What I use to feed my 10 month old | JJ Rabbit Review

We are at the point of feeding little guy what we eat. Most of the time that is. We really like spicy foods, so I am waiting to introduce the extra spicy (I’m talking red peppers/curries until a little later). So we have our IKEA high chair that honestly I cannot imagine using anything else because of how lightweight it is and its white and well, I love white. haha. Only thing I don’t love is how the tray is not so easy to clean.

So when JJ Rabbit sent us this easter bunny feeding set bundle I almost jumped up for joy. Mamas, you NEED their SiliMATS . It exactly what we’ve all been looking for but didn’t even know. This anti-slip placemat is way different than any other brand (and we have a couple other brands that I purchased and they’re now collecting dust in a drawer.) they don’t have suction cups which I find to be annoying honestly. And it wraps perfectly on the IKEA highchair tray.  

Told ya it fit perfect ^^ 



The real winner for little man though was the cup which they name the cuppies. Each of their cups have a cute little animal attached at the bottom. How has no one thought of this idea sooner??? Its genius!


This next picture slays me. I see you little bunny



He apparently was so inspired by the new feeding set he decided to try a new way to eat…like a bunny.

Eventually he gave the spoon a try. Its kind of genius too mamas. 

Such a big boy!! So proud of him. 




Making sure the bunny is still in there…



Okay mom stop taking pictures of me eating. You can purchase this entire Easter Bunny Bundle for under $43 right now while its on sale! Make sure and let them know I sent you!


This was a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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