Why I sell Young Living Oils

A little over three years ago my husband and I started using oils. It was right around the time when my mom passed away. I was dealing with a lot and a friend, who actually had been our pre-marital counselor suggested I try Young Living Oils. She was always diffusing them and was oiled up and I knew her and her husband didn’t fall for things. I mean he was a police officer you guys. He can smell a scam a mile away 😉

Well we started with Peace + Calming . After using Peace + Calming on our feet just before going to bed and having the best nights sleep in 10+ years I knew oils were the real deal. Since then we have expanded our oil knowledge and began use 3-5 oils DAILY. For everything from managing stress, to sore muscles, to helping get rid of smells in the house.



|| Our five daily favorites. Hubby uses Valor + Peace and calming daily and I use Lemon, RC (I joke its my crack. More on that later;), and stress away. || 

Because I truly believe in the power of what oils can do I’ve begun selling oils.

I honestly wish I had oils so long ago!! There really is almost an oil for everything. Now when I feel an onslaught of emotions or stress. I know its time to oil up.

Smelly house? Diffuse.

Starting to feel sick? Oils.

Its true you guys. Now let me just preface this with saying I do not believe oils can cure any and everything. However, the impact they have had on our lives and those around us make me a believer in their power. People have been using them for thousands of years. They have just begun making a comeback in the last 10 years. Oils can be used diffused, topically, and digested. We love using them in our baths and for massage.

I actually had my massage therapist use them to help induce labor when my little guy was late and guess what? It worked. Theres another oil that so many women swear by called DragonTime that has cut women length of their menstrual cycle by several days, and the pain of cramps is lessened!! I just got that one and am trying it out later this month. I mean can I get a HALLELUJAH on that one?? There are oils for kids too! Even teething babies.

One of the other things that I love about using oils is there are so many uses. The products that Young Living has is enabling our family to live a less toxic life when it comes to cleaning supplies, and air fresheners. Thanks to Young Living you’re able to make your own cleaning supplies, laundry soap, dryer balls. The list just goes on and on. Because oils have been such a big part of our lives I am going to begin blogging about them and how we use them. Whether it be a DIY project on how to make scented dryer balls, or how to make an oil blend for helping keep your wonderful time of the month manageable…

So whether you are interested in just purchasing oils or selling oils alongside me and my amazing team I would love to chat with you! 

I am apart of one of the most amazing communities in this business and would LOVE for you to join alongside me.

Within a few days of selling oils I found myself making money, and getting free oils. What more could an oily gal ask for? As a mama I wanna be spending time with my little guy not out away from the house. Young Living has created an opportunity for me to do just that.


Message me: Kymberlyjanelle@gmail.com

Want to join my team? Sign up HERE 

(Make sure that enrolled + sponsor number is: 11413989 when you sign up)

by signing up as a wholesaler/distributor you get 24% off retail prices!! Whether you want to sell oils or not wholesale is definitely the way to go.

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