Once upon a farm review


Now that little guy is eating three snack/meals a day having healthy food handy is a little  harder. Thankfully Once upon a farm has an answer for us mamas on the go or just needing something quick and healthy to feed our little ones. When our box of pouches arrived it came in an insulated box so that everything stayed fresh. Similar to the home delivery meal systems for adults. In the box was a insulated lunch bag and bib. I would have never thought about having the insulated bag but it makes perfect sense how else are you going to keep it cold?

The flavors that Once upon a farm offers go way beyond your typically baby/pre-toddler food. Not only that, they have real whole food in them.


We dug in and tried a pouch the first day they came. The first one we tried he had about half of it and then was over it.

I mean seriously you guys? Get this baby a modeling contract cause I don’t look this cute when I have food all over me. haha. Anyways, back to the baby food. 

He had a couple favorite flavors: Carrot-Y Coconut-Y Quinoa, Just Right Porridge, and Mama Bear Blueberry.

Which he could not get enough of. He would have eaten two of them had I let him. What I really appreciated about the baby food was the selection and what was in it.

Im talking kale, coconut milk, and chia seeds quinoa people! 


The verdict is in…they are a winner!!! Also, can we please caption the bottom two pictures? But for real!!





This was a sponsored post. However all thoughts are my own. 

Romper: Henry + Claire

Swaddle Blanket: Swaddle Designs

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