Planning for 2018

Preparing for 2018 has become such a JOY. While I am believing for some BIG victories in my life I am choosing to just REST in His abilities. With that though comes the need to be   diligent in the daily tasks that need to occur to make life happen. Juggling a photography business, oil business, being a blogger, and a mama doesn’t just happen by itself. Although theres a whole lot of grace on it!


Enter J.Lynn Designery 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner. I have to admit I have always boughten your standard target planner. Spent $10 and called it good. Thing is, I never used it the entire year, and there was never enough room to write it it.

J.Lynn Designery has THREE options for her 2018 planners. I personally have the 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner Geo Print. She has a place for every week to write down goals for that week, and what you’re grateful for that week. I cannot wait to look back over every week at the end of the year and see what the highlight was for that week. This planner goes above and beyond just being a calendar.






One of the big things on my heart for 2018 is AUTHENTICITY.

So when we decided to snap some pictures of the planner in a coffeeshop I knew I wanted it to be as real as life is. This is my life you guys. Sometimes I allowing him to explore coffeeshops and restaurants. Other times he is right next to me wanting to be apart of whatever it is I am doing and its all beautiful. The process is slowly becoming my favorite. This is single mama life and I am thankful for everything I am learning in this season of life. I know it won’t last forever so I am soaking up every moment of just him and I.



We shot inside the beautiful Monarch Coffee. If you’re looking for a *usually* kid free coffee shop head on over. Thanks to all the customers who didn’t mind my little man coming up and saying hi to them.


My navy ribbed off the shoulder sweater is from Pink Blush. (I am swearing a small but it definitely fits two sizes larger)

Isaacs raglan shirt is from Kansas City Clothing Co. (Isaac is wearing 2T. )





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