DockAtot review

When I became a mom I was thrown into the world of “you need this, no you need this, no try this product, no try this one”. My goal was to only have what we truly needed. I had been a nanny for 8+ years and had a couple ideas of products that I liked and the kids I nannied all seem to like but none of them had ever had the DockAtot. Yet, every mom around me seemed to have one or was pinning over them. So I was curious. Was it really everything these moms talked it up to be or could I live without it?

So I decided to try it out. When our big black box arrived I’m pretty sure I squealed for joy. You know that feeling when a BIG box arrives with your new shoes or purse? Well thats how I felt. Guess I’m definitely a mom now. I squeal for joy when baby stuff comes. haha.

Little man was super excited to see what this thing was all about when he woke up from his nap.

For those who have never heard what a DockAtot is. Its a multi functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger. They’re in Europe, with all natural 100% cotton.

Thats a win, win for me.





I had a lot of moms message me when I shared on instagram that our DockAtot arrived asking me how we liked it. Some wondered how I was using it for my 10 month old not knowing they make one for older babies. Yep, the Deluxe is for 9-36 months!! Others wondered if it really was as great as everyone seems to be raving. Yes, yes, and yes. I seriously wish I would have gotten the grand when he was a baby. We had him sleeping everywhere when he was first born (couch, floor, bed…) It would have been so much easier to just pull the DockAtot out and put him in instead of pulling out 3-5 blankets, putting pillows around him and so on. We already had enough baby stuff taking over our house, having the dockAtot then would have created a lot less clutter.

So for those of you on the fence as to whether or not its worth it. 100% It totally is.

To get $10 off your DockAtot click HERE

Our beaches here in the midwest aren’t as dreamy as the beaches in Hawaii where it seems like all my IG friends are right now (trying so hard to not be jealous) so bringing our DockAtot is the perfect solution. It’s big enough for him to play in, and perfect for him to nap it when he’s tuckered out. We simply folded it in half and put it on the stroller. As large as it is, its not all that heavy. So super easy to travel with.

We have the Deluxe Mod Pod for our little guy. Besides bringing it to the beach we use it at home in our living space. I throw toys in it and its his little “playground”. He loves just lounging in it as well “reading books” and drinking his milk.

I will be using his dockAtot when we transition him to a toddler bed as well.

Okay, enough chatting. Now some ridiculously cute pictures of little man in his dockAtot at the beach.





DockAtot: DockAtot to get $10 off your DockAtot click HERE // Swaddle Blankets: Swaddle Designs // Baby Swim Diaper: Cheeky Cloth


Do you have a dockAtot? Which one do you have? Would love to hear how you use it. 

This was a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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