind of decor do you do for spring?

5 ways to boost your immune system when traveling




Airplanes seem to be a playground for germs. I’ve traveled a few times (6+ flights) with my little one over the last year and these things have helped me every time we travel.


DIY Modern Nursery Mobile


When I was shopping at Target earlier this year when all the christmas decor went to 90% off I spotted these geometric shapes and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I grabbed the four they had left at $0.30ea and began my plan. A modern baby mobile. When it comes to nursery decor I believe in simple is best.

I then had to purchase the hoop from Michaels which cost around $2 (I think I forgot to use a coupon. Insert shocked face I know, me forgetting to get a discount.)

I already had gold thread and black spray paint.


I honestly took a couple coats. I was surprised while they are pastel colored they didn’t want to go to black instantly. 2-3 coats later they were black as night.


I love how it turned out. Simple, modern, and not to fussy.



Supplies needed:


3-5 ornaments


Spray Paint

Time: Under 15 minutes (not counting how long it takes for spray paint to dry)



(I made that sign for his nursery as well 🙂

How to make Padsicles

postpartum padsicles

When I became pregnant I asked a select few friends what they suggested I buy and make for ME for pregnancy and post partum. One of the things that everyone suggested were these padsicles. There are several different ways to do them. Some people just pop pads in the freezer as is. However I know with all the swelling and potential tearing I would want a little extra something on the pad.

This is seriously so quick mom’s to be. It took me MAYBE 5 minutes to do an entire package of pads and pop them in the freezer.



PADS – I choose TENA pads simply because I got them free from couponing last year and have been needing to use them. While they are “ultra thin” they are about regular absorbency period pads.

Aloe Vera Target- $3.74

Witch HazelTarget – $2.49

Spray bottle- Target- $0.97 : Found in the travel section (This is not necessary but I thought it would be easier than trying to pour from the large container. So glad I did this. This way if I wanna spray the pads more I can super easy)



how to make padsicles

First I poured some of the witch hazel into the small spray bottle I got. Made it so much easier to apply to each pad and not risk pouring entire bottle all over one pad.
how to make padsicles how to make padsicles

Now it was time to start making them! I started with Aloe Vera. I just squirted a line of aloe and then took my fingers and rubbed it in.
how to make padsicles

Then I sprayed with the Witch Hazel.
how to make padsicles

I realized after doing one pad it was going to take a long time if I unwrapped, and did one pad at a time so I created a mini assembly line and did 5-10 at a time. See my brain isn’t completely fried due to pregnancy brain 😉
how to make padsicles

The assembly line…how to make padsicles

And that is all. See, I told you super easy.

I just did one bag worth (24). Because it was so easy if I need to make more later I can. Not sure how many I will go through each day. I will update this post once I use them and let you know if theres anything I would have changed or if I would have wished I made 5 bags more 😉

how to make padsicles All ready for the freezer.