Be kind + good

“Be kind + good” It’s so much more than just a phrase or a cute slogan for a t-shirt. Even though it is that. See photos for reference 😉 Once you become an adult being kind I feel like is often times forgotten. Especially with so many screens for us to hide behind. While I personally feel blessed for the relationships and partnerships I have gained through social media I am well aware thats not how it is for everyone. I have seen, heard and walked with friends as they have had others attack, slander, and just not be kind to them from behind their screens and in person.

We’re not all going to agree on every topic and thats okay. Being kind is giving people room to be themselves. It is giving people grace to “mess up”, cause we’re not perfect no matter how hard we may try to be.

Being kind is taking the extra step to keep the door open for the person behind you. Its helping that person you know needs helping unloading their groceries into their car even though you’re in a rush to get home to make dinner.


I want to challenge each and everyone reading this post today to proactively do three things today everyday this week that would show kindness towards another person. Whether it be physically helping them out, an uplifting text, a coffee purchased. Whatever it is, do it for no other reason than to be kind + good.

And now some cute pictures in the perfect BE KIND+ GOOD TSHIRT by The SweetBee Company

Feel free to leave a comment sharing how you spread kindness this week.

Isaacs t-shirt: The Sweet Bee Company







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