You do you mama

Oh comparison how I despise you. In my experience it doesn’t come blatantly obvious waving a red flag saying here I am. Instead it comes tightly wrapped in a beautiful box shinier than the last box it presented you just moments before. Then the thought comes maybe I need this.

Maybe I should have changed my hair more drastic, maybe I should have gone back to pink hair. Everyone is doing it now. Maybe I do need to buy a new couch, look at her rug. Maybe we do need to sell everything and travel like them. Oh comparison you truly are the thief of joy.

In that moment I have to quiet myself and remind myself “You do you mama”. Sometimes I literally have to say it outloud to myself.

Its so much easier said than done some days. Keeping up with the jones’s is so different when you become a mom especially on social media. It brings a whole new level of comparison. Suddenly your house, your feeding, your decor, your hair, your makeup are in the spotlight. We notice the mamas that literally just rolled out of bed looking flawless, and the mamas that truly did just roll outta bed 😉 We notice who seems to be well rested, who got a new couch, whose husbands are in the pictures and so on…

It is when I see people shifting and changing that is when I find myself questioning if I should have changed, or stayed the same. It is in those moments I have to silence my doubts and reach for my anchor to remind me of who I am.  That who I am is enough. I wish I didn’t deal with as much as I do but I know that by addressing this in my heart I will grow into a stronger person. A more confident mama.

Today I want to encourage you mamas “You do you mama”. No one else can. I think Dr. Suess summed it up pretty well saying

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no onealive who is youer than you.”

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