Mommy and Me Style

There is something about coordinating outfits with my little guy that I find so fun. Whoever said you could only match/coordinate outfits with a girl is crazy.

My off the shoulder chiffon dress is from PinkBlush. This peach dress is under $70 too. If you know me you know I LOVE pink blush.

Little mans top + tie are from Little Mister. Is it not the sweetest little chambray shirt and tie? Talk about a little heartthrob. Those cheeks though still steal the show 😉 


On another note I wanted to share with you guys something that Gods been speaking to me about the last couple months. Over the last few months up until a week ago I would just cry out to God how am I suppose to rest in the midst of this season??

I found myself consumed with responsibilities beyond my capabilities, life was throwing me curveball after curveball, and it seemed like everything in life was being shaken. I was unable to let my guard down and truly rest like my heart, mind, body, and soul so desperately needed. .

Then Something struck a chord within the last week. I began letting go of what I felt like I had to hold onto or save and suddenly a light went off. I realized the beauty that is in making memories and letting go of rigid schedules that prevent life from happening.
As a result it’s been so life giving for both of us.
We’ve stayed up past naptime and bedtimes. Sometimes we go to bed super early. We’ve gone on so many adventures as of late.
We’ve made time to spend with friends, made new friends on a whim, we’ve have eaten an insanely good amount of food and you know what?
My heart is so full. For me, this is resting in him. It’s letting go of trying to juggle it all and just breathing in all life has for me in the here and now.



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