‘I knew you’d say yes’ | Choosing to love without asking for love in return

I wrote this two months ago (to the day) and am finally sharing it. (I currently have 27 drafts that need to be published. Lord help me). Hmmm, its the 27th. You think there something to the number 27 today? Oh boy the number freak in me is geeking out right now you guys. 27 means unconditional love. You’ll see as you read through this just how on point that is.

When I read Katie Davis’ words from her latest book Daring to Hope my heart leapt. This is exactly what He had called me too. Finally words to express it.

“Why would he allow us to love people so deeply? Could that be God’s answer to us as we walk the hard road? “I knew you would do it. I knew you would love them.” And suddenly the hard road becomes not a burden but a place of great honor, a place of partnership and intimacy with Him.”

Something clicked, something in me now understood why He had called me to love the way I’ve loved. See, I believe in a love that goes beyond what my physical circumstances would say is possible. This hope that I cling to pushes past doubt, fear, and pain.

In that though I find myself in situations where my head screams “NO!! Run, you’re going to get hurt” and my heart just sits there in peace knowing its possible. Knowing that love can pierce through every barrier, every sin, every doubt. See my heart believes in a love so grounded, so faithful, so freeing that I know nothing is impossible.

That kind of love will take you into some hardest, darkest places. Because thats where love is needed the most. 

You’re able go into those places because you know even though you may not get love in return you’ll be able to share it in a way that only heaven could orchestrate. For some its losing a child, its relationships,  its foster care, its a dying parent, there are so many situations where He calls us to love with everything in us for the sake of partnering with His heart. Whatever it is God has called you too I know beyond a shadow of a doubt He’s faithful in it all. He has enough love to fill you up, and whoever or whatever the situation. His love is able to cast out fear EVERY TIME .

I have the ability to invite God into that place to heal, restore, and love. When you’re called to love you don’t always get to stick around to see the ending. Or sometimes the ending is ‘cut short’ and you’re left with less than desirable situations. Thats when we can find ourself asking that Katie did, why would He call me to this if He knew it would end this way? Because He knew we would say yes. He knew we would give it our all, He knew we would fight till the end with everything in us just like He did for us.

Suddenly it gives every tear, every battle, every prayer purpose. 

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