Music Therapy class

I’ll admit I was a skeptic. Music Therapy for a one year old? He is developing well, I don’t see any issues that we need to deal with…Well, my skepticism quickly vanished the moment she walked in the door. Isaac was enthralled the moment she brought in all her instruments and stayed a foot from her the entire hour class. A FOOT you guys!! If you know my little guy you know he doesn’t just jump in sight unseen.

I keep looking around like is this seriously happening? Not only was he completely engaged it was responding to her and doing everything she was doing on cue. Which then of course brings on the mom guilt of wait am I teaching him enough? I had no idea he could do this! Music therapy isn’t just for kids with ‘special needs’. It is for ALL children and I am 100% a believer in it.

Music For Milestones Baby Playgroup is a unique, interactive music class with your child! This evidence-based program offers an opportunity to connect with your child through musical play, while also nurturing their early communication, physical, emotional, and social development. Activities include singing and signing, music exploration, movement, finger-play, instrument-play, and more! Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive parent education, and actively shape the group based on the needs of their child and family! Music groups are led by a Pediatric, Board-Certified Music Therapist, trained in adapting music to fit the needs of each child, facilitate healthy attachments, and build early skills!

After our first class with him I instantly had to tell my friends about it because a) how does anyone get a one year old to sit for one hour and do everything they say and two, he LOVED it. She is a board certified therapist and has the sweetest disposition and lets be honest a beautiful voice that captures the kiddos attention.


The first years of your child’s development lay a crucial foundation for the years to come! You can enhance your child’s early learning in a fun way that will make a long-term impact! Music Therapy is a powerful and non-threatening medium, where unique outcomes are possible. The brain processes music in both hemispheres, allowing Music Therapy uniquely to stimulate development in the whole child. With young children, Music Therapy provides a unique variety of musical experiences in an intentional and developmentally appropriate manner that promote changes in a child’s behavior and facilitate development of the child’s communication, social, emotional, sensory-motor, academic, and cognitive skills. It involves relationships that are structured and adapted through the elements of music to create a positive environment that will foster positive growth. Music Therapy enhances the quality of life!

Music is highly motivating, yet it can also have a calming and relaxing effect. Enjoyable music activities are designed to be success-oriented and make children feel better about themselves.


I am doing a giveaway for a free MONTH PASS for one child on my instagram account. Head over HERE to enter.


Stepping Stones serves children in the Greater Kansas City area, offering services in Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa, Mission, Leawood, Kansas City, and Lee’s Summit. Sessions are typically held in the client’s home, daycare, or school environment.

Honestly KC mamas. Your kiddo is going to LOVE this class. Get them enrolled today. Classes are ONLY $15 per class or $100 for 8 weeks.

Time: Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30am // Location: Home Holistic (7927 Floyd St, Overland Park, KS 66204) // Kristi at

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