Three things that helped our baby sleep well

If you’re like me I don’t do well without sleep. After having the little guy I discovered just how much I really did love sleep because I wasn’t getting any thanks to feedings every 45 minutes. Any other mamas feel me?

There have been a couple things that have helped us in getting our little guy to sleep and I wanted to share them with you all.

The first thing was his sleep sack. He wasn’t a huge fan of the swaddle, but we did swaddle him for awhile. Well until I got sick and tired of going in 5 times a night to put his arms back in the swaddle that he wiggled out of. My patience was running thin at that point.

Thankfully swaddle designs had emailed me right about then and asked if I wanted to try out their lightweight cotton knit sleep sack. I said YES! I was super nervous about transitioning him from swaddle to his arms being free but this was the perfect transition for him. We didn’t have to get the merlin suit like a lot of parents which I was happy about (one less transition) and at 9.5 months old I still have him in the sleep sack. He has no problem rolling around, getting on his knees and moving. I will be transitioning him out of it soon but not just yet. Why? Because the little man is obsessed with taking off his socks and “eating them”. haha. So we may have to do bedtime without socks when that transition comes.




Next thing is clothing. I found that my little guy sleeps best in cooler temperatures. When he was a couple months old I would always layer him up afraid he wouldn’t stay warm. Now that his body is better at regulating itself I no longer pile on the layers and he loves just having one layer of pajamas and his sleep sack. Primary has the best zip up romper that we love to use. The best part about this romper is if I’m having one of those days when I don’t really wanna change him into clothes its perfect as a play outfit as well. We have THIS zip romper in two colors. Colbat + Grass. One of the things about having one layer of clothing is making sure that the fabric isn’t itchy. Lemme put it this way if Primary made this in my size, I would totally wear it 😉



The last thing that helped us was MAM glow in the dark pacifiers. They were a GAME CHANGER. How you mamas survived without these bad boys is beyond me. I use to just have one pacifier in his crib but if it fell out and he wakeup  and wanted it he couldn’t find it because his room was dark. He didn’t have a problem feeling around for it, but he just wouldn’t be able to find it. Enter glow in the dark pacifier. I now have 3-4 pacifiers in his crib and two of them are glow in the dark. No more screaming in angst 1, 2, 3, and 4am when he can’t find his pacifier. Thank you MAM from all of us mamas!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.



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