Day at the farm

We recently went to one of the farms here in Kansas City with hubby and MIL. My husband use to come here when he was a kid, since then they have nearly doubled the farm. Isaac really enjoyed checking out the animals. It was fun to see how he remembered certain animals from animal books we read. Bunnies and goats were his favorite. Cows he didn’t care much for. haha.

Overall he LOVES animals. Part of that is due to staying with my brother and sister in law for a week who have a dog that is AMAZING with babies. Isaac would sit next to him and let him lick him and play with him. It was pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

We lasted about an hour. I tried begging hubby to move to property with land simply so we could get dozens of kids (baby goats, not humans. haha). He flatly denied me and said I just needed to come to the farm to get my fix. Fair enough.

For now…

I mean seriously you guys. Look how cute the baby goats are!!!


Isaacs entire outfit is by Hallmark Baby 

MY OUTFIT: Pants: Nike Dri Fit // Shoes: Nike // Top: Old Navy clearance // Diaper Bag: Victoria Secret

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