Lets be honest mamas

I love the community of mamas on Instagram. I have heard a lot of negativity about instagram. If you look for it, I’m sure you’ll find it but my focus is celebrating other mamas and encouraging each other through the seasons of life called motherhood. Hannah Renee approached about a dozen of us ladies seeing if we wanted to take part in a series on stay at home mamas. When she shared her heart for the blog post I jumped at the chance to be apart of it. Mamas being honest about what its like being a mama and a stay at home mama? Yes please and thank you.

Now I will be bringing a bit of a different perspective as some of the other ladies because while I am a stay at home mama for 4 months out of the year, I am also a working/working stay at home mama for the other 8.


Describe a typical day’s schedule.

A typical day in our household for the last couple months has been fairly routine. However we have been traveling the last couple weeks so things have switched up a bit but naptimes/wakestimes are typically the same.

Wakeup around 7/7:30am. Nurse. Then I bring little guy out to play in living room or his walker while I make my coffee and breakfast. Did you all just catch that? Little guy gets breakfast before I get coffee. Now thats love. haha. Hour later he has a container of yogurt (his current favorite food, right after avocados). We play for another hour and then its time for his two hour nap. During this first nap is when I try and get a lot done. Depending on the season will determine what I need to do. If its work season I will check emails, edit pictures, and send in orders. If its not work season I will still check email to make sure I haven’t missed anything, and then work on the house. Usually organizing, decorating, and cleaning up. Once he wakes up we will play/read books. Depending on the weather we may go do some errands or go for a walk, or sit outside and play.


What is one thing as a mama that makes your heart pitter-patter?

The thing that makes my heart go pitter-patter is seeing him for the first time in the morning. That big smile, his eyes light up when he hears me, his little legs kicking when I turn the light on. Seeing that every morning gives me that extra push to start the day off well whether I slept good or not. Choosing to believe what he believes. That life is good, my needs will be taken care of and there is someone who loves me that will take care of me.


How has being a mother/homemaker challenged you?

I nannied for years and thought I would fall into my role as a mama so easily and I would know exactly what my baby needs and be able to juggle being a mama with being a wife, and owning a business…well, thats not quite what has happened. Instead I have learned there really is NO SHAME in toys being left overnight on the living room floor, that if it takes an extra week or two, or three for the laundry to get folded well that shows how blessed we are that we have enough clothes to last us that long 😉


Do you struggle with routine or do you have a happy reliable routine down? 

I crave routine so we definetly have a routine down for the day and different times of the day but I am actually working to get out of that routine. I’ve discovered my guy while he needs his daily naps LOVES adventuring and going new places. He is my introspective little guy. He loves sitting back and watching everything around him. This has made traveling with him so fun.


What are two things you do for yourself to recharge? Maybe in that coveted “me time” or during nap time? 

Coveted me time without a doubt is going to Target alone. I know, I know. I really am that stereotypical mama. Target is my happy place and I have no shame. haha. I mean have you seen their clearance?? During nap time I usually try and break up what I have to do so if he takes three naps a day, first nap I TRY and always do work stuff, second nap is up in the air if I need a nap I do that. Second nap of the day is typically the longest so I am able to get the most things done. The last nap if he takes one is my “lazy time” aka watch TV or scroll mindlessly through Pinterest.

How would you describe your parenting style in 3 words? 

Honest, Patient, and Realistic. As a mama I wanna be honest with myself, I want to be patient for him when he is tired and doesn’t know what will help him calm down, and I want to be realistic in my ‘expectations’ of how my day or how his behavior should go. I try daily to acknowledge where my son is at and that it is just right for him. Comparing him to another child will not help his development. My job is to love him right here and now.

When do you feel the most joy in your day? Be honest even if it’s once those kiddos are in bed asleep! 😉

First thing in the morning. Seeing his bright eyes, legs kicking, and big smile reminds me everything is going to be okay.

Do you ever feel a sense of guilt being a stay at home mom? 

My position is interesting in that I am a stay at home mom for 4 months out of the year, and the other months I work. With my job though I am not a 9-5 working mama. I am able to do a lot of my work from home so my time away from my little guy is minimal. However because of this lifestyle I actually feel like I have it the hardest because I am not 100% a stay at home mom, but Im not 100% working mom. So I bring my work home with me. So it adds one more thing for me to juggle. This honestly is the hardest thing for me. Having work to do some months, and trying to focus my energy 100% on him when he is awake instead of getting wrapped up in the whirlwind that is owning a photography business.

Share three activities/places/crafts you currently enjoy with your babes. 

My favorite activities with little guy are definitely being outside. Ever since he was little bitty he loved staring out at the trees. Laying out under the trees in our backyard, going on runs outside with him in the jogger, and believe it or not traveling with him is actual one of my favorite things as well. He is such a great little travel buddy and bringing him along makes me stop and really enjoy where I am at in that exact moment. We’re currently visiting my home state for a couple weeks and I have LOVED showing him the ocean and the outdoors. The ocean mesmerizes him. Reminds me to stop and soak it all in.

Lastly, just for fun, how many babies do you want to have? 

At this point in life I think I am going to stick with just this little one. I’m still remembering to brush my teeth and shower daily 😉


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4 thoughts on “Lets be honest mamas

  1. I totally agree on the seeing your boy first thing in the morning with their cute happy smile! It is the best feeling ever. That’s how I answered the joy question too! I really have loved getting to know you and relating/sharing stories. 💛

  2. Beautiful answers! And yes, Target alone is like a rare gemstone! LOVEEE. Admire your patience in parenting too.

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