DIY Kids play kitchen

When I scored this kitchen set for free. Yes, FREE I knew it was going to need a full makeover. I mean looking at this ahem *beauty*. As a neutral lover I couldn’t stand the idea of this many colors in my house. haha.  Bring me ALLLLLL the black, white, gray and gold. I mean what more do you need? Seriously?

Lets take a moment and admire the beauty that is the BEFORE.

It was bad you guys. haha. Well loved and too many colors for my eyes. 

Enter lots of tender loving care.

First up was to take off all the hardware. Easy enough. I then painted each set white. This probably helped transform them the quickest and helped me get a vision for the complete transformation.  I was able to just do two coats of paint. The biggest pain in a** was painting inside the kitchen sets. But hey, its done and it looks great.


I also spray painted the “sink” aka baking pan black. I was hoping to find something to replace it but its functional. So I kept it. And it saved me a good $20. Finding a play kitchen sink is nearly impossible FYI.

Next up was applying the marble contact paper for the counters. Happy to say it was super easy to cut, and apply. Highly suggest doing this on your DIY kitchen. It completely  transforms the kitchen. And for under $10 it is the biggest bang for your buck on a kids kitchen. My BFF joked my sons kitchen is going to be better than hers.

TIP FOR APPLYING MARBLE CONTACT PAPER: The marble contact paper is extremely sticky duh! So learn from me and I don’t cut it longer than you need cause your paint WILL peel off. 

Marble Contact Paper: $9:  Amazon 

I also changed out the hardware. I knew I wanted gold hardware for his play kitchen. I was able to score these on amazon for under $15 for a set of five of them. Perfect size for little man.   Gold Handles: $15/5pk : Amazon  

Well what do you think? Would love to hear what you think of the transformation.

Have you attempted DIY a kids kitchen before?? 

Gold Handles: $15/5pk : Amazon  

Marble Contact Paper: $9:  Amazon 

Stove Top Sticker Decals: Etsy

Play Food: Target

Felt Fish: $8.99/3pk Target

Pots +Pans : Melissa + Doug (I scored his for free from a friend 🙂











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