Nursery Update

I knew I wanted to update little mans room a little bit when he turned one. We originally had it all gray, white, and black and I wanted to add some simple colors to it. Im currently obsessed (like half the population of mamas) with cacti so I decided to go with that theme. We started out by switching out his mattress. It is the one thing I REGRET not spending more money on. We changed out our IKEA mattress to this Newton Baby Mattress (Review coming next week!) and you guys it made me almost ashamed at having an ikea mattress for my baby.

Sidenote, are toddler chairs not the sweetest thing ever? We got this one at Target and he LOVES IT!!


Next up was switching out his white faux fur rug with these stunning aztec rug from Lorena Canal Rugs. First off, the rug is soooooo soft. Way softer than I imagined. Second, ITS WASHABLE MOMS!!! Third, well who needs a third reason after number two. haha. You can get this rug in two different sizes HERE 

I have a thing for making little corners in his room. He has his little reading corner, then an area for toys, and then sleeping area. The organizer in me can breathe easy. haha.  How perfect are our Bannor Toys engraved wood blocks on his shelf!

You can call thank me later for finding this incredible brand Lily Razz. I searched high and low for the perfect cactus pillow. I tried google, etsy, amazon, instagram. I had almost given up hope that I was going to find a super cute one that wasn’t 3″ tall and that wasn’t 3′ fall. Finally I found lily razz. And lily is so sweet! Please make sure and let her know I sent you!!

Sunshine Nursery Co has been one of my favorites since becoming a mama. She made the beautiful faux fur blanket and matching changing cover. He is OBSESSED with his blanket you guys! And I can still have it in his crib in the summer! Cause he is obsessed with everything soft.

And this crib sheet. Yes, lets all drool for a moment because yes this print is PERFECTION. Again, you can thank me later for finding this brand 😉 Wild Littles is AMAZING. You can find me on Etsy over HERE





Mattress: Newton Baby – blog post coming soon on how INCREDIBLE this mattress is!

Crib Sheet: Wild Littles

Changing Pad: Sunshine Nursery Co

Cactus Pillow: LillyRazz

Rug: Lorena Canal Rugs






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