Assumptions on Social Media

I wanna talk about something that’s been on my heart for awhile.


I’m discovering just how deadly assumptions can be you guys. They can leave desperately hurting people alone. They doubt insecurity. They assume perfection.

Thanks to social media we seem to naturally assume everyone’s life is perfect but what if we turned that around and assumed that everyone was going through something. Would it make us more inclined to reach out to those around us and build up those around us? Instead of sitting back and assuming people are all OK. .


Because really when it comes down to it every single person in my life has gone through some kind of crazy or traumatic thing in the last year. And if almost all the people in my life are going through something like that then I’m pretty sure everyone in general is. .


ASSUMPTIONS assume that the gals that post all the time about her and her husband have the perfect marriage. When really it could be really that she’s posting those things because those are the only good times that she has to remember in her marriage because they’ve been fighting to save their marriage the past couple years. .

Or when a girl post selfie’s. It could be that those are the only time she truly feels beautiful and she’s putting herself out there… .

Assumptions assume the girl who posts bump pictures all the time had such an easy time getting pregnant when really it took five year and three babies in heaven to get to where she is. .

I wanna challenge you to scroll through social media without assumptions. Full of love. Share the love. If you’ve been going through hard times I can guarantee you someone else is as well. Be the love tonight.


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