My three favorite skin products

Okay if you’re like me I am low maintenance. I mean lowwwwww maintenance when it comes to beauty. However when I turned thirty I realized that while low maintenance isn’t a good or bad thing having good skin does take some work. Over the past year I began changing my routine. okay, lets be real. I actually started doing stuff because the last time I actually had a daily or even weekly routine was wayyyyyy back when I was a fashion model. So ummm 12 plus years ago. haha. Also I want to mention my skin is VERY SENSITIVE. If there is any kind of warning for possible irritation on a product chances are my face will show that irritation immediately.

Anyways, lets focus on what I am doing right these days. 

First, I clean my face EVERY NIGHT. I use to be able to count the amount of times on one hand that I had washed my face each month. Now I can count the amount of times I HAVEN’T washed my face the entire year on one hand. Because I am low maintenance though I stick to makeup remover wipes. Whether I have actually put on makeup or not. I have tried a couple and these target brand ones are my go to. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I am talking if the label says don’t use if you have sensitive skin they are talking to me. These fragrance free wipes have been the only thing that don’t turn my face red. 

Unscented Facial Wipes from Target $3.89

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Second, I use my tinkle razor THREE nights a week. This thing is my favorite. If you like a good blackhead popping you will love this. It gets the baby hairs and dry skin off so easy. I was so nervous I would cut myself, nope. 
3pk Tinkle Razors  $3.77 

After I use my tinkle razor I immediately follow up with my favorite oil for skin. Manuka oil.

Third, apply manuka oil to my face EVERY NIGHT. This oil stinks bad. I mean its pretty awful when you get a whiff of it but its been magic and has transformed my skin from dry to soft so to me its worth it. Granted I don’t smell it while I am sleeping so it can’t be that bad. Its just when I apply it I notice it. If you’re interested in getting manuka oil let me know and I can order some for you!! Bottle is $36.75. 

I just wanna say that I have tried several serums and anti aging oils and allllllllll the stuff. But using one single oil is what actually worked for me! Imagine that. 

Fourth, Face sheet masks once a week. Now here is what I learned, not all sheet masks are the same. I have tried out at least five types and always come back to these Miss Spa QUENCH face sheet masks. They are the most hydrating. I put it on a day when I am not doing tinkle razor. Ill usually put it on and get some work done and then take it off. A couple things I do though when I take off the sheet mask. I don’t wipe off any of the magic goop thats on my face. I actually peel off mask and rub it all into my face AND neck. Why my neck? Have you ever noticed how people age on their neck?? 

Miss Spa Quench Face sheet masks: $2.99

I am not big on new years resolutions but one thing I will be adding to my skin regimen will be this jade roller. If you haven’t heard about benefits to rolling lemme give you a quick three
Reduces Inflammation + Puffiness
– Help smooth out wrinkles
– Helps lymphatic system by reversing stagnation in face

Amazon has this jade roller ill be getting. Or you can get fancy with a rose quartz roller one HERE

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