Ring Review

Being a work from home mama I find myself alone with my little guy and safety can be an issue. I’m pretty sure we get 2-5 knocks on our door daily. No joke. I’m not always able to jump up and answer the door now being a mom. Especially if I’m in the middle of a diaper change I also don’t want to miss a package that needs my signature.

Enter Ring, they have created a video doorbell system that is a mom’s dream come true because, let’s be honest, those little peepholes in doors are pretty much impossible to see anything.


But a video camera? Clear as day picture of who is at my door. And when daddy’s away sometimes, I get a little paranoid, so this is an answer to my prayers. My husband installed it in–just as they promised–5 minutes flat. He even admitted it was way easier than anticipated to install. We downloaded the app, and we’re good to go.

Thanks to technology, I can check who is at the door and talk to them from the touch of a button on my phone. Best part is, even if you don’t have a doorbell, Ring will work. With Ring, I am always home. When my little guy is napping, I try to work on blogging so I am not close to the door, and sometimes I don’t hear it (especially if they just knock). With Ring’s motion sensor, I know right away the moment someone is at my door.

Did I mention the video is crystal clear? It seriously is. Now when we’re playing, I don’t have to stop and worry about leaving my little guy alone to jump up and see who is at the door. Even better, I don’t have to stop playing games with my little guy. I can simply answer the door and little man thinks it’s great!






Ring. It means that no matter where you are, you’re always home.




Whether you’re a mom, or a working single, Ring is for you, and for a limited time, Ring is sharing a $25 discount code with me that’s good for the purchase of any Ring device, valid from now until May 14th. If you have a mama in your life, this would make a great gift for her for Mother’s Day! Simply make your purchase through this link or use the code “THANKSMOM” at checkout

This was a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.


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