10 under 10 stocking stuffer + gift ideas for toddlers

You all know I love to get the most for my money and hate clutter so I thought I would share some of my favorite finds for stocking stuffers and gifts for toddlers. All of these are under $10 too!! Share this list with your family and parents!

A lot of these gift ideas are focused on keeping toddler busy during cold winter months. My little guy loves art like his mama and papa so we have most of these. I will be getting the no spill paint cups for sure this year with all the painting that is bound to happen.

Socks and toothbrushes in stockings is a thing y’all and here are the two best ones for your toddlers.

1] Bamboo toddler toothbrush

Wanna help eliminate a bit of plastic? Switch your kiddos over to these bamboo toothbrushes. I have them and love them!!

2]  Old Navy kid fuzzy socks $2

Black friday pricing. So grab them right away. There are unicorns, penguins, polar bears, santa. Everything for every kiddo in your life.

3]  6 pc No spill paint cups $8.99 + Kids washable paint 6 count/ $4.27

Bring on ALLLLLL the artsy fartsy things. These no spill paint cups are in my shopping cart because how have I never thought about this? This is going to make painting time way easier!!! And they come with paintbrushes. Double win.

These paints are probably the art activity Isaac pulls out the most and asks to do. These little containers are perfect and have already lasted us quite awhile. Pretty sure I am going to need to stock up though for impending cold coming our way.

4] Carters Two-Piece pajamas for only $4.97 —> While supplies last. They go quick!!

Every year I stock up on these when they have their early black friday prices for the following year. I usually get at least five of them to keep us held over for the year. Isaac has almost completely outgrown the pajamas I bought last year for him so I just bought some for now and for the next year. These are super easy to roll up, but a bow on and put in stocking. What kid doesn’t love new pajamas??

5] Playdoh $7.99

I don’t think I even need to explain why playdoh is one of the greatest inventions ever do I? Didn’t think so.

6] Melissa + doug on the go REUSABLE water painting (Vehicles + Animals) $ 9.27

These are game changers. If you don’t wanna deal with any of the painting mess this is perfect for in the car, waiting for siblings at practice, or just quiet at home activity. One of my best friends sent me a video of her daughter quietly using one and I knew I needed one…or two. Fortunately this one comes with two.

7] Melissa + Doug Drawing Paper $2.99

Drawing pads are pretty much the best thing ever when you have a kiddo. Why? Way less paper all over the house. All the art stays in one place. Lets just call that a parenting win.

8] Toddler Coloring Book. 100 pages of things that go $5.95

Things that go book is my sons absolute favorite so how could I not get him the coloring book version?

9] Melissa + Doug Sticker book Dinosaurs, Space, Vehicles and more $4.99

My guy LOVES stickers and everything in this sticker book so I know this is going to be a big win, win.

10] Pull back 12 set mini truck set $9.48

Tractors are all the rage over here so 12 for under $10!!! Um yes please! Thats a better price than matchbox cars!!

Okay I couldn’t leave these two things out because they are some of Isaacs favorites. He grabs them out whenever I am “working” on something and he is just in heaven. 

Tool Set $8.99

Isaacs toolset is one of his favorite toys hands down. He knows the difference between screwdriver, pliers, saw, you name it. He knows it and its just about the cutest thing ever.

Toddler Hardhat $8.76

And you can’t work without a hardhat. And lets be real a toddler in a hardhat is pretty much the cutest thing ever as well. And for under $10 how could you say no?

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