Oral care for babies : The Brushies

Little man may not have a lot of teeth but lemme tell ya those two little teeth are powerful. haha. Both my hubby and I have bite marks to show for it 😉 So I started thinking I need a way to make sure those cute, but dangerous teeth stay clean.

When I found The Brushies I knew I found a winner. They are adorable little finger puppet toothbrushes which making ‘brushing’ baby teething easy.

With their bright colors they are not only fun to look at but fun to put in your mouth. Or at least thats what little mans actions showed us 😉

Designed by two doctors these mamas knew what mamas needed. They’re made of 100% food-grade silicone, The Brushies are non-toxic, BPA & phthalate-free, odorless and tasteless which means you can use them as early as a month old. So if you’re wondering how do I brush a baby teeth? Follow along for some hilarious outtakes and a little seriousness.

We got the gift set which includes an adorable book all about these cute little puppets.


They have an adorable little book that goes with the little Brushies. He was into the book for a moment but lets be real the winner of all this are those little puppet toothbrushes.

Okay now down to business. Teaching him the ways. 
Seriously though, he LOVES how these feel on his gums since he has been teething. So well done brushies! You made two amazing products in one without meaning too!

And in case you weren’t completely sold on his obsession with these. Apparently one little brushie isn’t enough, he went for two, and grabbed a third before I yanked them out but hey, he approves. Thats what matters right?

This is definitely going to be a new item I add to my list of what to gift new mommies. Make sure and check The Brushies out on Instagram and their website and sure and let them know I sent you.




This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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