Apartment Tour | Neutral Modern Nursery Toddler

If you know me you know I LOVE neutrals. My favorite color in that spectrum hands down being white. I need white walls and big windows for my heart to come alive. When I saw the light in this space I KNEW this was our new home. I have surprisingly loved NOT having curtains which surprises me more than anyone. I love a good set of floor to ceiling drapes but the light and windows are just to good to cover in any way. So the only room that has curtains is my room.


His rocking horse was a hand me down that was re-painted with his name on the back. He loves his “neigh, neigh”

I love me a good fiddle fig plant. I found this cute little fiddle fig leaf for $4 at Michaels this summer! SCORE! (Side note, all my fiddle figs I have scored for $5 or under. Um thank you JESUS!)

His Azteca Natural rug from Lorena Canals is one of my favorite rugs for a kids room because of how easy it is to clean. I can just throw it in the wash!! With a toddler, that is necessary at times 😉 Its under $250 too and comes in two sizes HERE.

I made his ‘son you are a legend’ sign for his nursery and loved it so much I decided to keep it in his new space. Just a reminder for him as he grows up.

My favorite thing in his room has to be his play kitchen that I did a complete 180 to that he I gave to him as his christmas gift this year. And yes, a diy blog post is coming next week on how I did it all for under $50. Consider this a sneak peek 😉




Have any questions or where I got something? Just ask in the comments!







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