First time getting brow wax + tint

I’m not quite sure how it took me till the age of 30 to get my first brow wax and tint but here I am. So this past Monday I went and had both wax and tint done at Etiquette Beauty. Amanda walked me through what she was going to do, how much she was going to take off, what to expect. Which I appreciated since it was my first time.

The biggest issue for me is I really don’t have many brow hairs thanks to over plucking in middle school. My brows are the one thing that take foreverrrrrr to grow back in. So I was extremely curious to see how much the brow tint would actually work since I only have so many hairs. See before picture below to see just how bad they are.


|| My before || No brow makeup. My little bitty brows || 

It is Thursday now and I feel like right now is when everything is just right. At first the brow tint was a little much for me. Meaning it bled out a little which I assume is natural. I cleaned it up a little bit a day after and now 3 days later I am am able to get the exact brow shape I want with way less effort than I was doing. I use anastasia brow wiz pencil and its a tad pricey (but so worth it!) So I am excited I won’t have to use as much each day. I could honestly get away without filling them in but I really do like having a particular shape so I will probably fill them in each day.


|| AFTER || Way more filled in. I honestly couldn’t believe how much tint she was able to get on my brows! 



PROS: Affordable. $20 for both. Because I don’t have a lot of hairs I won’t have to get a wax each time I go back. The perk is definitely making my morning routine quicker. Now its way easier to make these sisters twins. As a working mama. I LOVE that.

CONS: Not permanent. (Amanda suggested coming back every 3 weeks) I would love to do microblading one day for a longer lasting effect. However, for the price of a wax and tint you can’t go wrong.

If you go to Etiquette beauty make sure and let Amanda know I sent you! She will take amazing care of you and her studio is ADORABLE!! If you follow me on snapchat (@kymberlyjanelle) or instagram I did a couple videos of her studio. image1-13

Have you had your brows tinted? Did you like it?

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