DIY: Modern Easter Eggs

If you have followed along on my blog for awhile you know I love a good deal. By good deal I mean 90% off. Two years ago I hit up walmart, and target when easter went to 90% off and scored these egg carton for $0.19! The permanent markers I used were also 90% off at Target for under $.20 as well!!

Our house is pretty neutral, so I wanted to stick with white and black eggs for our house since I am going to be using them as decor. The day will come soon enough when I have to make crazy colored eggs with little man. haha. Until then I am all about these black and white paper eggs.



You’ll notice there are not a lot of eggs with words on them…thats because turns out trying to write on a egg…well, its not exactly easy. Especially when you are looking at other peoples Pinterest eggs and they’re pretty much perfect.


A couple things I discovered along the way.

  • The fine tip permanent markers are a PAIN to write with.
  • The silver metallic markers for some reason have a thicker tip and they were SO EASY to do the lines with.
  • Unless you’re a calligraphy expert do yourself a favor and don’t try and write on them. Its a discouraging task. haha

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